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55. Recreating And Transforming Your Negative Beliefs


Hi I am Jonny John

What is unhappiness?

When we look for answers to this question
We will find truths existing in different levels.

On the surface, one can perhaps find the cause of unhappiness as something coming from outside of us. For instance, to see our colleagues as the cause to our unhappiness because they made a rude joke about us.

That is one truth.
That Unhappiness comes from outside.

But if we look for the cause even deeper, we will find that the cause of our unhappiness came within, for instance, from our reactions to what was said. That is a deeper truth, that Unhappiness comes from inside.

And if we look for the cause even deeper, we will find that the cause of our negative reactions came from the negative beliefs we have about ourselves and the world. As our beliefs will always determine how we react to the experiences outside. That is an even deeper truth. That Unhappiness begins with an Idea - to the ideas we have become attached to within

And like this, the deeper one explores the cause to one's unhappiness, the understanding of what is unhappiness can become ever more refined. The exploration for the cause to one's unhappiness is like exploring the leafs on a tree. One can first find of the cause of the leafs as coming from the branches, and one may then see the cause of the branches to be the trunk and like this develop the Self-Knowing until one can find the seed cause of their unhappiness.

In this talk, we will about the cause of unhappiness from an even deeper perspective, which is to explore why it is even possible for one to plant a seed for unhappiness in the first place.

In knowing this, one will have one more perspective to refine the truth of what unhappiness really is.

Which will help one to transform it

So let's begin.

let's begin by briefly understanding who we are from a higher perspective.
Although it is true we are of the physical body.
But if we look within, we will discover that we in essence consciousness.
That is the deeper truth.

And the even deeper truth is that we are The Creator, as there really is only One Self
A way to understand this is to imagine turning back time infinitely, one would eventually reach the One Source from which all became. There, all is one. And because one is all, it will always be like this, no matter how One expands, changes and contracts through time and space.

In our hearts, we all know the deeper truth that we are One.
And we all can experience the effects of moving away from this truth of Oneness
As we create the beliefs which promote separation and rejection
We will experience suffering
Because to reject the Self is like the Creator pointing to the mirror to reject that not all is the Creator.
And this will create confusion and unhappiness within.

And likewise,
As we create the beliefs which promote Oneness and acceptance towards all there is
We will experience happiness and fulfillment. For what greater joy is there for one to embrace the truth of who they really are?

So that is the nature of our psyche
We are Oneness
It's can be very helpful to grasp this concept.
For the more you know about the nature of your own psyche
The easier it will become for you to understand the cause of your unhappiness
So you can transform it into greater happiness.

So deep down, our hearts all know that we are One.
But if this is the truth.
Then why is it that when we look around us.
Everything feels so separated?

One could say that this world was created to hide the Truth of Oneness from sight.
For if there was no reason to hide that truth from us in this reality.
We would not even be able to create the beliefs of separation.

Now why was this reality created?
An answer that can help to put things to perspective is that this reality was created for the purpose of self-exploration, so that we as the One Infinity can explore what it is to be Many, to be separated. And through that experience, the Knowing of what One is can then become ever more refined.

For Oneness to explore Separation, the free will to believe in separation had to be created. This was a gift which allowed us to believe whatever we wish to believe. To either stay in the dark and believe that we are separated or to move towards the light to believe that we are One. Once this belief became a choice, this is when the Truth of Oneness became not so true and became hidden from view. Thus the journey of exploring the possibilities of The Self Began.

And through exploring the infinite possibilities of the Self, Negative Beliefs naturally now can be planted, for one now has a choice to believe that we are all separated, that we are not one, that we are not The Creator.

Now let us explore what Negative Ideas are in relation to the context of the journey of Self-Exploration.
One can understand Negative Ideas as Ideas which begin with "It is not ok "
For instance "It is not ok to be selfish, it is not ok to be arrogant, it is not ok to be poor" and so forth.
These ideas promote the illusion of Separation and Self-Rejection, which can drive The Self to Reject The Self. When this happens, negative thoughts and emotions, of hatred, of doubt, judgment fear will be experienced, which allows One to be drawn the illusions of separation even more.

