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"Knowing begins with Awareness. Awareness begins with Stillness."


Defining Awareness

Awareness is a word that is difficult to define.
But here it will be simply defined as "Knowing the existence of the things that are happening in the moment."

I.e. How much are you aware of the Outer World?
Look around you and use your five senses to see how much you can be aware of all things happening around you

I.e. How much are you aware of the Inner World?

Are you aware of what you are thinking, ofwhat you are feeling in every moment?

Let us look at awareness in depth and see how it is related to the journey of developing greater Happiness.

Awareness In Depth

Developing awareness is about developing our ability to Know More about all that is happening in each passing moment.

In life, demands from society can often push us to "think and think" and when our mind is so busy "thinking" it will have little room to be aware of everything that is happening within that moment.

I.e. When we are constantly rushing through the day, we can easily miss the beautiful birds that are calling to us or the trees which are waving at us. When we are so focused on getting "this" and "that" done our awareness of our surroundings will greatly diminish. When our mind is so busy fearing being judged, we can even start losing awareness of what the other person is actually saying. When our Minds are so busy thinking about what "to do next" we can become less aware of what "we are doing."

To develop Awareness is about developing a Calm and Still Mind. Because it is from this state that the Mind will have the room to become more and more aware allowing us to see even deeper into our experiences. If you wish to develop Experience Knowledge of what this feels like then this is taught in Day 2 of the Creator's Meditation.

These days very few of us have a very Still Mind because Excess thinking has led everyone to develop a Wandering Mind.

As a result much of us only have the ability to "be aware" of our experiences in every moment at the surface level.

As you develop a Calm and Still Mind what you will begin to notice is an increasing amount of information being absorbed in your experiences in daily life. You will begin to become aware of things happening both inside and outside of you that you have never been aware before.

By developing the ability to maintain a Still Mind throughout the day youou will begin to become more aware of your thoughts and your emotions as you go throughout your daily experiences. You will begin to see clearer as to the Cause of your Sufferings as you become aware of the Negative Reactions coming up and coming down in every moment within your experiences.

Thus naturally as we develop Stillness, our abilities to perceive/to become aware, to Know ourselves will naturally develop.

Path Of Creator

Awareness in relation to the path Of Creator

Having a high level of Awareness is what Develops The Knowing of The Self.

As you develop your awareness you will be able to penetrate deeper and deeper into the various levels of The Self I.e. You will become aware of the totality of your experiences in the Outer World.

You will become aware of your Physical Sensations.
You will become aware of your Thoughts and Emotions.
You will become aware of the quality of your Thoughts and Emotions.
You will become aware of the Cause of your Thoughts and Emotions.
And so forth.

It is by developing such awareness that we can come to discover the Seed Cause of our Sufferings. Developing awareness allows us also to maintain awareness of what is happening outside of us and what is happening inside of us at the same time allowing us to see the relationship between Suffering Experiences and our Internal Reactions - which will take us to developing Experienced Knowledge that we are The Creator of our own Sufferings.

Awareness In Relation To Growth

Every day we are all growing from our experiences.
But how much we can grow will always be dependent on how much we are aware of the experience.

I.e. There will be a difference in growth between the student who attends a lecture being fully aware of the moments when the teacher is teaching and the student who is only half-aware because his mind is busy thinking something else.

It is by being fully aware of the present moment with a Calm and Still mind that one can fully learn and absorb the totality of the experience.

Thus if our awareness is not great enough for us to see the "lessons" behind each experiences in life we go through we will end up either learn nothing or just a little.

Just how much are we aware of what is happening within an experience?
how much are we aware of what is happening within us during an experience?

Developing Awareness is also developing the ability to maintain a high level of Awareness throughout the day. Because the more that you can maintain your levels of awareness throughout the day without allowing the mind to wander off the more you will be able to learn from the experiences that pass by in every moment.

And as one develops their awareness, the Inner Worlds will become more and more vivid. You will be able to become not only aware of your thoughts but also of your deeper/abstract thoughts, not only of your desires but also your deeper/divine desires, not only of the deeper messages coming from within/intuition/sixth sense but even deeper and deeper until you become aware of the totality of The Self.

Misalignment Of The Self

As we develop awareness of the Inner Worlds we will realize something about ourselves.

There will be times when our emotions/thoughts and action will be misaligned.
For instance, we may feel hungry but still choose to exercise instead of filling our stomachs with food.
We may want to quit smoking but end up reaching out for a cigarette instead.
We may apologise to someone who has just offended us but still punishing them in our heads.

It is when we observe our emotions thoughts and actions in every moment we realize just how misaligned they can be i.e. how much they are arguing with each other!

Ehy are there misalignments from within?

The cause of misalignment will always be traced back to our Sufferings i.e. our Negativities and Fears. I.e. our fears of being judged will push you to doing something different than how we truly feel, our impatience will make us give up our goals before they are achieved, our fears of failing will make you give up our dreams etc.

How do we address our misalignments?

The Path will take you on a journey of bringing All Selves into One Alignment. Much like bringing all the scattered rays into one Focus. The Journey will bring you towards greater Focus and greater Power. Because as we transform and release our Sufferings/Fears the alignment of all Selves will naturally come.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Instead of keeping your mind busy with all sorts of thoughts, simply calm your mind throughout the day by trying to find things to enjoy in the present moment. This will allow the Mind to be much more Still and allow you to develop the awareness of everything that is happening around you. When we live our days wandering in our minds we can miss out the opportunities to enjoy every moment in our lives. See the Catalyst - Present Moment in more detail.

The Creator's Meditation
Link here

In The Creator's Meditation we learn how to move our awareness from one part of the body to another part of the body. And with time what you will realize that as your mind becomes calmer and calmer you will begin to find that in those areas there are more and more things happening.

The true power of The Creator's Meditation comes when we use what we learnt in the practice and apply it our daily lives. I.e. moving our awareness towards the Present Moment as we do in the Meditation to become more and more aware of the subtler things that are happening outside and inside of us which will help us to develop the Knowing of The Self - Allowing us to discover even deeper about our Sufferings.

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