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"Be grateful and you will see all the love that is in the air"


Defining Gratitude

Gratitude can be defined as the state of being thankful towards what we already have or what we are given in life.

For instance, we can be grateful towards our friends when they lend their hand to help us.

For instance, we can have gratitude to our parents for providing us with food and shelter.

For instance, we can have gratitude towards our employer who has offered us a job.

To develop gratitude thus can be said to develop the awareness of the love given to us and the love that is already around us.

Gratitude In Depth

It is important to develop gratitude.

Because without gratitude, it can be easy to feel unloved.

Without gratitude outwards, it is easy to become blind to the good side of people and focus only on their bad side. And also we can take what we have for granted and become unhappy with our life.

Love is always there

The truth is that Love is always in the air.

Gratitude is about developing such awareness -That the love is always there and sometimes we don't see it because it may not be love in the form that we "expect."

When we are busy with our daily activities, or when our mind is stimulated, it can be easy for us to be unaware of the love that is around us. For instance, being thankful for our parents for raising us, being thankful for our friends for taking care of us, being thankful for the teachers who guide us.

It can be easy to forget to be grateful for all situations that we face in life, for better or worse, for all experiences are all opportunities to grow even more.

We can forget to be grateful towards the ones who has showed us affection, and to those who didn't, for all the people we meet are teachers in disguise.

Look around and you will be able to find many things to be grateful for if you look hard enough. We have forgotten to be grateful for the fruits and vegetables, the air and the rain from the sky, to the divine powers which have given us the opportunity to expand ourselves and experience Creation.

When we take everything for granted, we can forget that we are surrounded by Love.

Path Of Creator

Gratitude In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins first with the understanding of what gratitude means.

The journey is about developing the awareness to see love within all things. As the Universe is the giver of lessons which will help accelerate our spiritual growth, the experiences that we face in life will naturally push us towards this direction step by step. Often when we encounter experiences of loss it will push us to appreciate everything even more. So when we are faced with a harsh experience see it with the eyes of gratitude for through the experience it will only make us stronger.

Through the journey of transforming and releasing one’s Sufferings, one will begin to realize that we are all born with all forms of Sufferings hidden in the depths of our Mind. Thus when we experience internal Sufferings through the experiences in life, it is not so much that these experiences have created the Negativive Reactions from within, but rather these experiences are just bringing out into light what is already within.

So if you are experiencing the states of loneliness or the states of anger or the states of any form of negativities, instead of directing the negativity outwards towards other people or towards the universe you can simply be grateful for the experience to have happened. Without these experiences the deeper issues of the Mind could never have been brought out into light.

The destination is to reach a state of mind where we can be grateful for all the experience we have. The journey will require the accumulation of wisdom and insight, ultimately allowing us to see the deeper lessons to be found through all life experiences.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Try to accept and love everyone you meet and every experience you go through. By having that determination and intention alone will greatly transform the quality of the Mind. And through the effort of doing so, the experience of inner resistance will be felt. Then to explore The Self further one can then take the journey to explore the Cause of that Inner Resistance, as to why one cannot see and experience the love that is all around us.

The Creator's Meditation
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The goal of the Creator’s Meditation is to develop the ability to simply observe all things with a Still Mind.

As such, the aim is to overcome all Negativities. And as one attempts to do this the Negativities experienced within the Meditation will slowly dissolve and naturally Happiness will surface. A helpful hint is that when one experiences suffering in the meditation, simply attempt to be grateful for the experience. There are many things to be grateful about - for the time of self-exploration, for the time in solitutde and connection with the inner self, for the time in peace and so forth.

Courses On Gratitude

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