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27. Attachment And Negative Ideas


Hi, I'm Jonny John.

Today, let us talk about attachment in relation to the Suffering States of Mind.

Throughout life, what we will discover is that anytime we create attachment towards objects, it will only promote Suffering states of mind. For instance, when we become attached to money, we will experience Suffering because there will be there will be heartache when we lose money, or when we cannot obtain more money, there will also be the fear of losing money.

So attachment to things can be said to be the cause of Suffering.

But up until now in all my videos, I have been talking about how Negative Ideas are the seed cause of Suffering.

So which one is it?

So today, let us clarify this and explore the relationship between attachment and Negative Ideas.

It is true that attachment towards objects can cause Suffering states of mind.

But more precisely, it is the attachment towards the Negative Ideas which causes the Suffering States of the mind.

You see, attachment towards outer objects and things actually begin inside first!

It is actually the internal attachment towards Negative Ideas which will create the outer attachment towards objects and other things.

For instance, the Negative Idea—"It is not ok to not be rich" can make one become attached towards the idea of obtaining more money.

The Negative Idea—"It is not ok to be weak" can create attachment towards wanting a strong body and reject a weak body,

"It is not ok to be lazy" can make one attached to "overworking" and so forth.

So attachment towards Negative Ideas will only drive one down on the road of Suffering.

Now, knowing that it is the attachment towards Negative Ideas which create Suffering, how can this knowledge be made practical?

Firstly, simply realize that when you discover that you cannot let go of something, such as a habit, such as an object, such as an Idea, such as a wandering thought, it means there are Negative Ideas driving the experience.

It is very important to be self-aware of this fact because often we can cherish the object of our attachment as if it's something so important and dear to us, not knowing just how much misery they are actually creating for us on the inside.

Without the desire to let go of them, the attachment will continue. By knowing that there are Negative Ideas at play, then we can become aware that we are just becoming attached to misery.

When we become attached to things it can be hard to convince ourselves to let go.

It is by developing self-awareness of how destructive Negative Ideas can be that we can naturally develop the intention to release our attachment to them.

It is much like telling an unhealthy person to change their diet; if they are not self-aware of how destructive their diet can affect their health, they will not change.

Anyways, so it's important to develop Self-Awareness, of the things we are doing which are damaging to ourselves And in terms of the mental world, it is attachment towards the Negative Ideas within.

Many benefits can come from releasing our attachment towards Negative Ideas. Not only will we experience greater happiness, but it will also bring about greater wisdom. For instance, it is like when we are attached to money—we can end up spending and earning it in fear; however, once we let it go, we will be able to spend and earn in wisdom. It is then we are in total control!

So in summary, attachments at the deepest level begins at the level of Ideas.

It is the attachment towards Negative Ideas which creates attachment towards all things, inside and outside. Self-Transformation is about letting go of our attachment towards Negative Ideas.

This is how we can create greater happiness in our life.

-Jonny John Liu

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