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"To agree or disagree, that is the question"


Defining Disagreement

We will all experience moments when we will feel that we need to hold ourselves back from disagreeing with the other person out of fear of hurting the other person with the Truth.

But are we truly being honest and loving when we do this?

And does this really create happiness or suffering in our lives?

This article will explore these questions in depth

Disagreement In Depth

In Truth, there is no right and wrong in regards to whether or not we should agree or disagree with someone. Naturally we are all entitled to the freedom / free-will to make the choice of whether we choose to express disagreement or agreement with other selves.

However, even knowing that it’s ok to express ourselves sometimes this can be a hard thing to do. Sometimes we can find ourselves in perplexing situations where we debate with ourselves over and over again whether or not we should speak out honestly.

Realize that without addressing this issue, the confusion will be experienced over and over again and this can create a great deal of Suffering.

So let us look at this confusion in depth.


Importance Of Addressing Disagreement

It is important to address the confusion of whether or not to disagree with someone. Because when there is confusion, it means that there is a lack of Knowing of The Self – i.e. it is a sign that there is a Dark Part of The Self that is waiting to be discovered.

And when we do not know whether or not to disagree or agree, it can make The Self very unclear for other selves. Not only this, one can easily lose oneself in the confusion as to one’s true desires/thoughts/feelings.

Are you often indecisive in expressing your own opinions on a subject matter?

When one cannot disagree with others, other people can also take advantage of this and cross over personal boundaries i.e. taking advantage of the other self. When we lack the ability to express our own opinions we can easily be “peer-pressured” to do things that we do not truly desire.

Do you often have trouble saying No to people?

Conversely, when one experiences great negativity in disagreeing with other, this can block relationships from growing. This is because the negativity can make us express our opinions out of anger. So the negativity behind the disagreeing mind has to be addressed for one to experience greater happiness in life.

Path Of Creator

Disagreement In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path Of Creator is about developing The Knowing Of The Self so all the confusion that one has about The Self must be cleared.

The destination is about knowing and simply being ourselves.


To be and express ourselves as honestly as we can.

This means to agree when we feel like agreeing

And to disagree when we feel like disagreeing.

Realize the point here is about having the capability to do so and addressing the impediments that are preventing us from doing so. Whatever you wish to do will be up to your own choice.

The reason as to why we experience the confusion as to whether or not to disagree is partly due to the Lack Of Knowing what we truly want. And to develop the Knowing in this area we learn to become aware of all levels of The Self i.e. the desires of the Physical Self, the desires of the Emotional Self, the Mental Self, Intuitional Self deeper and deeper until all the desires of The Self is made aware. Thus practices which can help one to develop self-awareness will be greatly beneficial i.e. meditation.

And what can make the confusion worse is the Fears in which we carry.

The more fears we carry, the greater the confusion will be.

And these can include the Fears of being judged, the fears of hurting someone else and so forth.

Thus generally as one works on developing The Knowing of The Self, transforming and releasing their fears, the confusions will naturally be cleared.

The Suffering At The Idea Level

As the Seed Cause of Sufferings can be said to recede to Negative Ideas.

Let us see this particular type of Suffering at the Idea level to help the linear mind to make sense of it.

"It is not ok to disagree / agree”

As to why one carries such a Negative Declaration will require one to develop the Knowing Of The Self. To accelerate the release one will have to go through various spiritual lessons which are specific to themselves i.e. realizing the fears that is making one disagree and the cause of them. And often the journey can be hazy and confusing without a Still Mind. That is why it is important to incorporate Meditation in one’s life if one wishes to address their Sufferings at the Seed Level.

The journey will also involve the balance of direction of love. Because when we direct love in excess outwards we may worry and fear hurting other people's feelings when we disagree with them and end up disregarding how we truly feel on the inside.

The destination is towards simply being ourselves without being limited by our suffering states of mind.

Developing and Refining The Love

People who wish to “Love” people as best as they can will often be the ones who find the most difficulty in disagreeing with the Other Self out of the fear of hurting others or out of fear of being judged as “not loving.” People who lack the wisdom to love in particular will often fall into this category.

The realization that most Selves will accumulate in their life journey is that Love is refined with wisdom. And that the quality of Love when it is only directed one way can never be as powerful as the love which is directed both ways.

And how this harmonious balance is reached will be the journey that one will have to discover temselves.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Whenever you experience moments when you encounter the confusion of whether or not to express your opinions you can simply ask the following questions to deepen the Knowing -

“What is stopping me from expressing my opinions honestly?”

“What are the fears behind the experience?”

The Creator's Meditation
Link here

When you meditate and find yourself dwelling in the thoughts of disagreeing with someone, simply observe it with a Calm Mind with the intention to not exaggerate it/ to blow it up/ to diminish it. Simply let it go by pulling yourself back to the body journey through realizing that there is no point in dwelling in unhappiness.

Courses On Disagreement

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