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2. How To Really Create Everlasting Happiness


Hi. I’m Jonny John Liu

Today I want to talk about how to create Everlasting Happiness.

So how do we create this...Everlasting Happiness—Happiness which stays and does not disappear with time, Happiness which can grow and expand day by day?

Now I"m a realistic and practical person so I'm not going to ask you to visualize a color and be one with the Universe.

Because we all know how quickly we can stop being one with the Universe!

So I'm going to give you a proper method which requires a lot more effort. A method that will take about seven videos to explain.

Sounds good?

Let’s do it.!

In the previous video, we realized the importance of creating Happiness in our lives: It's our life purpose.

The purpose of our soul even!

So, now we are looking at the ways in which we can create this thing called Happiness. So, let's begin by becoming aware of the two ways we can create Happiness.

The first way is pretty simple.

It's simply to do the things or to depend on a thing that will make us happy.

For instance...buying new shoes, eating delicious foods, travelling, drinking etc.

It's so easy that we're already creating Happiness in this way!

But time will eventually make us realize that making Happiness this way will only create Happiness which is Temporary Happiness which comes and goes because eventually, we’ll become disinterested in what we have.

And because our Happiness is dependent on an object, if the object disappears, so too does our Happiness.

So, such Happiness is temporary

Now let us look at the second way to Create Happiness.

This is by addressing our Unhappiness.

This is to transform our suffering states of mind.

The Suffering states of mind are the negatives states of the mind which creates Unhappiness.

For instance, anger, loneliness and impatience, and fears; the list goes on…

Imagine a life with less fears—that’s a life of more Happiness!

Imagine a life with less anger—more Happiness!

Imagine a life with less negativity, less impatience, less worries and doubt, or none of them!

That’s certainly a life of greater Happiness.

And that Happiness will always stay with you because you are not depending on anything for your Happiness.

This is how you create Everlasting Happiness.

Let me share with you a personal story.

I used to have all sorts of fears. One of them was being around people. Every time I was around people, I would get nervous, I would get anxiety attacks my hands would sweat and my heart would pound.

I would be so scared I could not even look at people in the eyes, even when people are talking to me!

So I spent half of my life looking down, feeling down.

Even walking into buses was one of the scariest experiences. Especially the moments when I had to push the stop button...It was just horrible!

And that was just one of the smallest fears I had.

I had thousands!

So you can imagine just how much suffering I had to go through.

I thought eventually my fears would eventually disappear.But by the time I finished University, I was still the same, hands sweating, heart still pounding.

It was then I realized that time was not going to be the solution. My future wasn't looking too bright. I had to do something.

So, that's when I began my journey of addressing my sufferings. And the effort I put in eventually paid off. I no longer have heart-pounding moments, or sweaty hands when I'm around people or walking into a bus!

You know, our sufferings, fears can really affect the quality of our lives.

So by addressing them, we can improve the quality of our lives. So I decided to continue working on myself.

My goal in life now is to become happier than the day before and I've been reaching that goal by transforming my mind day by day.

Now I know that most of us are perhaps satisfied with temporary Happiness: To be satisfied with a good job, with travelling, with being in a nice relationship.

That's very good...There is nothing wrong with this!

But if you want to improve the quality of life inside...

If you want to create everlasting Happiness...

Then you can work on your sufferings!

So, in summary, there are two ways to create Happiness.

The first way of making Happiness is to do things which make us happy—This is temporary Happiness.

The other way is to address our Sufferings and create everlasting Happiness!

So, what are the steps to address our sufferings?

We'll talk about it in the next video, where we will begin that journey into the darkness of the mind.

-Jonny John Liu

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