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"What is right and what is wrong? Depends on the mind which is thinking it"


Defining Right and Wrong

What is right and what is wrong?

Everyone will all have their own ideas of what is right and wrong.

For instance, is it right or wrong to express one's true thoughts and emotions honestly?

Is it right or wrong to love oneself more than others?

Is it right or wrong to sacrifice oneself for others?

Is it right or wrong to kill animals for food?

Realize that no two people will think completely the same.

This is because we are all created unique with our own individuality.

Thus there will be people who will agree that is a wrong to kill animals for food whilst there will be others who will think that it is right to kill animals for food.

Thus naturally each individual will have their own ideas of what is right and wrong for every little thing.

This article looks at the ways that the attachment towards the Ideas of Right and Wrong can create the Suffering States of Mind.

Right and Wrong In Depth

Not only will each individual have their own Ideas of what is right and wrong.

Each Gender will also have their own ideas of what is right and wrong,

Each Family will also have their own ideas of what is right and wrong,

Each Cultures will also have their own ideas of what is right and wrong,

So will each Religion,

And so will each Country.

And There will be the Eastern way of thinking,

There will be the Western way of thinking.

And so forth.

Thus realize that the Ideas of what is "Right and Wrong" are not laws that are divinely bestowed upon us by the universe from above.

These Ideas are simply ideas created by our own mortal minds.

And such ideas are ever-changing.

In fact, our own ideas of right and wrong are in fact changing right now at this very moment and it will continue to change throughout our lifetime. And this is a good thing because experiences in life will help us to mature, shape and refine our belief like the process of polishing of a rock into a diamond.

What drives us to create the Ideas of right and wrong?

To understand about right and wrong at a deeper level we can look at ways in which the Ideas are Created.

As we look at how the Ideas of right and wrong are created in the Deeper Mind what we will realize is that the Ideas of right and wrong are created out of our beliefs of "what is Loving and what is not Loving"

Thus when we are in an argument with someone when we believe they have done something "wrong" to us what we are essentially believing is that they have done something that is "not loving" towards us.

And again everyone's Idea of what is loving and what is not loving will differ from one another.

For instance, a mother may think that it is a right thing to do to tell her daughter who is driving a car to slow down to make sure her safety but the daughter may think that her mother is being wrong for nagging her and controlling her freedom to drive how she wishes.


Importance Of Addressing

There were two important points covered previously -

1. It is natural for a Self to have their own Ideas of what is right and wrong.

2. It is natural for such Ideas to change - becoming more refined.

It is important to become aware of these two points because when we become too attached to our own Ideas of what is right and what is wrong we can go against nature. When we go against nature there will be a result which is the experience of suffering Within.

For instance, when we have the intention to deny ourselves or others to have their/our own unique ideas of what is right and wrong then it can create suffering experiences such as frustration, anger, self-doubt and so forth.

Do you often experience anger when someone's opinion is different from yours?

For instance, when we become too attached to the ideas we have about what is right and wrong, then we can block all opportunities for us to grow even more - the growth of the soul can stagnate when we do not allow the refinement of Love within.

Do you allow your ideas to evolve by listening to other people's ideas?

It is important to become aware of the Negative Impact that attachment towards such Ideas can cause because this is how we can create the intention naturally to release ourselves from the attachment.

So let look at this a little bit more.

When we become attached to the Ideas of right and wrong it can drive us to start arguments, become overly-defensive towards other people's opinions of our ideas or become overly-aggressive towards other people's opinions. This can destroy the forming of healthy relationships and also can push the mind to be in the constant thought of what is right and wrong. This can create a great deal of Suffering and stimulate the mind to be in a constant state of thinking and analyzing about what is right and wrong – usually resulting in having internal arguments with oneself.

And this can lead to the state of fear of being wrong.

Do you often find yourself having arguments in your imagination?

It can also make one dwell in the state of guilt when one does something "wrong."

When we carry the fear of being wrong it can also hold us back from expressing ourselves clearly.

Path Of Creator

Right and Wrong In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path Of Creator is about creating greater Happiness in our lives.

Thus this article will look into the ways in which we can release ourselves from ideas of right and wrong which can create sufferings from within.

We have learnt that everyone will always have their own Ideas of what is right and wrong. Thus to simply release ourselves from sufferings we can simply learn to accept people for who they are.

However, this is much easier said than done.

This is because some of us have already very deep attachments to the Ideas of what is right and wrong. Thus when we encounter a Self that has opposing opinions it can be hard to simply release these attachments with a click of a finger because within that experience Negative Reactions such as anger, frustration, disappointment and all sorts can be triggered.

Thus the journey of accepting the Other Self will be a challenging journey indeed. But without taking such a journey we will forever be on the path of Anger and Frustration because everyone we meet in life will always be unique and thus have different beliefs and unique ways of thinking that may not resonate with ours.

But naturally life experiences will push us towards accepting Other Selves. Because as we go through life trying to change people's beliefs we will again and again develop the wisdom that trying to change people's beliefs will simply be a waste of time and it is as exhausting as trying to move a stubborn boulder off the road.

Thus within time, experiences in life will naturally gradually push us to release our attachments towards the Ideas of Right and Wrong and to re-evaluate our desires to control other people's opinions. However this can be a long journey as most of us often cannot see the life lessons behind each experience. But the journey can be accelerated when one carries the intention to work towards Accepting others rather than to control them and this intention will allow one to see the lessons behind each experience.

Let us examine some of the ways the journey towards Acceptance can be accelerated.

At The Ideas Level

First we can understand how the Ideas of Right and Wrong can be expressed at the Idea Level.

As the Seed Cause of all forms of Sufferings come from the attachment towards Negative Ideas let us look at the Negative Ideas that is related to Right and Wrong

These can be said to be Negative Ideas which open with the following,

"It is not ok.."


"It is not ok to be arrogant"
"It is not ok to not fulfil people's expectations"
"It is not ok to disagree"
"it is not ok for others to disagree"

And these Negative Ideas will also create the Fears of being wrong

I.e. in situations when we say something that may make us appear "arrogant"

I.e. in situations when we do something that does not meet other people's expectations. Etc.

All fears and sufferings will always recede back to one root cause which is the lack of Self-Acceptance.

Working towards Self-Acceptance will help one to release the grip towards one’s attachment and this will involve accumulating the wisdom from experiences I.e. to reach the realization that it is ok ourselves to be wrong and that it is ok for others to be wrong. Thus to truly release ourselves from our fears of being wrong will require one to develop two-way acceptance.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Whenever you experience Negativity when someone does something “wrong” simply ask yourself the following questions -

“What is it that I cannot accept about that person?”

And then ask yourself the question,

“Why can I not accept that part of myself?”

The Creator's Meditation
Link here

In The Creator’s Meditation, there will be times when we will do something “wrong” i.e. when we start controlling the breath instead of letting it flow naturally, when we begin wandering off in our minds, when we start moving around and disturbing the stillness of our “perfect” posture.

No matter what “wrong” thing you do, always observe it with a Still Mind.

Simply observe each moment with a forgiving Mind is how you accelerate the journey of releasing your attachment towards Negative Ideas.

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