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Transforming Negative Ideas

"Transform the Consciousness, Transform The Self"


Defining Transformation Of Negative Ideas

In life, there are two ways to Create Happiness.

One way is to Create Happiness by Transforming our Outer Worlds. For instance, we can transform our world from the outside in many ways: changing our life style, changing the people we hang around with, moving to another country, by changing our jobs and so forth. And as we start to have better friends, better jobs, better environment, our state of mind will move towards a happier one.

However, creating Happiness through transforming our Outer World can only generate a limited amount of Happiness - this is because we can only change so much of our outer world not to mention the fact that with time we can lose interest in whatever things we obtain.

Now this is not to say that there is anything wrong in Creating Happiness in this way - in fact, the mentality to improve one's surroundings is encouraged because it will promote a healthy mindset/attitude. The point here is simply in bringing your awareness to the quality of such happiness created through transforming our Outer World.

The other way of creating Happiness is by Transforming our Inner Worlds.

And this is about transforming the cause of our Unhappiness, and these are our Suffering States of Mind - i.e. to release our fears to become less limited by them, to release our doubts to become more loving and trusting ,to let go of the painful past so that we can be more present and move forward and so forth.

The ability to create greater happiness within is something we all have the ability to do. The beautiful thing about Inner Transformation is that when we transform the quality of our Inner Worlds the quality of our perception of the Outer Worlds will change as well. Imagine living a life without being tied down by our fears, burnt by the anger and rushed by the impatience.

Realize that we can only experience positivity as much as our negativities will allow us.

Thus, by addressing the issues of our Unhappiness and releasing them we can expand greater Happiness in life - Happiness which is everlasting.

How do we address our Sufferings?

In Chapter 5. Discovering The Sufferings we have come to know that all forms of Sufferings will always recede back to our Negative Ideas.

To transform our Sufferings will thus involve us transforming our Negative Ideas..

Negative Ideas In Depth

Transforming Negative Ideas With Natural Solutions

All of us are on the Path towards Happiness.

We all intuitively Know that there is an inherent desire for happiness and a desire to move away from the suffering states of mind.

Because of our inherent desire for Happiness, we are always subconsciously driven to address the Sufferings we face every day.

I.e. when we are faced with a stressful solutions we will always strive for a solution, for example, when someone made us angry, we can try to punish them just so we can resolve the anger within.

The point here is that when we are faced with a problem, we will naturally look for a solution to solve that problem.

However, when we only know the External Causes of our unhappiness, the only solutions we will ever come up with will be external solutions.

Realize that when we only address one side of our Sufferings this way, the root/seed cause of it will be left untouched.

Most of us have become adept at coming up with outer solutions to address our Sufferings i.e. we've become good at apologizing, we've become good at avoiding people and situations, we've become smart intellectuals at mastering the art of debate and power to get out of suffering situations.

But realize that without addressing the Inner Cause of our Sufferings, we will continue to experience the sufferings when the same experience hits us again.

Thus it is important to develop the Knowing of The Self to discover the Deeper Causes of our Sufferings—the Negative Ideas. Because as we become aware of them, not only will transformation take place, but it will also open us to see deeper solutions to our problems.

I.e. using an analogy - when one becomes aware that the Deeper Cause for one's back pains is from sitting improperly, then one will come up with many ways to re-adjust their postures rather than addressing it on the surface by going to a chiropractor every week.

Likewise, if one knows that the Deeper Cause for one's anger is due to the lack of support for oneself, then Naturally one will naturally look for different ways to address that lack of support, i.e. build confidence, build trust, build forgiveness/acceptance and so forth.

The reason why we have been Suffering for such a long time, i.e. living with our fears, living with our anxieties, living with our anger and worries about things that have not even happened yet is because we have never been fully aware of the deeper Causes of our Sufferings. As a result, all our solutions have always worked to only trim the problem rather address it at its roots.

That is why to Transform Suffering at the Seed Level of the Ideas requires us first to develop the Knowing of The Self so that we can Know the Deeper Cause of our Sufferings from actual experience.

The practice of meditation will help one to greatly accelerate their journey of Self-Knowing.

Path Of Creator

Transformation Begins With Responsibility

The Seed Cause of all forms of Sufferings will always recede to Negative Ideas.

Realize that we all carry Negative Ideas within.

