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Holy Temple Meditation

"The Mind Is A Holy Temple"

Course Description

The Holy Temple Meditation is a powerful 1 minute meditation practice which will allow you to quickly experience stlilness, peace and harmony within.

This technique is designed for busy people who need a quick way to gain instant relief from their suffering states of mind. You can prolong the practice to a longer meditation if you wish as well.

This meditation uses declarations embodying wisdom and truth. So when one declares them within the mind will find it difficult to refuse.

Some Testimonials

"This course is very easy, and I found the practice taught within to be effective from the first use! I highly recommend this course!" - Robert Kirk

"It really works!" -Michael Thompson

"Jonny John Liu is a good instructor and it is a pleasure listening to his courses. All his courses are recommendable!!!!!" - Dr. Hatchik Manoukian M.D.

"Learned so much and highly doable. Teaching delivery is very calming and soothing. Thank you so much!" -Maria Silvo

Holy Temple Meditation

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Path Of Creator

Holy Temple Technique In Relation To The Path Of Creator

In the beginning when we try to give instructions to the Mind it can be difficult for the Mind to follow our instructions. This is because 90% of the time we are actually following the mind rather than instructing it to follow us. A a result, The Mind simply prefers to follow its old habit patterns. That is why "To be done outside" is added so that the Mind would accept the instructions with less resistance.

The Holy Temple Technique is a fast and simple way to instruct our mind to not wander. It is not really an instruction but rather pieces of wisdom we give to the mind. The more we feed the mind wisdom the more it will understand the importance of not wandering.

You can use the Holy Temple Technique when you wake up and this will help to instruct the Mind how to behave throughout the day.

You can also use the Holy Temple Technique when you need instant moments of clarity when your mind is in chaos. For instance, before giving a speech or a performance and so forth.

You can also use the Holy Temple Technique before bedtime. You can apply the Holy Temple Technique every 5 minutes to bring deeper level of calmness to the mind.

You can add more declarations to help guard your holy temple if you know the common themes to your wandering thoughts.

If you are a musician and like to think about music a lot you can add
"A. No making music inside.
B. Music Making is to be done outside.

If you like to teach people things
"A. No teaching inside.
B. Teaching is to be done outside.

If you wish to go into the state of Stillness deeper you can learn the 5 Present Breaths Meditation. This is a meditation technique which will take you deep into the Present Moment through the natural use of the breath rather than using declarations.

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