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Guided Meditation - Letting Go

"True Happiness Is Created Through Letting Go"

Course Description

We live in a busy world, always doing something in every moment. For instance, when was the last time you did nothing?

A lot of us have developed the habit of over-thinking and over-reacting. Dwelling in worries and fears, Constantly reacting when someone angers us, constantly unhappy when things don’t go our way. And this creates not only stress in our mind, and our body, creating unhappiness and fatigue in our lives.

In this guided meditation you will be taken on a journey into your mind to see what is happening deep within. To discover your habit patterns, to discover your attachments, so that you can let go of what is causing you unhappiness and stress.

Guided Meditation For Letting Go

The Meditation is 30min.

You can download the guided meditation file here

30min version and 40min version

If you wish to access the full course with preparations etc, you can access the course here

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