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5. What Is The Cause For All Forms Of Suffering


To Create greater happiness in life, we have to address the Suffering States of the mind.

So, let us look at what Suffering really is so we know what we are actually dealing with.

So what is Suffering?

Simply speaking, Suffering is any state of mind which creates unhappiness within. So if you experience anger, nervousness, stress even slightly, anything which affects your unhappiness, then you are suffering.

It's important to realize that Suffering, whether big or small is Suffering because if we focus on the big Suffering state of mind then surely we will forget to address the smaller, ones.

It's easy to think that the smaller sufferings are insignificant.

But one day, they may be magnified by an outer experience.

Such as the fear of public speaking. You may not think it's there because it's so small. But once you are put in front of an audience, then you will really feel it.

So Suffering, whether big or small—It's suffering, equally important to be addressed.

And Suffering is not defined as an action, but (it is) a state of mind.

So it doesn't matter if you appear angry or not. If you are angry even slightly on the inside—You are suffering!

Ok. So now we’ve defined what Suffering is, let us look at the Cause of Suffering.

It's important to know what the cause of Suffering is so we can address it at the source.

First, we realize that there is an Outer Cause and an Inner Cause for Suffering.

For example, a work colleague perhaps said something to make us angry.

What is the Outer Cause?

It was our work colleague!

We probably try to solve this problem by arguing with the work colleague, or suppress our anger, or try to avoid this person. Maybe we'll win the argument and be happy.

But the thing is that if we don't address the inner cause of the anger inside, the same suffering state of mind will be experienced again and again in similar situations.

So, it's important to address the Inner Cause!

And what is the Inner Cause?

You know, when I began on my journey of addressing my own sufferings, I did not know about the Inner Cause of Suffering. As a result, I wasted a lot of time and effort creating only little Self-Transformation.

So I decided to research on the cause Suffering. I tried reading books and going on the internet, but I could find no answers. Everyone was talking about how to manage suffering at the surface level.

No one talked about how Suffering began in the deepest level of the mind.

Because without knowing this, how are we going to transform it so we don't have to experience it again?

So I went on a journey of searching for the cause. So, what I did was to put myself in suffering situations day by day so I could understand how this experience of Suffering began in the depths of my mind. Of course, I had to stabilize my mind otherwise I would've gone crazy from the experience so Meditation and Yoga really helped me out.

For instance, when I wanted to study the fear of heights, I would go and ride a roller coaster, go bungee, I would fly a stunt plane.

When I wanted to study anger, I would surround myself with people that I really hated.

When I wanted to study the fear of failure, I would keep doing things that I may fail in.

When I wanted to study my impatience, I went on horrible and long meditation retreats.

Anyways, year after year, I eventually found that whenever we are in a state of Suffering, whether experiencing fear, anger, impatience—We are all in a state of rejection.

Whether it's towards ourselves, other people, towards an outside situation, and so forth.

I call the Suffering State of Mind a State of Rejection of The Self.

Because to the deeper mind, everything which exists is The Self.

And going even deeper, what creates this state of rejection?

It's from the Negative Ideas we create in the mind.

Negative Ideas are Ideas which promotes the Rejection of The Self.

They can be understood as Self-declarations which begins with "It is not ok..."

For instance—


"It is not ok to fail."

“It is not ok to be arrogant.”

“It is not ok to be embarrassed.”

Negative Ideas will create all forms of Suffering.

For instance, because "It is not ok to fail", it will generate rejection towards ourselves, and Other Selves when we or they fail.

This will (also) generate negative judgements towards ourselves and others.

It will also generate Fears of failing because "It is not ok to fail"

And the more we become attached to this Negative Idea, the more intense the Suffering will be at the emotional, mental and physical level.

And if we look deep within our consciousness, there are in fact countless Negative Ideas we have become attached to already, and they are brought out into light through the experiences we go through in life.

I've just explained this very simply.

For more details, you can visit my website—

This will be a bit difficult to understand at the intellectual level. But what you can do to develop the Knowing is to try the following.

Next time you go through a Suffering experience, simply try to describe the experience using Negative Ideas.

For example, next time someone makes you angry…maybe you’ll find that the Negative Idea behind your anger is..

“It is not be rude" 


"It is not ok to be selfish or stupid"

And most likely you will not be sure what Negative Ideas are behind your Suffering experiences because when we are in the moment of Suffering, our mind can be confused and stimulated.

And when we lack Stillness, we can become Reactive rather than simply observing what is happening inside.

So in conclusion, today we have learnt the Outer and Inner Cause of our Sufferings.

The Outer Cause can be said as what we see on the outside—The situation or a person which brought the suffering states of the mind into light, the Negative Ideas into light.

The Negative Ideas are the inner cause—The Ideas which promote Rejection of The Self.

Now we know that the seed cause of our Sufferings are Negative Ideas...How do we transform them?

We'll talk about it in the next video.

-Jonny John Liu

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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