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Chapter 6

Transforming The Suffering

How do we release ourselves from our Sufferings?

Let us remember again that the Seed Cause of all forms of Sufferings begin with Negative Ideas.

Negative Ideas are Ideas which Promote the Rejection Of The Self.

Thus to release ourselves completely from our Sufferings we need to release ourselves from our Attachment towards Negative Ideas.

It is important to realize that when we deal with emotions/thoughts/Ideas we are dealing with "Energy" - Consciousness energy to be more precise.

Energy cannot be "destroyed" however they can be "transformed

Thus when we talk about releasing ourselves from Sufferings it is about Transforming the Negative Ideas.

But what are we Transforming the Negative Ideas to?

We Transform the Negative Ideas towards the opposite of what it is.

And that is towards Potentiated Ideas.

Potentiated Ideas are Ideas which promote the Acceptance of The Self

Negative Ideas and Potentiated Ideas

Negative Ideas are Ideas which promote the Rejection of The Self.
This is what Creates Negativity, Fears and Limitations on our Potential etc.

This is what Creates Suffering.

Conversely, Potentiated Ideas are Ideas which promote the Acceptance of The Self.
This is what Creates Power, Freedom, Creativity, and Potential.
This is what Creates Happiness.

So simply speaking, Potentiation happens when one develops Self-Acceptance.

Let us look at the following diagram to understand it more.

The Process of Transformation

(The Seed)
Negative Idea ---> Potentiated Idea

Let us use a Negative Idea as an example to understand the process better.
i.e. "It is not ok to be lazy" ---> "It is ok to be lazy"

As the Negative Idea transforms towards the Potentiated Idea, Potentiation will be experienced throughout the different levels of the Consciousness/The Self.

(The Roots)

"I should not be lazy" --->"I can be lazy"

"That Person should not be lazy" ---> "That person can be lazy"

The Fear of appearing lazy will gradually be released.

The rejection of Laziness in Oneself and Other selves will gradually be transformed. Thus all Negativities pertaining to the Negative Ideas will no longer be experienced.

(The Leaves)
Physical Manifestation

Through the transformative process, the Negative Sensations on the body will also dissipate as well as the physical diseases.

The Self will also have more freedom To Be,
i.e. Instead of working excessively out of Fear of being lazy, now The Self can choose to work hard and choose to be lazy whenever it desires to. I.e. The Self is no longer making choices out of Fear/Suffering but rather out of their Freedom to Be - i.e of one's own choice.

As the Negative Idea is Transformed,
All Levels of The Self will be Transformed and Potentiated.
With Less Fears there will be more Freedom and Creativity to express ourselves.
With Less Negative Thoughts comes more Clarity/Stillness and less Confusion in the mind.

With less Negativity one will experience better Health and Vitality.

To raise the quality of The Self at all levels - from the Physical level to the depths of the Soul and Spirit, such is the Greater Work.

How do we Transform The Negative Ideas?

When we discover the Negative Ideas behind our experiences, we can simply invert it.
i.e. "It is Not Ok to be lazy" -> "It is Ok to be lazy"

Usually by simply declaring the intention to move towards the Potentiated Idea in our mind i.e. by declaring the Potentiated Ideas, one can experience an instantaneous relief from one's Sufferings. This will actually begin the Self-Transformation process.

However such relief will often only be temporary at best due to the complex nature of the Suffering Experience, i.e. The Negative Ideas are often deeply rooted in the consciousness and there may be a combination of Negative Ideas driving one sufffering experience.

Thus although the key to Transformation is through developing Self-Acceptance. That Self-Acceptance can be difficult to develop without going through proper steps.

That is why the safest and most efficient way of addressing one's own sufferings is to address it step by step, layer by layer. And this is done through developing Stillness and the Knowing of The Self in more and more depth so the Acceptance of the Self can be developed more naturally.

Let us observe how Stillness and Knowing works hand in hand to turn the Wheel of Transformation.

The Power Of Stillness and Knowing

Let us look at the two areas of the Mind that will need to be addressed if one wishes to Transform their Negative Ideas

1. Belief

Suffering is Created from our Attachments towards Negative Ideas.

Thus the more we believe in a Negative Idea, the deeper the Negative Idea will be rooted in our consciousness.

