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49. Discovering Spiritual Lessons Through Your Parents & Intention

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Hi I am Jonny John

Spiritual Lessons are lessons that we can use for spiritual growth, to become ever more self-knowing, self-accepting - allowing you to create greater happiness in life.

But how do we discover them?

Today I want to show you the way of discovering your spiritual lessons through your parents

In this talk, you will be guided to see from a spiritual perspective as to why you may have possibly chosen these people who are your parents to be your parents before come into this life

And also we will look at how we can use the intention of acceptance to discover your spiritual lessons

Again, I will be guiding you by sharing with you my own experiences, so that you can use it as clues to find your own truth..

So let's begin.

So I have a lot of experiences that gave me clues that there is reincarnation. A life before life and a life after life.

And I believe that there is some sort of planning that goes on before we come into this lifetime. TO meet all the people we have to meet.

You know in my life experiences...there are so many examples of when I would meet the right people and the right time. actually have quite many stories to share but I will save that for another time.

So if planning before coming into this lifetime is possible. Then the planning of who will be our parents, or the people who will take care of us would be very important. Because of free-will, we can born into this life, make choices and go astray, but the people that we cannot escape will always be our parents. So from these souls, we can find many clues as to what our spiritual lessons are.

We can begin to question, why did we choose them as our parents?

What can they offer us materially, spiritually personalitily..

Maybe that they carry the same spiritual lessons as us.

So one can ask the question,

"What suffering states of mind do they have?"

And then asking oneself

"Do I have the same belief patterns too?"

It is often much easier to see other people's problems rather than ours, so the use of parents as a mirror is helpful in this respect.

One can also ask the question,

is there something about my parents that I do not like?

Maybe they were chosen to piss you off and bring out the suffering states of mind.

Yeah I think I chose my mum for that reason.

My mum is the complete opposite of me, and our ideas would always clash.

and from learning to accept her, I discovered a lot of spiritual lessons about parts of myself that i couldn't accept.

At the same time, she had qualities such as unconditional love that I learned from her..

And it took me many years to see the spiritual lessons that i could learn from my mum , because most of my childhood was spent in fighting against her because I had a lot of negativities and she had a lot of negativities too.

So we spent a lot of time reacting to the negativity rather than studyings it, finding the cause and transforming it.

Realize that what parts of your parents you do not like about, will always reflect back to what you do not like about yourself and also what you lack.

And like this, one can start examining one's closer connections, such as friends, relatives to discover the clues to one's spiritual lessons too.

Because the closer connections we have will have will always have clues to our spiritual lessons.

For it's likely that these meetings, connections which are close and intimate..are planned.

So from our parents, close connections, we can find many clues to our spiritual lessons.

And it will come back to the theme of Self-Acceptance.

Let me share with you another way to discover your spiritual lessons.

The other way to discover your spiritual lessons is to hold the intention to accept everything in life.

Realize that spiritual lessons are designed to take you towards accepting everything, from the state of mind. The more you can accept in life, the more you will experience greater happiness.

What happens when you hold the intent to accept everything

Is that you will discover the things that you cannot accept.

The intention to accept thus is a powerful tool that you can use to discover your spiritual lessons. It is a catalyst to Self-Knowing.

Because without that intention, we will simply dwell and focus on the misery.

But with the intention to accept, one will begin to observe and question why there is a lack of acceptance.

These questionings will help to develop Self-Knowing and help you greatly to understand the nature of the spiritual lessons and how to get through them.

I guess I can share with you an example for you to better understand.

After University I worked at this backpackers.

And there I met this person who would always piss me off.

My heart kept asking me to learn from him.

At first I couldn't understand what I was supposed to learn from him.

Is it his arrogance? His stupidity? His rudeness?

One day I told myself, what is love when I keep judging people

Maybe I should try my best to accept him for who he was.

And that was tough.

Everytime I meditated or did yoga, the anger towards him would be brought out.

The anger the judgement would blow up in my mind and body.

I'm sure you've met people like that who just can bring out the worst in your.

Multiply that by 5.

But in the end as I finally learnt to accept him.

I realized what I hated about him, was what I hated about myself.

I could not accept myself if I was arrogant, stupid, or rude.

But he was happy, he loved himself no matter what.

So yeah that was the first time when I really seriously tried to accept something I cannot.

And that process really changed my life.

Because if you can accept someone who you cannot accept, for instance your parents, or your friends, then you will be able to accept everyone else in the world that is like them.

So through our parents and the people around us we can discover our spiritual lessons.

That is why it's so important to have a life outside meditation, to include life as part of the bigger spiritual practice because other selves can act as mirrors to find what we cannot accept ourselves, helping us to complete our spiritual lessons.

Realize that there is an Inner World and an Outer World.

The greater work of self-transformation happens within.

And the Outer World helps to draw out the spiritual lessons that are waiting to be discovered from within.

From today, you can begin to hold the intention to accept everything there is. And through holding that intent to accept, it will act as the light which reveals all the spiritual lessons from within.

And how do we undertake these spiritual lessons once we have discovered them?

There are many ways...but the practice of meditation will always be centripetal in whatever spiritual work you do.

Realize that we all have infinite wisdom within, for are we all not born from the same spark of infinite intelligence from which the Universe came from. Through meditation, you are tapping into that spark of infinite wisdom, which will will help to guide you to overcome all your challenges in life, so that you can gain greater happiness and enlightenment.

-Jonny John Liu

Know and Transform The Self!

To work through the spiritual lessons you can visit the Courses page.

For instance, to transform anger into greater happiness and power you can take the Creator's Absorption Course.

For example, the 10 Day One-Self Catalyst will take you day by day to uncover your deepest Negative Ideas / States of Self-Rejection and teach you how to apply the catalyst to transform your mind through life experiences.

Path Of Creator

The Soul Journey In Relation To The Path Of Creator

What is the purpose of the soul?

Our parents can offer us some important clues as to what our spiritual lessons might be

But in Truth, if spiritual planning is possible, then everyone we will ever meet in life will be planned thus we can actually learn from everyone around us.

And another Truth, if spiritual planning is not possible, then we can still learn from everyone around us.

So at the end of the day, it does not really matter what you believe, but rather how you use life experiences in every moment to promote your growth.

One who is on the journey of Self-Transformation will always be ever seeking for ways to distil wisdom from each life experiences that passes.

Here are some questions that one can think about their parents to develop Self-knowing

"Are there personality traits or beliefs that my parents have that are currently making them unhappy?"

"Do I carry the same personality traits?"

"Are there any personality traits or beliefs that I can learn from my parents to make me happy?"

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