Creation Within Creation
butterfly butterfly

Chapter 1


Why is Happiness important?

Life is a journey of many paths.
And we all have our own Unique Paths.
But by divine design, we are all drawn towards the same destination which is Happiness
i.e. to be Happy, to be Content and Satisfied, to be Fulfilled.

Thus if there is an Universal Purpose for our Existence it would center around happiness - to Develop it, to Refine it, to Expand it.

Realize that we are all Created with the Inherent Intuition to go towards Happiness and to move away from Sadness.

Thus if we look deep within we will all know from the depths of our heart and intuition where our Destination is.

But the Universal Question is,

How do we get there?

The Path Of The Creator is about taking us towards that destination.
And that journey is made through Knowing and Using our Powers as The Creator
To Transform our Inner and Outer Worlds.
To Develop and Expand Happiness -
To Become Happier than the day before.

So let us begin the journey by exploring the two kinds of happiness we can create in life

Chapter 2. Temporary And Everlasting Happiness
Infinity Sign