To Transform and release our Sufferings will require us first to learn about responsibility, to acknowledge that the Deeper Causes of our Sufferings comes from within ourselves rather than the outside. And most people will fail at this step because it is so much easier to blame others and the world for our miseries than to take responsibility for it.

However, this is not to say that one should ignore addressing their Sufferings Outwardly. I.e. to live a life simply letting others yell at us and bully us. The point here is to realize the importance of also addressing the deeper causes of our Sufferings.

With Knowing Comes Transformation

To Transform our Sufferings begin by developing the Knowing of The Self so that we can discover Deeper Causes of our Sufferings i.e. our Negative Ideas.

And as we discover/become aware of these Negative Ideas we will realize different solutions/ways to accelerate it.

The following are some examples of Catalysts which we can use to accelerate the process.

1. The Power Of Stillness

With Stillness comes Knowing. And this can help to transform the Negative Ideas as talked about in Chapter 6. Transforming The Sufferings.

Basically, as we become aware of the deeper causes of our Sufferings from within we will naturally develop the intention to move away and release ourselves from the Negative Ideas.

Developing Stillness is also beneficial because it is important that when we experience a negative reaction that we do not feed it with more negative energy. That is when Stillness comes in. Developing Stillness will help us to pull ourselves from the state of negative reaction to observe the experience as it is, helping us to understand why we have just reacted.

In the beginning this will take some time to get used to because the old habit pattern of the mind will want to dwell in the negativity.

But the attempt to not dwell in that negativity will transform the old habit pattern.

In practice, the pulling of oneself from the Negativity and into a state of Stillness can be trascribed into Negative Ideas as "It is ok" --> "It is ok." The feeling of the ideas shifting is much like the feeling you get when you keep telling yourself that you are fine when you are about to collapse in a marathon. The calmer the mind, the more the negative feelings within disappears.

This can be very difficult to do without a practice to strengthen one's Stillness. So it is encouraged that one take up the practice of meditation to strengthen one's ability to be Still in all moments.

2. Spiritual Lessons

There are spiritual lessons that we can go through to accelerate the transformation of our Negative Ideas.

As our Sufferings are caused by our attachment to Negative Ideas which promote the Rejection of The Self, these Spiritual Lessons will involve the themes of Acceptance.

To find the lessons, one can question oneself about one's own Suffering experiences:

"What is it that I cannot accept within this experience?"

"What is it that I cannot accept in that person?"

"What is it that I cannot accept in myself"

"What am I lacking to accept The Self?"

And then after discovering the answers, one can then work directly on developing the Self-Acceptance one is lacking.

3. Life Experiences

We can use life experiences to invert the Negative Declarations.

These will be experiences that challenge our beliefs—experiences that can turn our lives upside down, or in other words, experiences that can turn our Negative Ideas upside down.

Naturally in life we will encounter these kind of experiences because the Universe/Higher Forces will always orchestrate our lives so that we can receive the experiences we need in order to grow. At the same time if we want to speed up the progress we can simply go towards certain experiences to Catalyze the transformation.

You can browse the website for all sorts of catalysts.

4. Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation are the most powerful practices with the potential to greatly catalyze the transformation of one's Sufferings, that is if one uses them with the intention to develop the Knowing of The Self.

The most efficient/powerful way of catalyzing Suffering is to go towards experiences which will bring out Sufferings into light and then afterwards use the practice of meditation and yoga to develop the Knowing of it through the act of Observation. However, going towards these kind of experiences can be intense/frightening/extreme and unsettling especially if one is has not practiced grounding oneself, so it is not encouraged until one has developed a solid foundation of Stillness and wisdom of knowing what to do.

But as discussed previously, we will no doubt encounter transformative experiences in life, so by incorporating meditation and yoga into our lives everyday, it will help us to greatly absorb the wisdom waiting to be distilled from such experiences when they come.

5. Inverting The Declarations

An intellectual way to transform our Sufferings is to simply develop the Knowing of it.

And one way to develop the Knowing is to invert the Negative Declarations in the mind i.e. "It is not OK to fail""It is Ok to fail" with a strong Will.

The stronger the Will, the stronger one will face inner resistance, and this will provide an opportunity for one to develop the Knowing of the Cause of that resistance.

These are just a few of the many ways we can Catalyze the Transformation of our Negative Ideas.

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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