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Transform Your Mind

"Transform your mind, and you will transform your life"

Course Description

If you have read the 8 Chapters of the Path Of Creator, you will have understood the outline of the journey of Self-Transformation.

This video series goes into the journey deeper. In this course you will learn the outline of the journey, how the mind works in relation to Self-Transformation, the relationship between Negative Ideas and various suffering states of mind even disease, and the ways we can use life experiences to transform our mind.

So instead of having to pick individual articles on the website to read, this course organizes the essential knowledge needed for one to transform the mind in a step by step manner.

A comprehensive and an enlightening course.

Some Testimonials

"Thanks Johny for created this awesome courses. You've help me face my own defects bravely. I'm looking forward to your new course in the future." -Reina Liew Chee Mei

"I am so impressed by his knowledge and love this course" -Renee Vaughn

"This was exactly what I needed to continue on my spiritual journey and to find my happiness and purpose in life. I am able to use these techniques in my everyday life and still grow inside and continue to follow my spiritual path and be a better person inside and out. Thank you so much Jonny John for sharing your experience and your knowledge because it has helped me understand much more about stillness and being happy and accepting inside and out. Thank you." -Evelyn Baerga

Transform Your Mind

Course Outline

Videos 1-8 - Outline of the Journey

Videos 9-17 Understanding the mind

Videos 18-29 Negative Ideas

Videos 30-41 Life Catalysts

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