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"Commit until it no longer feels like a commitment"


Defining Commitment

Commitment can be defined as the act of staying in a relationship for a period of time. But what is a relationship?

Relationship is defined here as being of many kinds, i.e. having a relationship with someone, having a relationship with one’s goal in life, having a relationship with one’s job, having a relationship with a promise and so forth.

There are some people who can easily commit and there are some of us who cannot. For instance, some of us can commit in a relationship for long periods of time whilst others will leave a relationship as soon as one experiences some form of unpleasantness i.e. maybe when the person we have a relationship with has no more money, or are no longer attractive, or maybe when the job gets boring etc.

This article looks at the ways in which we can use commitment as a Catalyst to accelerate the transformation of our Sufferings.

Commitment In Depth

Commitment is usually seeing as a type of action that one does on the outside.

But in terms of self-transformation, commitment has to do with the mind.

Let us observe the differences between the two.

For instance, one can come to the belief that a person is committed to his job just because he has been in that job for a number of years. But it is by looking into the person’s state of mind that we can really discover whether or not that person is committed or not – i.e. that person may always be thinking about finding other jobs or even has already applied for a few but simply has had no success.

Realize that to the deeper mind, commitment is a state of contentment towards what one already has. Thus if that person was truly committed to his job that person would be at peace with what he/she already and would not even be thinking about alternatives out of rejection towards his job.

Remember again that commitment is not so much about the act but rather the state of mind. Thus it is about the state of being happy with all relationships that one already has rather than rejecting them and trying to find the means of escaping them. It's important to understand this because when one tries to understand commitment on the surface as an action one can easily become confused when one asks the following question

“How long to commit?”

Clarity will come back as soon as one realizes again that commitment is a state of mind rather than an action. How long one chooses to commit and display it on the surface will always be up to one’s own choice. The focus here is to reach a state of commitment in every relationship that one is in every moment – in the moments of being and also in the moments of leaving a relationship towards a new one.


Importance Of Addressing Commitment

Commitment can only be developed when one has the intention to develop and work on it.

For some the intention to address the issues to do with commitment will be difficult to develop because one can find the topic confusing and difficult to understand becauseit is easier to end one's commitment to something as soon as one discovers unpleasantness within the relationship. Thus it can be difficult for some people to fanthom as to why one needs to commit to a relationship that is bringing suffering.

The focus here is not to commit to something for the sake of Suffering. But to simply to understand that through commitment, one can develop deeper insights into their Sufferings.

For instance, one can commit to their goal of starting a new business. And through that journey, fears of it failing, of being judged, themes of impatience etc can surface. And when the intention to develop Self-Acceptance and Self-Knowing is carried through these experiences, then these experiences will be able to help one to transform their mind.

Thus commitment is not about sticking to a relationship to simply suffer. It is about realizing that when we commit ourselves to something and staying in the relationship without running away it can give us opportunities to go deeper into The Self – to develop the Knowing of the deeper causes of one’s sufferings.

Path Of Creator

Commitment In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path Of Creator is about releasing and transforming one’s sufferings.

Sufferings are all forms of negativities, i.e. one’s fears, one’s impatience, one’s doubts, one’s judgements and so forth.

When the mind is in a happy and peaceful state, the mind is without suffering. And as a result, one will naturally be in a state of commitment with the Present Moment.

Thus the issues of commitment is naturally addressed as one works on transforming and releasing one’s sufferings because if one were to observe the state of mind when one is in a state of un-commitment, one will discover that the cause behind it are our Sufferings.

I.e. Perhaps it’s anger which has made one decide to leave the relationship,

Perhaps it’s self-doubt which has made one stop one’s business project half way.

Perhaps it’s one’s impatience that has made one quit an exercise program.

Realize that when we allow our minds to convince us to run away each time we experience suffering, we are actually running away from the opportunity to address our Sufferings and to develop the Knowing Of The Self even deeper. Of course it's important to excercise discretion and develop the wisdom as to how deep and how long one should commit to such relationships which can bring out the suffering states of mind within.

Developing the state of commitment will help us face the problem face to face and help us develop inner clarity – of developing the ability to discern whether our choices of leaving a suffering relationship is out of wisdom or out of the unwillingness to face our own negativities.

Commitment thus is a great catalyst for The Self to us to accelerate one’s Knowing of one’s Sufferings.

And to practice it, one can simply try to commit at all levels with one’s own relationship – to commit at the physical level, to commit at the mental level, and to commit at the emotional level.

Again, how long one will commit at the physical level will always be out of one’s choice.

So commiting to relationships can be greatly beneficial to the mind when one has the intention for self-transformation. There are all sorts of things we can commit in life i.e. our relationships with our job, with a person, task, goals, routines and so forth. Realize that the more challenging the commitment is the more potential there will be for growth, provided that one can develop a Still state of Mind throughout the process. The practice of meditation thus will be beneficial to aid one’s journey to develop commitment.

The journey of commitment at all levels will bring out and uncover all hidden fears and negativities. And no doubt, on our journey to develop commitment our mind and emotions will try their best to beak our ability to commit. This is a great opportunity to develop Self-Knowing.

The Seed Cause of all forms of Sufferings will all recede back to One Cause which is the lack of Self-Acceptance. The main themes in which one will find throughout the journey of commitment are the fears of failing or the fear of failing - specifically themes to do with self-judgement, self-doubt, impatience.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

One can simply practise commitment in everyday life by simply prolonging a relationship just “a bit longer” when one has the intention of ending it.

I.e. to carry on with one’s business ventures just a little bit longer just to challenge oneself.

And then observing the Inner-Resistances to develop the Knowing.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
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Commitment can be developed in the meditation sessions by setting a time-duration and committing oneself to complete the practice without ceasing the commitment at all levels, i.e. to not leave the practice at the physical level through ceasing the practice, to not leave the practice at the emotional / mental level by dwelling negative or exciting physical sensations / emotions / thoughts.

Know and Transform The Self!

Commitment will always require patience and self-knowing.

Try the 22 Days Creators Meditation Course to develop Self-Knowing of who you are, of your deepest fears and desires so you can transform them and create greater happiness in life.

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