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Cold Showers

"Cold Showers - the healthiest way to torture yourself!"


Defining Cold Showers

Cold showers is defined here as having a cold shower instead of having a warm / hot one.

This article will look at the ways in which we can use cold showers as a catalyst to improve one’s physical health and transform one’s sufferings.

Cold Showers In Depth

Human Life began with cold showers obviously as fire and electricity came only after they were discovered.

So in the past, showering oneself in the rain or in the cold lakes to clean oneself was quite common. Thus taking cold showers are inherently natural.

However the society we live in these days have redefined what is natural and what is not. As a result, it has now become natural to take hot showers for one to clean oneself rather than taking cold ones, with the latter usually only taken involuntarily in those special occasions when the electricity goes out.

Because of this, it can be easy for one to form negative opinions towards cold showers, to see cold showers in a negative light. For some, even just thinking about the idea of taking a cold shower can bring fears and discomfort to the mind.

It’s only when one realizes how natural and beneficial it is for the physical body to have cold showers one will be able to release their judgement towards taking one.


Importance Of Addressing Cold Showers

Let us explore the experience of cold showers as the experience of the cold because that is what one is really judging when one dislikes the idea of taking cold showers.

It is important to address the suffering state of mind when one is faced with the coldness. This is because when one is in a negative state of mind then the body will tense up and as a result the body will take even longer to heat up. Thus the fear and negativity we have towards the cold will only prolong the coldness. It is only when one is Present that one's body can function at the optimal level. For instance, right now you can take a deep breath and just feel the air coming in and out of the nostrils. As you start to become more present, you will be able feel the blockages within the body clearing and warming up.

So it's important to address the suffering states of the mind when taking cold showers. Because once the suffering states of the mind is addressed then cold showers won't seem so "cold" anymore.

By regularly taking cold showers one will also be able to train the body to heat up during colder times. This is because one of the body's task is to keep the core temperature at a certain level to prevent damage to the body. So it's a good idea to take a cold shower regularly to train the body to raise the temperature up during cold times. This can make the experience in cold conditions in life much more enjoyable.

From a scientific point of view, taking cold showers offers great many benefits. It has been documented that taking cold showers can improve circulation, improving metabolism, help to reduce stress levels, help increase white blood cells and many more not to mention increased willpower!

Path Of Creator

Cold Showers In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path of Creator is about developing greater happiness in life and here in particular we are looking at the habits we can change in our life to develop greater happiness.

To take cold showers or not is simply a choice. And here this article is exploring the benefits of taking cold showers and using it as a catalyst to transform the mind. Here you are given an opportunity to try something different in your life.

To begin the journey, first we realize that it’s more natural to have cold showers than hot showers. However this is not saying that everyone has to have cold showers because hot showers is wrong. The focus of the journey is about developing the ways in which we can use cold showers to improve our health, and to address the negative reactions one can experience towards the concept of coldness.

One can learn about the benefits of taking cold showers by just searching about it online. The benefits of taking cold showers have been well documented, such as improving skin tone, improving immunity – improving blood circulation, making one more awake, improving sleep patterns and so forth.

Although taking cold showers is encouraged here, it is only beneficial if one takes gradual steps towards it. This is because when one has a body which has already adapted to the lifestyle of taking hot showers, it will take some time for one to re-train one's body to withstand the cold showers again. So if one wishes to have cold showers every day to improve their health one has to approach it in steps by decreasing the temperature bit by bit. And again, it's important to use one's discretion because some body types and medical conditions may not be suited to taking cold showers.

To reap the full benefits of taking cold showers, it is important to face the cold showers in a relaxed manner because if one is taking a cold shower in a stressed state then there will be less benefits as one will be all tense and this can affect the blood circulation. It is like with the practice of meditation. If one practices meditation with a highly reactive mind without the intention to develop deeper stillness, then little benefit will be gained from the meditation practice. Likewise, carry that intention to be Still and relaxed if you decide to take cold showers.

Also, initially when the cold water hit our bodies the body will naturally be shocked by the cold water and in response it will try to increase the core body temperature to prevent damage to the system. However if the cold showers is too cold or too prolonged then the body will not be able to compensate the heat loss and hypothermia can develop. But the more one has cold showers the body will gradually be able to adjust the core temperature more efficiently.

One can take cold showers at a gradual pace by first turning the hot water to cold water nearing the end of one's shower. Or one can try having cold showers for a minute then gradually build it up from there. Usually the first two minutes will be the most difficult because the body has not adapted to it, but after 3-4 minutes it will gradually feel easier much like the experience of swimming in water.

It's also important for one to pay attention to one's diet when having cold showers. One has to have plenty of fuel for the body to use to generate heat so it is not advisable for people who have malnutrition or other severe health problems to take cold showers. And also it's recommended not to take cold showers straight after a meal because it will disrupt the body's ability to digest the ingested meal.

Switching between hot showers and cold showers in one’s showering session can also help to train one’s body to adapt to changing environments.

Although the immediate benefits of taking cold showers in life is that the body will heat up much faster in colder temperatures one can also use cold showers as a catalyst to transform their suffering states of mind. And this is done by trying one’s best to maintain a Still State of Mind when one is having a cold shower. This will help one to develop the state of Stillness even more when they are faced with their Sufferings in life.

Another catalyst is also to not procrastinate turning on the shower when one is about to have cold showers. Being decisive and maintaining Stillness each time when one does this will help one to develop decisiveness in life and transform their habit of always facing their sufferings in a stressed way.

The destination is towards being able to withstand and enjoy both cold and hot temperatures. Often the fear of coldness can limit us from certain experiences in life. So the destination is really about just improving our physical and mental health so that one can enjoy their life to the fullest in all moments and in all seasons.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Try to have colder showers and gradually work your way towards a proper cold shower and simply try to pull yourself back into the state of Stillness when you feel an urge to react negatively to the experience.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
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When you have cold showers, get into the state of mind as you would in the Creator’s Meditation – staying with the painful or pleasurable sensations that you are experiencing in the moment without exaggerating or diminishing them - and simply observe them as is with a Still Mind.

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