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29. Negative Ideas Summary


Ok, let us do a summary for the videos about the Negative Ideas.

So, these videos were made to make you become aware that the cause of all forms of Suffering are Negative Ideas.

It's important to develop such Knowing, because once the cause of a problem is known, then the solutions can be found.

So, such knowledge can help motivate one to take the journey of Self-Transformation, because the journey of Self-Transformation it is no longer so dark anymore; we now have a direction! We now know how to apply our efforts, which is to address the Negative Ideas!

So, the first video basically was basically an introduction to Negative Ideas. And then in the next set of videos, we looked at what Negative Ideas really are and how to discover and transform them.

We learnt that Negative Ideas are Ideas which promote Self-Rejection, for instance ideas beginning with "It is not ok..."

We experience suffering when we become attached to Negative Ideas. And we can discover our Negative Ideas by asking ourselves the question—"what it is not ok?" in situations when we suffer.

Again, this ability to discover Negative Ideas can only be developed through the practice of trying again and again, to transcribe suffering experiences into Negative Ideas.

And practices such as meditation will help you greatly to develop the ability to observe what is happening in the mind when you go through suffering experiences.

Then, we talked about how to expand the Negative Ideas—to see how Negative Ideas can create negativity, to create fears, to create attachment, to create wandering thoughts.

This was to make you aware of how one Negative Idea, how One Negative Seed, can create so many branches of problems within the mind.

And by transforming that seed, then many issues of the mind will be resolved!

Then, we talked about how to transform the Negative Ideas.

The Key to Transforming Negative Ideas is to develop Self-Acceptance.

I.e. To transform the Negative Ideas "It is not ok..." to the Ideas which

promote Self-Acceptance "It is ok...".

And to discover the spiritual lessons which you can go through to transform the Negative Ideas, you can ask yourself questions such as:

 Why can I not accept this Idea?

This person?

This situation?"

Then, we looked at Habit and Negative Ideas.

We examined Negative Ideas from the angle of habits—that it is simply a habit pattern of always reacting negatively again and again to a Negative Idea we have.

To reverse the habit, we have to transform our beliefs, our Negative Ideas—for instance, to transform the Negative Ideas into the Potentiating Ideas.

And in the next video, we talked about how Stillness can be used to transform the habit of suffering. As Stillness is a state of Self-Acceptance, and every time you pull yourself into a state of Stillness whenever you experience suffering, you are in fact developing Self-Acceptance because you are essentially pulling yourself out of the state of Self-Rejection. So that's why the practice of meditation can be greatly helpful for your journey of Self-Transformation!

So, after we talked about how all forms of Sufferings are caused by Negative Ideas and how to transform them in a very general way, we began to look at how Negative Ideas can cause other issues with the mind.

We looked at how Negative Ideas can produce wandering thoughts and excessive stimulation of the mind. And how by addressing Negative Ideas, the issues of wandering thoughts and stimulation will be naturally resolved!

Then, we looked at Attachment to Negative Ideas—How attachment begins in the mind first through the attachment towards Negative Ideas.

And again, how issues of attachment will be naturally resolved through addressing Negative Ideas!

Then we looked at the relationship between Health and Negative Ideas.

We looked at how the body is always healing and will heal everything if we work with it rather than against it. And the negativity of the mind can cause a lot of stress on the physical body which will lead to disease, so by addressing the Negative Ideas, then naturally we will become healthier and healthier every day!

Then we looked at Physical Sensations and Negative Ideas.

Then we examined the difference between pain and negative physical sensations and how pain, whether it is an outer pain or inner pain, is a cue, a signal for us that something needs to be addressed. So become aware of all the painful sensations, discomfort, agitation of the body that you are experiencing every day, it will mean that something will need to be addressed.

So, I hope that you have become more knowledgeable, more aware that the cause of all forms of Sufferings come from Negative Ideas.

Although I can go into each suffering state of mind in detail, for instance, anger to Negative Ideas, impatience to Negative Ideas, or share with you the experiences of how I cured myself of different kinds of diseases in detail, but if I did the course would become very long.

My goal is simply to make you aware that all forms of Sufferings come from Negative Ideas.

Sometimes when we see each form of suffering state of mind as separate, then it is easy to become confused, to not know where they are from, and the ways to address it.

I have simplified the complexity of the suffering experience down to one cause—which are the Negative Ideas!

Then everything becomes clear and easy!

Up until now, it's mostly talks. In the next set of videos, it will be more practical as we will be looking at the things we can do in life to transform the Negative Ideas.

So I'll see you in the next videos!

-Jonny John Liu

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