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Guided Meditation - Self-Knowing

"Let everything go - and allow wisdom to arise naturally within"

Course Description

The most powerful knowledge in life is Self-Knowing.We spend most of our time in life learning many things, about the latest trends, about how to make money, about how to play sports and so forth.

It is only when we look within that we realize how little we know about ourselves.

It’s important to develop Self-Knowing.Without Self-Knowing, we will not know about our deeper desires, why we are unhappy, why we react negatively, why we fear this and that.In this guided meditation, you will be guided on a journey to Know yourself, to know the person behind the personality.

And with Self-Knowing, comes Self-Transformation.Because the more you realize about yourself, the more you will begin to change for the better.

Guided Meditation For Self-Knowing

The Meditation is 30min.

You can download the guided meditation file here

30min version and 40min version

If you wish to access the full course with preparations etc, you can access the course here

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