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54. Negative Beliefs Will Create And Attract Negative Realities


Hi I am Jonny John

In this talk, we will talk about how to attract more positive and newer experiences into our lives
And this is done through transforming our Negative Beliefs.

So let's begin.

You are the Creator of your own reality.
For your reality will always be Created by your beliefs.
So if you create the belief that you will be not be loved for who you are.
Then that will become your reality no matter who comes along your way.

From a metaphysical perspective
You are also the Creator of your own experiences.
Because the Universe will always sends you experiences to reflect your beliefs.
For it sees you beliefs as the realities which you wish to explore.

So it is important to become aware of what beliefs we carry inside.
Because when we lack the awareness.
All things which happen to us can then seem random.
We will no longer know why we are experiencing unhappiness, but to simply to point at the person in front of us as the cause of our unhappiness.
We will also no longer know why certain experiences keep coming into our lives, but to point at some unknown source in the sky as the source of our sufferings.

That is why it is so important to look inwards to learn more about ourselves.
And this can be done through the practice of meditation.
For it is only when we close the senses and look inwards.
That we can finally see what we are Creating and how it is shaping our reality.
And through that awareness we can then ask ourselves if this is what we truly want.
And then transform the beliefs which are no longer serving our desires.
The practice of meditation thus is important
For it will help you to realize that you are the Creator.

Now let us explore the difference between a belief and a desire.
There is a saying that the Universe will send us what we desire.
This can be true.
But realize,
What is more powerful.
The desire for something to happen?
Or the belief that something will happen?

It is true, that the Universe will send us what we desire.
For when we have a desire, there will be a charge
But your beliefs also carry a charge. A more powerful charge.
So which one do you think would be in charge of your experiences in life?

The choices we make in life will always be influenced by the beliefs we carry
Likewise the experiences we attract in life will be influenced by the belief we carry

That is why for one to be the Creator of one's life.
One must look within to discover the beliefs that are limiting them and contradicting their desires.
And these are the Negative Ideas we have become attached to within.

Let us briefly talk about what Negative Ideas are.
Negative Ideas will always make you believe that you Can't have something rather than You can.
Negative ideas are ideas which promote Limitation, which promote Self-Rejection.
For instance, "It is not ok to be lazy" "It is not ok to be poor" "It is not ok to make a mistake"

Negative Ideas will always produce the different suffering states of the mind, such as fears, unhappiness, judgment, impatience anger and so forth. The suffering is experienced because it's like the Infinite Creator pointing at the mirror to say it can't do this and that.

These negative states of the mind will always hold us back from creating what we really desire. For when you desire for something out of fear. The fear will always overpower that desire. For instance, when you desire for money out of the fear that money won't come to you. Then you are simply asking for the experience of that fear to manifest.

Why is this?

Fear can simply be understood as a strong belief that something bad will happen.
It is a strongly rooted negativebelief, quite powerfully charged as well.
Because if you do not believe that strongly in what your fears suggest, why are you worrying so much about it? So a fear is really a deeply rooted negative belief.

So realize the importance of transforming your fears, your negative beliefs if you desire for greater happiness.
For the Universe will always give you what you believe is to be true.
So it's difficult for you to receive happy experiences, if you desire for them with unhappiness.

Thus to create and attract happier experiences into our lives.
One can begin to discover and transform their Negative Beliefs.
To look for the ideas which promote fears, to look for the ideas which promote indecisiveness, to look for the ideas which promote unhappiness, separation, doubt and everything which brings unhappiness.

Once the negative Ideas are transformed, then we will naturally experience greater happiness, then we can Create with Clear Intent.

So without discovering and transforming the beliefs which are holding ourselves back, it becomes difficult to create what we desire in life.

So if you are not getting the good friends you desire in life, if you are not getting that promotion that you desire, if things are not going well for you, you can begin looking inwards to see if you have any negative beliefs that are currently holding you back from manifesting your desires.

Once your negative beliefs are addressed,
Your intentions will become clear.
When the beliefs and desires are aligned as one, the Universe would then be able to hear.
And then newer opportunities will come your way.

