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44. The Importance Of Spiritual Lessons

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We are all born with the potential to be unhappy.

These potentials can be called the Negative tendancies of the mind.

I.e. The tendancy to be angry, the tendancy to be jealous, the tendancy to experience fears and so forth.

Everyone are all born different, that is why in the same situation such as public speaking, everyone will experience different degrees of fear, and some won't even experience it.

So why are we born with this capability to experience Suffering?

Here we will explore this question from a higher higher perspective, not to see it as some sort of a divine punishment, but rather to see that these are simply the spiritual lessons we have chosen to undertake.


Hi I am Jonny John

Today we will talk about what spiritual lessons really are and how they can help us to reach inner fulfilment.

To help us understand better, we will be looking at clues for the Creator's intent, the creator being the source from which all is created.. to understand why spiritual lessons are even needed in the first place.

By the way this is not a religious talk.

I am not religious, and this is not based off any I will be using my own experiences to guide you in this video.

My goal is not to change your belief about this world, but rather give you another perspective to look at life by offering you my perspective.

So let's begin.

To understand what spiritual lessons are we have to look inwards to understand who we are.

If one turns inwards and study the world that is within,

One will discover that the mind is of consciousness energy.

We are consciousness energy,

Our thoughts, our emotions, everything is conscious energy.

In studying my own suffering states of mind, I discovered that we are all born with an energetic configuration, or matrix, I don't have the right words to describe this, but these configurations can push us to experience reality in different ways, influencing our biases, our preferences, our thought patterns.

That is why we are all born different,

Take two people and put them through the same life experiences and they will all come out differently. Because of this...matrix

The more I worked with my suffering states of mind, I began to realize that it's not so much that the outer experiences has created my suffering state of mind, but rather the outer experiences has brought out the sufferings the unresolved negative energies that needed to be worked on.

So with this I concluded that at birth, we are already born with suffering, or the energetic configurations that resemble the different suffering states of mind, and the outer experiences work to bring these out into light.

That is why outer experiences are so valuable, because without them, we would not know what fears what negativities we have.

So this can raise a question

"Why aren't we born perfect?"

"With the perfect configuration where we won't need to experience suffering, but just to be happy?"

"Why aren't we just born happy, why aren't we just born without fears, with the ability to be confident in every situation?"

Over the years of working to transform my fears, my anger, and impatience, all my suffering states of mind I found some clues

And I would like to use some analogies to help you understand what I found

Notice the person who goes to the gym.

Would the person be able to grow in strength without some kind of resistance?


If we wish to refine our balance.

Then would we not have to experience imbalance to study it?

Much like a tightrope walker does every day?

Without working with the polar opposite, which is imbalance.

The balance remains..unrefined..undeveloped...same as before.


If we were born without impatience.

Then what would be the spark, to make us refine patience even more?

My eventual conclusion was that suffering states of mind are the spiritual lessons that we have brought into this lifetime to work on. To develop ever more Self-Knowing that all is One, to develop ever more Self-Acceptance, and Happiness. The spectrums of self-acceptance includes refining the states of love wisdom forgiveness compassion

From the perspective of evolution, to be born perfect, would thus be meaningless.

For one will lack the desire to refine that perfection.

For if love is the greater work, what work would be there if there was no resistance to that ability to love?

For if self-acceptance is the greater work, then what work would be there if everything seems One?

If one was born with everything on their plate, then what desires would there be to do more work?

Resistance thus is important for a Creator who wish to know itself ever more.

To know what it is, to Know through what it is not.

Upon pondering on these thoughts,

Perhaps the purpose of the illusion of separation becomes clear

Perhaps the purpose for the Suffering states of the mind then becomes clearer.

Perhaps these are the resistances we have created for ourselves to do greater work.

Perhaps these are the spiritual lessons that we have brought into this lifetime, to achieve greater growth

So in this sense, if you are born with sufferings, whether it be a fear or disease, a limitation, rather than thinking that you are misfortunate, why not see it as you being courageous for bringing resistance into this life to do greater work to achieve greater growth.

For most people, the spiritual lessons are easily missed in life.

Because the confusions and illusions we have created can be so thick that one can simply fail to see the work.

But it's by discovering the spiritual lessons, that one can then use them to make progresses on their soul journey

And these spiritual lessons will be challenging, and will take a long time to work through because and as we have a life time to do the work, the work will be designed for such a length.

Of course a more serious student can finish the homework faster, but as you know, most of us hate doing homeworks. and we like to leave them to the last minute, dragging it out....avoid them by focusing on other distractions.

And when we start doing the greater work of addressing our suffering states of the mind, no doubt we will face a lot of confusions and challenges. For if they were easy and clear, then what can we learn and grow from such a weak resistance?

So do not be discouraged if you do face confusions.

This is part of the great work. The confusions, the challenges, the slowness of progress and not to mention the paradoxes that you will face will be paramount, throwing you into chaos, darkness.

But Trust yourself.

You will surely make it through the chaos. Step by step, you have a life time to learn.

The practice of meditation will help you greatly.

Personally, without the practice of meditation I would have never discovered the spiritual lessons that were unique to myself.

I would have continued to think that other people should change their ways of talking to me, of doing things, not knowing that the greater work is done within, that the greater work is to transform my beliefs, not others.

So meditation really helped me. Because I finally was guided to close my eyes to look at myself.

And through my own journey of transforming my mind, I have discovered different ways to find the spiritual lessons within, and soon I will be sharing it with you.

So I hope that this video has helped you to see the power that spiritual lessons hold. Spiritual lessons are catalysts for the journey of spiritual evolution, and one can use these to greatly grow, to develop Self-knowing, to develop greater happiness.

Later I will share with you the many ways of discovering our spiritual lessons in life.

-Jonny John Liu

Path Of Creator

Spiritual Lessons In Relation To The Path Of Creator

When we dwell in the thought that we are suffering because we are being divinely punished, this gives rise to the thought of helplessness and inability to change one's situation. From this negative mindset, one simply forgets that one is the Creator.

The Path Of Creator is about becoming aware of who we are. We are the Creator of our own happiness, this is true.

What is a fear?

What is anger?

What is unhappiness?

When we believe that we are helpless, we will seek no answers to these questions.

But when one becomes aware that one is The Creator, one then begins to see the spiritual lessons that they have brought into this lifetime. And then they can begin to see that wisdom can be found through all life experiences to help them complete these lessons

Even if one does not believe that these suffering states of mind are the spiritual lessons created by oneself. It still will not change the truth that without taking any action, the unhappiness within will be left unaddressed. So ultimately one will have to reach the realization that one must take the steps to transform their mind if they wish for greater happiness.

Self-Knowing is thus important on the journey of Self-Transformation. That is why the practice of meditation is suggested if one wishes to transform their mind. Without the practice of meditation, one will simply dwell in in analysis rather than the Self-Knowing.

There are many free meditation courses that one can take in the courses section of this website.

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