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9. Introduction To Understanding the mind

9-17 Intro

In this video series, you will learn about the nature of your mind. These videos go into the working of the mind in a very general way, which will help you to understand more complicated concepts later


Hi I am Jonny John Liu

In life, it's very important to understand how the Mind works because we live not only in the world out here but also in the world inside here—The world of thoughts, emotions, fears, loneliness, different states of Mind.

Without developing the Knowing of how our minds work, we won't be able to address any issues to do with the Mind!

Let's use an analogy: If you don't know how a computer works, then you won't be able to fix a problem when it arises.

And there are many problems that can arise in the Mind!

In relation to the Mind, a problem is something which creates limitations, makes us unhappy. These are the negative states of the Mind, such as fears, Anger, worries, impatience, lonliness, the list goes on.

We will never know how to properly address these problems unless we get to know the Mind, unless we get to know ourselves—because we are the Mind!

So it's important to develop the knowing of The Self, of the Mind. And this knowledge must be developed from experience. And this is most efficiently done through the practice of meditation.

But in the next few videos, I will give you book knowledge on how the Mind works. Because, although we ultimately have to develop experienced knowledge, book knowledge can serve as stepping stones, guiding us in the right direction.

Without guides, it can be easy to get lost, to lose motivation.

I remembered the first time when I began practising meditation. No one taught me. I just learnt it by sitting there and closing my eyes. Every time I meditated, my Mind would become chaotic. It took me three years of learning what not to do in meditation, and one of which was to not react to what was happening my Mind. And that was when I truly made progress, but if someone had given hints on what not do, and what to do, I could have realized it sooner!

So book knowledge can help you to develop Experienced Knowledge!

So the next few videos, I will be talking about how the Mind works.

But remember, do not ever believe book knowledge just by itself.

Always take what you learn here as stepping stones so that you can validate the truth from your own experience.

-Jonny John Liu

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