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"Challenge your challenges until it no longer becomes challenging"


Defining Challenges

Challenges in life are great catalysts that we can use to grow stronger than before. Much like the truth that muscle can only be gained through resistance, the challenges we face in life can also provide the resistance and potential for us to become stronger ever more emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Through challenging ourselves we can lift ourselves higher and higher off our fears. But if we do not challenge ourselves we can simply stay and stagnate in the same place.

This article will look at the ways in which we can use the challenges in life as a Catalyst for Self-Transformation

Challenges In Depth

"To live comfortably is a joy but to grow is divine."

Most of us live too comfortably not knowing that there are greater heights of happiness to be reached from within. Thus many of us do not challenge ourselves enoughand refine the inner states of the mind.

Challenges do not necessarily mean to do something that "appears "challenging i.e. jumping off a cliff.

But rather it is about trying things that we usually do not want to do, or things that we can't do. Basically it is about doing something “different” - To do things differently and to think differently than before.

Thus challenges is about allowing our lives / beliefs to be flipped upside down. And we can do this at a gradual pace, for instance i.e. trying to wake up 5 minutes earlier than usual, socializing with a different crowd of people and instead of being angry one can attempt at forgiveness and so forth.

Challenging yourself can provide you with a lot of insight into the nature of the deeper mind. Realize that it is by challenging ourselves to do something “different” than before that one can bring out one’s hidden fears and this will give us the opportunity to address it and transform one’s habit patterns. Usually our habit patterns can be there because it was created by our fears of doing something new.

And sometimes doing different things can make us aware of what we have been doing wrong before, i.e. by trying a new diet and seeing the improvement in our health will make us realize that all these years we have been doing it wrong.

Thus through challenging ourselves to do something different it can make us re-evaluate our beliefs and re-create our lives for the better.

Path Of Creator

Challenges In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path Of Creator is about releasing our limitations so that we can truly experience our infinite potential.

Challenges in relation to the Path Of Creator means to challenge ourselves to face the things in which we find challenging. When we do things in which we find challenging, it will always bring out into light the cause to our limitations i.e. our fears / weaknesses / negativities thus it is a great catalyst to develop Self-Knowing / Self-Transformation.

And what makes something challenging for us will always recede back to our Sufferings – in particular our fears. For instance, we may find public speaking unpleasant and difficult, but through putting ourselves through the experience we may discover the fears of judgement, fears of being boring, fears of failing and not meeting expectations and so forth. And through transforming these fears, perhaps we will find that we actually love public speaking! Thus our fears can usually make us blind to our deeper desires.

As the Seed Cause to all forms of sufferings will always recede back to the lack of Acceptance of The Self, the destination of the journey is to challenge yourself to become more accepting of yourself and others. And the journey can only progress with a Still Mind.

For instance there is no greater work done if we go towards a challenging experience and continue to react negatively to it, rejecting it, criticizing ourselves etc. The best thing to do in such an experience is to pull ourselves back into a state of stillness each time we find ourselves negatively reacting in that experience, and that is how the habit patterns of the mind can be transformed so the next time when we face a similar experience we won't be so reactive. That is why the practice of meditation can be so ever helpful because it will help one to learn how to be Still when one if faced with their fears.

By challenging ourselves to do something different will create a bit confusion in the mind at first. Because through the process of opening ourselves to different paths we will begin to question ourselves the paths we have taken before. When we take on new paths it is easy to feel as if we are losing ourselves. We can feel disorientated as our old beliefs are being challenged and new beliefs / perspectives are being born. But realize that such experience is natural. Realize that such experiences are good - you are refining the Knowing of who you are!

It is by opening ourselves to all the possibilities of being that we can choose one which truly reflect ourselves.

The destination is to overcome our challenges until they are no longer challenging. Then one will be able to enjoy all the possible moments of life.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Try to do some things in which you find challenging in life.

And then ask yourself the question,

“What is it that is making me find this mentally challenging?”

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
Link here

Challenge yourself to do just that bit more of meditation when you think you are not able to sit any longer – this will bring out the Inner Negativities into light. And when this happens pull yourself back into a state of Stillness. This is how the mind is Transformed.

Know and Transform The Self!

Use the 10 Day Self-Knowing Vipassana to become aware of the reactions that are happening in every moment within. The more you are aware of your reactions throughout every moment, the more you will realize the Realer You within.

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