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10. Action And Reaction In Relation To Self Transformation


Hi, I am Jonny John Liu.

Action & Reaction

In this video, let us look at the difference between the two and how it relates to Self-Transformation.

So in life we can do two things: We can react and we can act.

We all know what an action is, so let us move forward and define what a reaction is.

Our reactions are composed of our thoughts and emotions. When we react, we are generating these

It's important to know that in every moment, we are reacting in one degree or another. And this truth will become clearer and clearer the more you develop Stillness, Self-Awareness.

Practices such meditation and yoga will help you to develop Self-Awareness.

So in every moment, we are in an experience. And in every experience something is happening inside. We can have big reactions such as winning lottery. Or small reactions such as the lingering feeling of loneliness when you are doing nothing.

When we experience reactions, we can respond it with an action.

For instance, with anger we can express it or hide it. When we experience loneliness inside we can ring meet up with our friends.

So, now let us summarize, the relationship between Action and Reaction.

Reaction is composed of our thoughts and emotions and actions is what we do at the physical level to respond to them.

Now let us talk about Self-Transformation in relation to Action and Reaction.

As you can see, we often use Action as a response to our Reactions. And this has become the way for most of us to solve the problems we face in life.

For instance, when we meet someone who has made us angry, we can think of ways to solve the situation through actions: maybe we'll try to avoid them or maybe we'll try to think of ways to punish them.

But how many of us actually try to think of ways to transform that anger inside so that we do not have to experience it again?

How many of us actually ask the question:

"How do I solve this problem at the reactional level of the mind?"

Rather than

"How do I punish that person that made me angry?"

It is by solving the reactions, that we can truly solve any problems of unhappiness.

So the way we live our lives, as you can see, is not as Self-Transformative as it can be. Because instead of thinking of ways to transform our reactions we (can) spend too much of our energy trying to solve the problems happening on the outside with actions, thinking about this person that person, that situation.

Now again, I'm not saying that solving problems through Action is good or bad.

My point is that the level of Reaction inside has to be addressed if you do not wish to be stuck in this cycle of misery. Because you may win an argument with a person, but it doesn't mean that you have addressed the problem inside.

I used to be so good at winning arguments. For years and years, I would argue with people until I won. Of course, it was satisfying, but overtime I realized that the satisfaction was only temporary, because more and more people would come to make me angry again. Never-ending misery!

It was only when I began to address my anger issues, that I became to experience more happiness in life.

So, in summary, by Knowing the difference between Reaction and Action can help make our journey of Self-Transformation clearer. Because then, we can become aware of what we really need to work on, which is to transform the Reactions within ourselves.

In the next video we will talk about what The Self really is. And this will help to illuminate the darkness you will encounter when you go inside yourself, when you go on that journey of Self-Transformation.


Action is what you do on the outside. Reaction is what you do on the inside. Every day try to develop the Knowing of the difference between Action and Reaction.

For instance, when you walk to the bus stop, become aware that you are walking to the bus stop. That is Action.

But what are you feeling, thinking, on the inside?

That is the Reaction.

Do this every day will help you to become more and more aware of the inner world.

For this exercise, I want you to become aware of the moments when you are unhappy, negative, suffering. Write down, what it is you are doing at the time which is the Action, and then for the Reaction, write down what is happening inside.

So for this exercise list down at least 7 examples before you go onto the next video.

Just try your best. The goal is not so much about being correct in what you write down, but rather, to be aware of the difference between Action and Reaction.

-Jonny John Liu

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