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"The purpose of suffering is not to endure it but to overcome it"


Defining Overcoming

Overcoming is about developing the Power to pull oneself out of Suffering as quickly as possible - Towards the State of Stillness.

Suffering is defined as a Negative State of the Mind.

For instance, Anger, Impatience, Judgement, Depression etc.

Basically any state of the mind which brings sadness / limitation to The Self.

Overcoming can be called an “exercise”as it works on developing the “mental muscles” of the deeper consciousness. Developing the ability to overcome can greatly help with one’s journey of transforming their Sufferings because when one lacks this muscle, one can easily fall back into their old habits of reacting the same way over and over again – thus sustaining the Negative Ideas within the deeper consciousness which creates Suffering.

By through the “attempt” of overcoming, i.e. trying to not dwell in one’s Sufferings, trying to pull oneself out of sadness into the state of contentment, trying to pull oneself out of the state of confusion into the state of peace, trying to pull oneself out of confusion into Stillness each time one experiences it – we are in fact developing Stillness and Wisdom that there is no need to dwell in our miseries, and this can have profound self-transformative.

Overcoming In Depth

When we try to overcome our Sufferings to not let it overpower us, what is happening in the depth of the mind is that we are cutting the feeding of negative energy to the Sufferings. The Sufferings are sustained when we allow our habit patterns of always dwelling in them to continue.

At the same time, as we try to overcome our Sufferings whether it be anger, impatience etc, we will experience an Inner Resistance to overcome it, i.e. something inside of us will make us not want to overcome our Sufferings.

The bringing out of this Inner Resistance is important because it is through observing it that Self-Knowing begins. We can then go on a journey of discovering the Deeper Cause as to whty the Suffering is there in the first place. And through discovering that Cause and Transforming it is how we can release ourselves of our Sufferings permanently i.e. where we no longer have to experience the negative reactions again.

It is important to note that when we try to overcome our Sufferings, we do it with a Still Mind. I.e. if we try to overcome our Anger with an agitated and frustrated mind we will only create more Negative Energy. Thus there is no need to see our Sufferings in a negative way. They are simply there as an opportunity / resistance that we can use to grow.

So the best way to approach transforming the mind is with Stillness. In particular, this is to Accept our Negativity as Is first then try pulling ourselves into the state of Stillness.

The exact process can be written and described but it would not be helpful unless one learns what overcoming is through experience - and the Knowledge can be developed through simply trying to pull oneself into a state of Stillness as possible each time one goes through a Suffering Experience rather than always being convinced by the negativities within the experience to keep it there.

One can accelerate such Knowing by simply practising The Creator’s Meditation because from the practice all sorts of Sufferings and Pleasure will arise and these are opportunities for one to develop the ability to overcome them.

Path Of Creator

Overcoming In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins with developing the understanding of what overcoming is about and the importance of implementing the act of overcoming into our every day life -that is to pull ourselves out of the Negative States of the Mind every time we experience it. This will not only help to train the mental muscles but also through the act of doing so one can begin to observe the Causes of that Inner Resistance of not wanting to Overcome which can take one to discover the Deeper Cause of one’s Sufferings.

Overcoming can be seen as an exercise. And as an exercise one may think the effect of overcoming is as temporary as long as one practices it. However this is not the case as the real Transformation of the Self can be catalyzed through the opportunities for Self-Knowing in which the practice can bring.

And at first as we try to overcome all negativities within the mind it can take a bit of effort, but the more we do this the easier it will become. Because as we oppose the mind we will transform the old habit patterns of negative reaction more and more, thus with time it will require less and less effort.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

One way you can practice overcoming is to invert all Negative Declarations that you experience in the deeper consciousness.

I.e. when you experience situations when you find yourself declaring “I can’t” simply tell yourself “I can” and then simply observe the shift in the quality of your experience.

Here are some examples of ways you can transform your Negativity.

I can't ---> I can

I'm scared ---> I'm not scared ---> I'm alright

It's painful ----> It's not painful---> I'm alright

I'm tired ----->I'm energetic ---> I'm alright

Fear something will happen ---- > let the fear happen outside or in your mind

I don’t want... -----> I want it to happen

This will help balance the Mind back to Stillness which will allow one to observe and discover the Deeper Cause of one’s Sufferings.

The Creator's Meditation
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Practise The Creator’s Meditation to learn how to overcome your Sufferings not at the intellectual / analytical level but at the experiential level.

Courses On Overcoming

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