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"Problems can be solved quicker with less thoughts in mind"


Defining Problems

Problems are the puzzles in life that are waiting for us to solve. Perhaps our car has broken down and we need to fix it. Perhaps our house has a leak and we need to find a plumber to find the cause. Perhaps we have problems with money, perhaps we have problems with someone we don’t like.

Every day, new problems can arise, but what is the best way to approach the problems that are waiting in front of us?

Problems In Depth

It is natural for us to encounter problems in life because anything can happen in life.

However, there are some of us who can not handle problems as well as others. For instance, there are some of us who can experience a great deal of stress when faced with a new problem, some of us can even feel stressed thinking about a potential problem.

Negative emotions which can stress our mind when faced with a problem are emotions such as anger, impatience, doubt, worry, judgement etc.

In the extreme, some people may even feel the world is collapsing when they are met with a challenging problem in life.

In this article we will look at the cause as to why one can experience a suffering state of mind when faced with a problem and the ways to best approach it to come up with the solutions.


Importance Of Addressing Problems

It’s important to address the suffering states of mind when we are faced with a problem. Because life is a journey inundated with problems waiting to happen, waiting to be discovered. So it's inevitable that unwanted situations and circumstances can crop up for us to face, and if we are always facing them with negativity and unhappiness then this needs to be addressed.

Most of us often address problems at the surface level, i.e. To solve the problem at the outer level in order to escape from the suffering state of the mind. When we are in this state of mind, we want the problems to be solved as quickly as possible so that we can regain our peace of mind.

However, this is only a temporary means to address the issue, because it is only when the internal issues are addressed that one can truly face their problems without negativity. That is the goal of Self-Transformation. Without doing this, when another problem arises, one will experience suffering again, again and again.

When you encounter a problem, do you often dwell on them for a long time in your mind?

When we do not address the suffering state of mind, then the mind will dwell on the problem until the issues are solved. This can lead to an over-thinking of the problem which can be mentally and physically exhausting. Dwelling on a problem can never truly solve a problem thus much energy is wasted. This can create a great negative impact on one’s sleep and ability to focus throughout the day. This can also affect one's ability to be productive and to enjoy life.

Path Of Creator

Problems In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path Of Creator is about developing greater happiness so the journey will begin with the realization at how dwelling on problems can create negative impacts on our lives.

The journey forward is about developing the knowing as to why one is always experiencing suffering states of mind when one is faced with a problem. The journey begins with developing Self-Knowing, to discover the causes of the suffering, perhaps it is because of a lack of trust, a lack of patience, a lack of belief in oneself to overcome the problem etc that is causing the states of suffering from within. The greater work within can only be done once one discovers the cause. Practising meditation practices of stilling the mind and letting go of problematic thoughts can help one greatly to accelerate the journey.

The destination is towards inner peace and clarity of mind whenever one is faced with a problem.

Negative Ideas

As the Seed Cause of all forms of suffering will always recede back to Negative Ideas, let us look at the relationship between Negative Ideas and the suffering state of mind in relation to facing a problem.

The attachment to Negative Ideas are the seed cause of Suffering. What is a problem to us will always be a life experience when it brings out these Negative Ideas into light. These Negative Ideas are the ideas to do with the things that we reject thus not wanting it to happen.

The bigger the attachment to these Negative Ideas, the bigger the problem it will be perceived by The Self

Let us look at a possible Negative Idea that we can become attached to such as “It is not ok to waste money.” This Negative Idea may surface when we have to deal with a problem which requires money, or Negative Ideas such as “It is not ok to waste time” may surface when we are faced with a problem that may take time to solve and so forth.

As a sidenote, as you can see, problematic situations in life are great way catalysts for us to discover our Negative Ideas.

The suffering states of mind is experienced because of the attachment to the Negative Ideas. Without attachment, then one will not even care if one is wasting money or time in solving these problems.

So eventually as one develops the Knowing one will be clearer in what Negative Ideas one is actually attached to. And this will help one to develop the intention naturally to release their attachment towards them.

And by Knowing the Negative Ideas specifically one can work on transforming them daily and more directly.

The destination is towards solving problems in life without experiencing the suffering states of the mind.

Instead of focusing on the problem,
Focus on the solution.

Through accumulating experiences in life one will realize more and more that problems can never be solved by dwelling on them. There is no point in worrying about a problem if all it creates is a suffering state of mind. The solution is to simply fix it, and the fastest way to fix it is with a clear mind. So it's important to address the negativities that are happening from within which can stimulate and confuse the mind.

And this will be hard to do in practice, because it is easy for the mind to dwell on our problems, to analyze it, to flip it over and about in the hopes that somehow the problems will be eliminated in this way.

Realize that this is our old habit of always solving problems, dwelling and wallowing in the misery. This old habit is driven by the fears that the problems may not be solved if we do not focus our attention on them.

But problems can actually be solved quicker if we do not dwell on them. Because by not dwelling on them we will allow our mind the time and space to rest and gain clarity. And when the mind is Still, solutions to the problems will naturally surface. Thus the solution is always to develop a clarity of mind so that one can find the best solution for the problem. So rather than focusing on the problem, focus on the solution which is Stillness.

I have created a meditation that can help you understand this wisdom from experience. It is called Guided Meditation For Problem Solving.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Whenever you experience a problem in life, simply try your best to not dwell on it. You will then experience an Inner Resistance, i.e. An urge to keep thinking about it. Try your best to overcome this Inner Resistance by pulling yourself back into the state of Stillness, to pull yourself away from dwelling in the wandering thoughts, to simply focus on the present moment. Then after clarity has come, the answer will become clear.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

Every time you experience a problem, simply meditate to develop Stillness rather than on the problem. What you will find is that the solutions to the problems will then naturally surface without actively thinking about it. Accumulating this type of experience is helpful, because this helps to re-educate the mind that problems can actually be solved without dwelling on it.

Courses On Problem Solving

Guided Meditation For Problem Solving

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