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6. How To Transform All Forms Of Suffering


Hi, I am Jonny John Liu.

Today, let's about the steps required to transform the suffering states of the mind.

Let us first recap what Suffering is.

Suffering is simply any negative state of the mind which creates unhappiness within. For instance, the state of fear, anger, jealousy, stress, worries, and the list goes.

So how do we transform the mind so that we do not have to experience them again?

In the previous video, we learnt that the Seed Cause of all forms of Sufferings come from Negative Ideas.

Negative Ideas are Ideas which promote the Rejection of The Self. The Mind experiences suffering when we become attached to these Negative Ideas. So to release ourselves from Suffering, we simply release ourselves from the attachment to these Negative Ideas.

So no matter what kind of Suffering you want to address, whether it is a fear, impatience, or even a disease (I'll get more into this later on), once you discover the Negative Ideas within, simply release your attachment towards them—then no more Suffering!

Simple right? But...This is easier said than done!

For instance, we all know the importance of forgiveness.

But how hard it is to forgive someone when they piss us off? How hard it is to release the Negative Ideas we have towards someone we hate?

So it will be challenging you see!

When we become so attached to Negative Ideas, it will take time and effort to release them.

The other reason as to why it can be so difficult to release the attachment towards Negative Ideas is because each time we react negatively again and again in suffering experiences, we are essentially feeding Negative Ideas energy to take root deeper into consciousness.

Negative Ideas are consciousness energy in essence.

For instance, when we let that anger or worry build up inside, we are creating negative energy inside.

So how can we break this cycle of negative reactions again and again?

The only way to break this cycle is through developing Stillness and Knowing.

Remember, this is how you create progress on the journey because developing Stillness will allow you to observe the Suffering Experience more calmly rather than Reacting Negatively all the time.

So, instead of thinking of ways to punch someone in the face when we experience anger, Stillness will allow us to simply observe what's happening within without letting it blow up, allowing us to develop the Knowing of what's happening inside and the Negative Ideas behind our suffering experiences

So, it's also important to not carry a negative attitude towards ourselves on this Path of Self-Transformation because that in itself will generate more Negative reactions!

That's why we are Transforming Ourselves, our Negative Ideas rather than (carry the mentality of) destroying them.

Now that we Know that to address our Sufferings, we have to let go of the attachment towards the Negative Ideas. But, what does letting go of the attachment really mean at the level of the consciousness?

Instead of guessing, let us clarify what letting go really means so we can have a clear direction of where we are really going.

To the consciousness, it’s about transforming the Negative Ideas towards the opposite of what it is—That is how Negative Ideas are released.

And the opposite of Negative Ideas are Potentiated Ideas. These are ideas which promote the Acceptance of The Self rather than The Rejection of The Self.

Let me simplify even further.

The process of transformation is about transforming the Negative Idea from "it is not ok..." to "it's ok.."

For example, "It is not ok to fail" to the potentiated idea "It is ok to fail"

And if we work on transforming the negative idea in that direction, all levels of The Self will be Transformed.

For instance, as “It is not ok to fail” becomes "It is ok to fail”, any Negative Physical Sensations, Negative Emotions and Thoughts to do with Failing will gradually disappear because "It is ok to fail"!

And remember, this is a state of mind we are talking about. So it’s not about becoming a failure on the outside. It's about reaching that state of inner acceptance on the inside.

For instance, when we are able to truly accept that it is ok to fail, there will be no longer the fear of failing, and negative reactions in failing situations, or judgment towards yourself and others for failing.

So as Negative Ideas are transformed, all levels of The Self will be potentiated.

That is why it's called Potentiating Ideas.

Negative Ideas Limit us.

Potentiating Ideas release the limitations, expands our Potential, Creating greater happiness within.

And there are hundreds of Negative Ideas waiting to be transformed from within. So, we have not reached our full potential yet.

So, in summary, to transform and release our Sufferings, we release our attachment towards the Negative Ideas. This is about transforming Negative Ideas into the opposite of what it is towards Potentiating Ideas— Ideas which promote the Acceptance of The Self.

So the journey is about developing Self-Acceptance.

And (developing) Knowing and Stillness will help you with this.

In the next video, we will look at how the process of Transformation in more detail and the ways to accelerate it.

With Catalysts!

So, I'll see you in the next video.

-Jonny John Liu

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