Thus for the sufferings to be released, we have to release our attachments towards the Negative Ideas.

Although this sounds simple - It can take time due to the lack of Intention we have to do so.

The lack of Intention can come from Lack of Inner-Awareness.

1. We are not aware that we are Suffering

For instance, if we have not developed the awareness that Worrying Creates Suffering in our lives then we will allow the Suffering and Unhappiness to continue. i.e we will continue to worry about this person, about our work thinking that we're doing the right thing not Knowing that we are achieving nothing but creating inner misery.

It is by developing The Knowing of The Self that we can become more aware of our Sufferings and this in turn will naturally create the Intention within to move away from them.

2.We are not aware of the Deeper Causes of our Sufferings

When we only Know the Outer Cause of our Sufferings we will only develop the Intention to move away from the Outer Cause of what is making us Suffer i.e. the person who made us angry or the situation that made us fearful.

It is by developing the Knowing that the Deeper Cause of our Sufferings come from our Beliefs sustained by Negative Ideas that one will naturally develop the Intention to move away address the Inner Cause, i.e. releasing our attachment towards the Negative Ideas which are causing our Sufferings.

That is why we develop the Knowing.

2. Negative Energy

The more we react negatively the more we are becoming attached to the Negative Ideas and allowing it to take deeper root in our consciousness.

For instance, whenever we exaggerate or even try to suppress our Negative Reactions everytime we experience it we are in fact feeding the Negative Idea Negative Energy. (Yes, by suppressing one's Negative Reactions can feed the Negative Energy if we face it with Negativity.)

Thus it is important to have the right attitude when we face our Negative Ideas.

We are not trying to "Destroy" It.

We are "Transforming" it.

Likewise, we are not trying to "Destroy" Parts of The Self that we hate.

We are "Transforming" The Self.

The Difficulty Of Not Reacting

However it can be difficult to not feed the Negativity when we are in a state of Suffering, i.e. in a heated moment when we are experiencing a Negative Emotion such as Anger it is all too easy to let it blow up out of proportions.

Thus we develop Stillness - our ability to be Still and Equanimous in every moment. By developing this faculty of the mind, we can then develop the strength to pull ourselves out of the negative state each time we experience it towards the state of Stillness. Realize that it is the attempt of trying to be in the state of Stillness and simply observing the experience that will transform the mind to not react so negatively to the experience. And like this with time, the suffering experience will become less and less intense. Realize that if we were to react in the same way time after time then there will be no Self-Transformation.

That is why we develop the Stillness.

And the more we develop Stillness, the more we will develop the Knowing. Eventually we will become aware of the Negative Ideas behind the experiences.

Once the seed cause is known, one can accelerate the progress by working on transforming the Negative Ideas - through developing Self-Acceptance.

Their Relationship is what Creates The Wheel of Potentiation

The Wheel Of Potentation

With Stillness Comes Greater Knowing.

With Greater Knowing comes Self-Acceptance (Transformation).

With Greater Transformation Comes Greater Stillness.

And it is through this cycle that creates the forward movement on the Path of Creator. Stillness will allow you to develop the Knowing of the Seed Cause of one's Sufferings and this will take you to face the lessons to do with Self-Acceptance. These are your Spiritual Lessons and if you can go through them it will greatly catalyze the transformation process.

Ultimately on your journey of Self-Transformation, you will begin to realize that there is no difference between developing Self-Knowing and developing Self-Acceptance. Because the more you know yourself, the more you will become aware that you are a part of everything which exists in the Universe - outside and inside. So naturally with Knowing, you will come to Accept all parts of The Self.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

When you discover the Negative Ideas in your Suffering Experiences i.e. “it is not ok to be rude to me, "it is not ok to fail" etc.”…. simply invert the declarations. I.e -->“it is ok to be rude to me, it is ok to fail” to experience temporary relief.

Initially there will be an Inner Resistance and Confusion to declare the Potentiated Ideas. This is completely natural because of our unwillingness to Accept the Idea in the first place. But doing this will also make you realize the spiritual journey that you will have to take to truly transform the suffering states of the mind within.

"It is not ok..." ---> "It is ok..."

We now Know the process of Transformation

But how do we accelerate it?

With the help of


Chapter 7. Catalysts

Infinity Sign