Essentially, Negative ideas make Oneness point to the mirror to say this is not me, that is not me, thus creating deep confusions and suffering states of the mind

Now there is nothing wrong with Negative Ideas, for it allows one to explore what it is not.
But there will be a point in time when One has had enough exploration and wishes to remember who they really are instead. When this happens, they will become aware of their deeper desires for greater Oneness, for greater Self-Knowing, for greater Happiness, to remember who they really are.

For those who wish to remember who they are, it is thus important to transform the negative ideas within, because negative ideas will always hold one back from remembering who one really is.
Negative ideas will always hold you back from Creating and Expressing yourself fully as The Creator.
For the more parts of you that you reject, the more you are limiting your infinite potential to create and express yourself.

So how do we transform the Negative Ideas?
The process of transforming and releasing Negative Ideas can be understood as transforming the negative Idea into its opposite, for instance from "it is not ok to be arrogant" to "it is ok to be arrogant"
In other words, instead of exploring and practicing separation, one learns how to explore and practice Oneness, compassion, acceptance. So it's about learning how to shift one's beliefs from Self-Rejection towards Self-Acceptance.
That instead moving towards rejecting all there is
One moves towards accepting all there is
To choose Oneness over separation
To choose Forgiveness over judgement
To choose Love over fear
And so forth.

So to transform our Negative Ideas, we practice Oneness, we learn how to accept all there is at the state of mind.

But the journey of transforming our beliefs will not be without confusions.
For we would have created many deeply rooted negative ideas in our lifetimes of exploration.

Confusions thus arise when we ask ourselves to accept something that we cannot accept.
Confusions thus will arise as to how to forgive someone, when there is clearly anger within?
Confusions thus will arise as to how can we feel love and Oneness, when one is hated by others?
And this confusion is natural because you are simply trying to see Truth within the Illusion.

That is why the practice of meditation can be so ever helpful.
Because the more you can accept the present moment, the more you will realize how much happier it is to be in the state of Self-Acceptance than the state of Self-Rejection.
And this will help you to intellectual less about what is right and wrong
And simply choose Self-Acceptance and Happiness instead.

The attempt of trying to accept all there is can be also be helpful.
For life experiences will allow you to slowly realize that in hurting others, you are simply hurting yourself.
And this can allow one to realize that in the deeper mind there really is only just One Self.

So in the beginning, to accept something we cannot will be confusing.
But with practice, you will remember and know how to more and more.
You will realize that when you accept others,
You are simply accepting yourself.
For there really is just One Self.
So when you practice self-acceptance.
Always direct it both ways, inwards and outwards.
For what you reject in others, will always be what you reject in yourself.

Transforming our beliefs will no doubt take time and effort,
Because transforming our negative beliefs, is like healing ourselves from the trauma of falling from Oneness. But realize that this was not a mistake, but a purposeful journey of Self-Exploration.
These explorations into the Darkness of The Self can be understood as the spiritual lessons you wished to undertake to explore yourself even more, to graduate into higher self-knowing

The journey into Darkness can be fun and enjoyable, full of up and downs. But when you are content with your exploration of that Darkness, simply align yourself back towards Oneness by developing Self-Acceptance.

So to conclude
You are The Creator
You are Oneness

If you wish to remember who you are,
You can look within for the beliefs that are holding you back from Self-Remembering.
These will be your negative beliefs.
And to transform these beliefs, we learn to develop Self-Knowing by looking within, we can do this through meditation we learn to practice self-acceptance, to accept all there is.

So when you are ready to remember who you are.
Begin developing Self-Acceptance.
Learn to accept all that is around you.
Learn to accept all that is within you.
And the more you remember who you are.
The more power and happiness you will experience.
For what is greater?
Than the Infinite Creator?

-Jonny John Liu

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