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Making A Loss

"When someone makes a profit, someone else is making a loss"


Defining Making A Loss

Making a loss is defined here as the opposite of making a gain. For instance, it can be a situation where one buys a piece of furniture then later finding out a discount sale is on. It can also be a situation where one is asked to do a particular job for a lesser pay when other colleagues are doing the same kind of work.

This article is about addressing the suffering states of mind that one can encounter in such situations.

Making A Loss In Depth

The Suffering States of mind associated with making a loss can be said to be similar to the state of suffering called regret or being taken advantage of. See these related catalysts to understand a bit more. But this one is a bit more particular.

When one fears making a loss, one can be in a constant state of always analyzing situations when one is making a loss or not. For instance, checking the prices of one item at different stores to ensure that one is not getting ripped of, to analyze whether or not a relationship is beneficial and so forth.

When one is driven by the suffering states of mind to do these things, one is acting out of fear and unhappiness. And when the undesired outcome "a loss" is eventuated then one will further experience the suffering states of the mind.

This is not to say that the "actions" of comparing prices is good or bad. This is simply to state the fact that when one acts out of suffering states of mind then one will not be present and be happy.

However, when the suffering states of mind relating to making a loss is transformed and released, one will be able to do all these things not out of Suffering or fear, but rather out of wisdom. And whether an "undesired" outcome is achieved or not it will not affect one's happiness from within.

So to develop the Knowing of whether or not there are the suffering states of the mind to be addressed, one can observe for any negativities arising from within when one is making a loss.


Importance Of Addressing Making A Loss

It's important to address the Suffering states of mind in relation to making a loss.

This is because in life, we will eventually make a loss. Life is full of experiences which are unpredictable. Who knows whether or not the next day there will be a discount on an item that we have just brought or who knows when the next day our house will leak and we'll end up losing thousands of dollars on the repairs.

Without addressing the suffering states of mind we can also excessively stimulate our mind, over-think every situations that comes along our way instead of just enjoying life as it passes us by. We can even block ourselves from going towards risky experiences that may be beneficial for us. We may dwell in past events in the thoughts of the things we could've done to minimize loss.

Do you experience negativity or judge yourself whenever you made a loss?

When one has a fear of making a loss, this can also drive one to self-criticize when an undesired outcome has happened. This can also drive one to live a life focusing on making profits. There is nothing wrong with this when there is internal balance, but when this is in excess the imbalance will create a lot of internal suffering.

Path Of Creator

Making A Loss In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path of Creator is about creating greater happiness in life at the internal level. This is done by addressing the Suffering States of the mind at the deepest level.

Life is about change.

Every moment, something is changing, even the price of that apple or bag that you have just brought.

The journey begins with becoming aware of this truth and slowly develop experienced knowledge of this wisdom from experience. As one develops the Knowing, one will eventually realize that one can never make perfect decisions. Mistakes are waiting to be made at every corner and the only thing one can really do is to simply Accept oneself when something goes wrong.

So the journey is about developing the Acceptance of The Self.

To accept The Self when one has made a decision leading to a loss.

To accept the Self when other people have made a decision leading to a loss for them or for us.

To accept that it's ok to make a loss. To forgive oneself for making a loss.

Experiences of making a loss, or more specifically intense experiences of losing a lot of money, friends, opportunities are great catalysts to accelerate the journey of developing Self-Acceptance. Because in these miserable situations, one will have no choice but to accept the situation and to accept oneself in order to transform and release the sadness within.

As the Self-Acceptance grows, one will become wiser. One will begin to develop knowing of how to avoid making a loss not out of fear of making a loss, but rather out of wisdom. And one will gradually see that experiences which lead to making a loss is simply an experience to learn from, rather than an experience to criticise oneself on.

The journey will also take one to release their attachments to the idea of gain and profit, or their attachment towards perfect decisions. Usually experiences which involve making a loss can help one greatly with their journey because through the attempt of pulling oneself back into Stillness each time one makes a loss it can help one to transform their habit of always reacting negatively when in such experiences.

The destination is towards contentment and peace within no matter what happens in life.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Be aware of any negativities that may come up when you make a loss. And then question yourself why you cannot accept yourself or others because of this situation.

The Creator's Meditation
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When you are suffering from making a loss, simply declare to yourself that it's ok to make a loss and simply meditate and observe for any inner-resistances that comes up from within. This will allow you to develop the knowing of the reasons as to why you cannot accept making a loss.

The quickest way to transform the suffering state of mind is that each time you experience suffering from making a loss, overcome it, and try to enjoy the present moment as if the loss has not occured. The more you do this, the more the mind will be transformed.

Courses On Making A Loss

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