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Cold Showers

"Cold Showers: The healthiest way to torture oneself!"


Defining Cold Showers

When was the last time you had a cold shower?

In this article, we will look at the benefits of having a cold shower and how one can use cold showers as catalysts to transform the mind. 

Cold Showers In Depth

Cleansing oneself with cold water would have been the earliest method of cleaning oneself in human history before the times of fire and electricity.

Thus, washing oneself with cold water can be said to be a natural thing to do, even more than washing oneself using warm water. 

In a way, having cold showers is kinda like having a shower in a lake or in the rain without the use of any heating devices. Though if one were to have rain showers these days, it wouldn't be too natural considering how much pollutants we have been pumping into the air and sea; some countries even have periods of acid rain.

Although washing oneself with cold water is a natural thing to do, after centuries of urbanization, cold showers have become uncommon and unnatural especially so if one can opt for a warm shower instead. 

These days, cold showers are more reserved for those "special" occasions of power cuts caused by weather, equipment failure, and unpaid power bills. So usually, one wouldn't voluntarily take a cold shower unless "one had to".

Thus, one can see cold showers in a negative light: as a form of punishment rather than comfort. Some can even fear the thoughts of taking a cold shower. Some can even react in great pain when taking a cold shower. So it can be quite interesting if one thinks about how some of us have become so fearful of water in its most natural state that we need to heat it up! 

But having these fears and negativity towards cold showers is pretty normal and expected because when we are used to a particular way of living, we can feel disturbed if we have to slide down our scale of comfort. 

So, this article is not about criticizing how unnatural we have become. Although urbanization has indeed taken us away from living in tune with nature, it also has provided us with diverse experiences of living in a society driven and fuelled by technology. And living in such a place, one can still be in tune with nature if one can live naturally in their minds and life. 

This article is more about becoming aware that in life, there is also an option of taking cold showers besides warm showers. One can easily become blind to such an option when one is used to taking warm showers. One can also choose to avoid such an option when one does not know what the benefits of cold showers have to offer.

So why should I take a cold shower?

Let us look at the benefits of taking cold showers and how it can transform the mind!


Importance Of Addressing Cold Showers

Let us explore some health incentives for taking a cold shower.

From a scientific point of view, taking cold showers can offer many benefits. It has been researched that taking cold showers can improve circulation and metabolism, help to reduce stress levels, help increase white blood cells and many more not to mention increased willpower!

By regularly taking cold showers, one will also be able to train the body to heat up more during the colder seasons. This can make the experience the cold moments in life much more enjoyable.

As there are on the internet already numerous websites on the health benefits of taking cold showers, this article will not be going through them all. So, if you are interested in the science side of things, you can do the research yourself, and you will be surprised that despite how much one can hate cold showers, one can mostly only find facts on the internet to love about it.

So, we will just move on towards the Self-Transformative benefits of taking cold showers. 

Path Of Creator

Cold Showers In Relation To The Path Of Creator

To Create greater happiness in life, we can look at the things we can change about our life to improve it.

And one of the activities we can incorporate into our life to improve it is to start taking cold showers.

To begin the journey, we can first realize that it’s more natural to have cold showers than hot showers. This will help us to see cold showers in a more positive light, rather than as a form of punishment.

To accelerate the journey, one can begin learning about the benefits of cold showers by researching about it online. The benefits of taking cold showers have been thoroughly researched and documented, such as improving skin tone, improving immunity – improving blood circulation, making one more awake, improving sleep patterns and so forth.

Although taking a cold shower may not be pleasant, but it is healthy. One can simply see cold showers as a form of exercise where you will gain something from the pain you experience. And to be honest, it really doesn't take long to do! In addition to the various health benefits of taking cold showers, one can actually save money on their water and power bills too, and become more prepared for power cuts as well!

Although taking cold showers is encouraged here, it is only beneficial if one takes gradual steps towards it. This is because when one has a body that is used to hot showers, it will take some time for one to re-train one's body to withstand colder temperatures. 

So if one wishes to have cold showers every day to improve their health, one has to approach it in steps by decreasing the temperature bit by bit. 

Also, always follow your doctor's advice because you may have special medical conditions that make you unsuitable for taking cold showers.

To reap the full benefits of taking cold showers, it is also important to face the cold showers in a relaxed manner because if one is always taking cold showers in a highly reactive state, one can end up stressing their mind and body. Thus the fears and negativities we have towards the cold will only prolong the coldness. 

Conversly, the more relaxed one can be the quicker the body will naturally heat up. So, always face cold showers with the intention to Accept it rather than Reject it. This will help you to remain in the present moment rather than in your reactions and imagination. The more you can ground yourself in the Present moment, the more the body will relax and thus heat up quicker. 

One can learn to take cold showers at a gradual pace by having cold showers at the end of their hot showers.  

Or one can try having cold showers for a minute then gradually build it up from there. 

Usually the first two minutes will be the most difficult because the body will still be adapting to the cold. But after 3-4 minutes it will gradually feel easier much like the experience of swimming in water.

It's also important for one to pay attention to one's diet when having cold showers. One has to have plenty of fuel for the body to use to generate heat so it is not advisable for people who have malnutrition or other severe health problems to take cold showers. 

And also it's recommended not to take cold showers straight after a meal because the cold can drop the temperature of the stomach below the optimal temperature for digestion. 

Switching between hot showers and cold showers in one’s showering session can also help to train one’s body to adapt to changing environments.

Although the immediate benefit of taking cold showers in life is that the body will heat up much faster in colder temperatures, one can also use cold showers as a catalyst to transform their suffering states of mind. 

And this is done by trying one’s best to maintain a Still State of Mind when one is having a cold shower. This will help one to develop the state of Stillness even more when they are faced with negative experiences in life.

Taking cold showers can also be used as a catalyst for transforming one's attitude towards facing one's fears. For instance, instead of fearing turning on the cold water, just try to overcome the hesitation faster and faster each time. Since what you fear is going to happen anyways, rather than delay it, just do it! The more you try to do this in Stillness, the more mental power you will develop to step into the fearful experiences in life in the same way. 

So, cold showers can be used as an exercise to strengthen one's mind and transform one's habit patterns of overreacting all the time.

The destination is towards being able to enjoy all moments of life, whether it be hot or cold. 

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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