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Guided Meditation - Health

"The body is healing, when the mind is at rest"

Course Description

The human body is divine. In every moment the body is healing itself. From my personal experience, the body actually has the power to heal itself ofalldiseases - that is if we work with the body rather than against it.

We can work with the body by doing many things, through diet, exercise etc. This is very good. But what a lot of us do not realize that we can actually accelerate healing through improving the quality of mind as well.

In this guided meditation, you will be taken on an inner journey to discover the relationship between the mind and body.

You will realize from experience just how negative thinking, over thinking and reacting can affect our state of health and prevent the body from fully healing.And by simply reversing it, we can accelerate the body’s ability to heal itself. Take this course if you wish to develop the wisdom of the relationship between the mind and body, and if you wish to develop the state of mind that is best for inner and outer healing.

Guided Meditation For Health

The Meditation is 30min.

You can download the guided meditation file here

30min version and 40min version

If you wish to access the full course with preparations etc, you can access the course here

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