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"Underperforming is also worthy of applause!"


Defining Underperforming

There will always be days when we fail to perform our best. For example, we can have days when we make mistakes at work or days when we forget to do certain things, even days when we slip on the road and embarrass ourselves.

Underperforming is defined here as performing less than one normally would.

This article will go into depth into the Causes of underperforming and address the suffering States of Mind related underperforming.

Underperforming In Depth

This article will address the topic of underperforming in two parts.

First, we will look at the Causes of underperforming at the physical level.

Secondly, we will look at ways at the Negative States of mind that can be experienced in times of underperforming.

Underperforming at the physical level

Now, what can cause one to underperform?

Realize, the quality of our actions will always be related to the quality of our physical and mental state at the time.

For instance, if we are physically or mentally tired, we will obviously lack the capacity to perform our best. If there is chaos in the mind, then our action will most likely be a chaotic one, affecting our ability to focus and enjoy the task at hand—thus resulting in the drop of performance.

Thus to address the cause of “underperforming” at the physical level, one will have to address one's diet and lifestyle as to why one is lacking the physical and mental energy required for optimal performance.

This can involve improving the quality of one's sleeping patterns, trying different diets until one finds a more compatible one, incorporating exercises into one's life, practising yoga and meditation to ground oneself, and so forth.

All these topics can be found on this website if you wish to explore more.

Underperforming at the Perceptual level

Let us look at the suffering states of mind that one can experience when one underperforms.

We can begin by first exploring the following question:

"Why do you think you have underperformed?”

Perhaps you did.

But why is there a need to be upset about it?

If you find yourself reacting negatively to such experiences, then often the negativities you will be experiencing will be about themes of self-judgement, expectations, and ideas of perfection.

It's important to address these negative states of the mind if you wish to be happy because with time what you will realize is that constant self-criticism will only hold you back from performing your best.

After you transform and release these negativities, what you will perhaps realize is that you may not even have underperformed; rather, you may have just been too tough on yourself!


Importance Of Addressing Underperforming

The fears and negativities involved with Underperforming have to be addressed if one wishes to experience greater happiness in life. Realize that one will never be able to experience happiness if one is unable to be content with oneself in every moment, even if one fails to perform their best.

Without addressing these suffering states of the mind, it can be difficult for one to experience contentment, a feeling of fulfilment, even after one has reached their highest goals in life. The Self-negativity one holds can often push one to do more, to set even higher goals and expectations, which can leave The Self stuck in a cycle of perpetuating self-criticism and disappointment.

Are you satisfied with what you already have?

As mentioned previously, one's ability to perform will always correlate to the state of one’s mind. And that mental state will never be an optimal one if it's filled with fears and negativities, i.e. fears of underperforming. So if you do carry fears about failing all the time, it's important to address them; otherwise, the fears can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Do you often imagine yourself as a successful person or a failure?

Individuals who have deep issues with Underperforming can often experience the state of regret quite often, always looking back into the past to constantly analyze the possible ways one could have performed better, i.e. how an argument could've been turned around, the words one could've said better, the things one could've done, and so forth.

One can often dwell in the past this way out of the belief that by doing so, one is improving oneself, or even, loving oneself from such acts. Realize that to truly improve oneself, to be happier and wiser, is to learn to love oneself even if one fails to perform their best.

Do you often dwell in the thoughts that you could have done something better?

Path Of Creator

The Journey begins with the intention to address the issues of Underperforming. And such intentions can be developed through becoming aware of how the states of self-criticism can affect one's experience of happiness in life.

To make progress, one can develop the realization that one can never have “perfect days” every day, unless... one learns to not expect so much from themselves!

Thus the key to transforming the mind is to learn how to be more forgiving and compassionate to oneself—To develop Self-Acceptance.

The journey thus will require one to dive deep into the Cause of one’s Sufferings. The seed cause will always be the beliefs, the negative ideas we have become attached to as to what is perfect and what is not perfect. These are the ideas that will drive one to Reject oneself. Thus the journey of Self-Transformation will be a journey of releasing one's attachment from these ideas through learning to Accept The Self.

Let us look at one of the Negative Ideas that can create issues in the mind concerning Underperforming to understand the journey of Self-Transformation more.

A Possible Negative Idea

"It is not ok to fail"

When the mind becomes attached to such a declaration, The mind will tend to hold great fears of failing to meet the expectations from oneself or other people.

The transition towards the positive declaration will slowly shift when one realizes that when we define success through people's reactions / perception of us, we will continually feel like a failure. One cannot simply exist to please everyone. Take a movie for example. There is bound to be a critic who will hate a movie that is loved by most. Everyone is just different. So when we live in fear of not pleasing others, it will always be an unending path that leads to even greater suffering.

Thus to transform the negative ideas, we have to redefine success through our eyes. Redefining success into the measure of happiness one experiences can help with bringing clarity into one's journey, and accelerating.

The key to Self-Transformation is Self-Acceptance.

Once one has learnt to accept oneself, what one will realize is that all this time, the harshest judge has always been oneself.

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience. For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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