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Spiritual Lessons

"Every experience we go through in life is a lesson that we can learn from"


Defining Spiritual Lessons

The Spiritual Lessons are the lessons that we can use in life to help us grow. Growth to the deeper mind means to expand in potential and happiness, rather than to become limited.

So Spiritual lessons are the lessons that we can use to to overcome our limitations. This is about transforming our suffering states of mind because it is our negativities which limit our potential to be.

This article is about discovering those spiritual lessons so we can use it to accelerate our journey towards greater happiness.

Spiritual Lessons In Depth

The more we develop Self-Awareness, the more we will realize that spiritual lessons are in fact within every experience we go through in life. They are waiting to be discovered.

Everything in life happens for a purpose, and the Universe is always sending us experiences which can be beneficial for our growth - that is if we know how to discover the lessons behind it.

Even if one does not seethat everything happens for a purpose. One can still use experiences in life to catalyze Self-Transformation. For instance, even waiting at a bus stop, one can simply use that opportunity to work on patience.

Path Of Creator

Spiritual Lessons In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Every experience in life is full of spiritual lessons to be learnt. However these spiritual lessons can only be seen with a mind which is wise. Wisdom cannot be born from a Mind which is clouded with thoughts nor a mind which is full of negativity. That is why developing Stillness is important, because it is by becoming Still that the Mind can be Self-Aware, aware of what is happening within as things are happening outside. This is how one can see the spiritual lessons behind suffering experiences.

Without Stillness, one would simply react.

Spiritual lessons will always revolve around the theme of Self-Acceptance. Because it is by developing Acceptance at the deepest level that one can achieve Self-Transformation.

So one can always question why one cannot Accept a situation or a person and ask oneself how to reach Acceptance at an inner level of an experience in which they cannot accept.

The technique offered here to find one’s spiritual lessons is a means to understand in a simple way the journeys that we have to go through in order to reach Transformation .

It can be hard to understand the journey at an intellectual level. That is why practices such as meditation and Yoga will help to bring clarity to the mind.

Take the analogy of a person hearing about what living overseas is like. It can be easy to understand at the surface level by simply listening to stories from other people, but it’s only when one crosses to the other side and live there that one can truly understand the deeper aspects of a country i.e. the culture, the people. And it will always take a length of time for someone to develop such a Knowing. Practices such as meditation and yoga help us to cross over to the other side to allow one to experience what it is like to live and experience the Inner World. And by doing this frequently one will become clearer and clearer as to how the mind works and the means to achieve Acceptance at the Inner Level.

So the journey is about developing Self-Awareness of the world inside, and outside, so that one can use that awareness to distil wisdom out of every experience in which one goes through in life.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Always use questions with Acceptance as the theme as you go through your Suffering experiences,

i.e. how can I reach Acceptance at an inner Level in this situation?

This will help you to uncover the spiritual lessons behind your life experiences.

The Creator's Meditation
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As you experience suffering sates of mind in your meditation sessions, ask the same questions to do with Acceptance i.e. “How can I use Acceptance to overcome the chaos that I am experiencing in my mind at the moment?

Courses On Spiritual Lessons

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