But like writing a story, action will still be needed to set the story in stone. Use actions to intensify your beliefs by acting like you already believe what you believe. Use actions to work on yourself so you can become what you believe. Use actions to take the opportunities that you desire when they come towards you.

Speaking from experience, as long as you are trying to shift your negative beliefs, the Universe will assist you. The Universe will always want you to know that you are The Creator, and would always favor Oneness over Separation because that's the truth of who you are. So just simply by the attempt of shifting your beliefs towards positivity, the Universe will send you experiences to shift your negative beliefs.

A lot of what I learnt about how the Universe works comes from my own personal experience.
Because I am quite passionate in transforming my own mind, day in day out, I had a lot of opportunities to see how my life experiences changed as I transformed my mind of seeing what kind of new experiences are coming into my life as i released certain fears

One example I could give you is the time when I worked in customer services.
I worked in a job where I had to deal with customers all day long..helping them with their applications for government related stuff.

And for the first 3 years, I would always get customers who would get angry and yell at me even though it is not my fault. For instance, customers who would blame me for making them wait for so long when they only waited for 10 minutes..or customers who would blame me for just because they couldn't find a parking space so they illegally parked..or customers who would just take their anger out on me because they had a bad day and so forth.

In the beginning, I thought that this was a general trend and something to be expected in this line of work. I didn't question it much since my other colleagues were experiencing the same thing.

But during that time, I was also working on transforming my suffering states of mind, in particular anger and guilt. And the more I released my anger, I began to notice a change in the type of customers I would get. For instance, I began to have less arguments with customers. I mean this is of course natural, because it takes two to argue and I simply became more forgiving.

But the more interesting thing was, the more I worked on my anger issues and worked on becoming more responsible for my own emotions, the less I encountered angry customers..until one day I just simply stopped encountering them.
Eventually, most of the customers that came to me turned out to be the friendly and self-responsible type, kinda reflecting the type of person that I was at the time.

But my other colleagues were still getting angry customers and getting yelled at all day and eventually half of the team applied for other jobs and left because they did not like dealing with angry customers.

And this pattern of the outer world reflecting my inner world seemed to emerge throughout all other areas of my life, in the people and friends that I would make, in the job opportunities I would get.
I noticed that every time I released a Negative Idea, my life began to change for the better.

But the journey of self-transformation was not without confusions and challenges. I realized several things about myself on my journey of dealing with angry customers. Just when I thought I had transformed my negative beliefs I discovered more and more negative beliefs.

I realized also too that you will always be tested by life experiences to challenge the new beliefs that you are trying to create. This happens when you are still unsure of your new beliefs.

For instance, there was a moment in time at the workplace when I told myself that I don't need angry customers in my life but I still jumped in to save colleagues when they have abusive customers.
It was after many times of this that I finally became aware of what I was doing and heard my heart asking "Is this what you really want?" and I realized that I needed to let the idea of being stuck in the drama go.
I realized that I needed to live in align with my new beliefs. So instead of jumping in, I simply told my colleagues that they can request help if they need from the security guard or the manager.

On my journey of Self-Transformation, I would always fail many times in aligning myself with my new beliefs before I succeeded. So it's natural fail many times when we try to transform the mind, when we try to create the life we desire, when we try to live according to our beliefs don't give up, the more you fail, the more you will succeed.

To Conclude,

We are Creators of our own reality and experiences.
We have the power to experience all that which we desire.
But that is only when we can desire and create with clarity.

So it's important to look within and transform the negative beliefs are currently holding us back.
So that you can align your beliefs and desires as one.
That is when you will be able to truly become the Creator of your life.

-Jonny John Liu

Path Of Creator

The Soul Journey In Relation To The Path Of Creator

You are the Creator.

You are the writer of your story.

You are the painter of your life.

Do you choose to continue to paint your life in negativity?

To always dwell in anger?

To always dwell in unhappiness?

To always dwell in fear?

Choose Darkness, and you will be rewarded with Darkness

Choose the light, and light will come into your life.

So if you wish for happy experiences

Be happy first by working on your unhappiness.

If you wish for people to love you,

Work on loving yourself first.

It is then you can create a more positive reality, and attract more positive experiences into your life.

So at the end of the day, focus on transforming your suffering states of the mind.

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