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"Having a Structure is what gives our Ideas Force and Direction"


Defining Structure

In this article, the subject of structures is about being organized in everything that one does in life.

For example:

One can create a a timetable of the things they need to complete throughout the day.

One can create a structure for their goals so that they know the steps required to achieve them.

One can also implement structures to help them communicate the message they wish to express to their audience clearer, may it be a speech, a piece of music, a movie, and so forth.

In this article, we will explore the areas of our lives where we can implement structures and how doing so can help accelerate our journey towards greater happiness. 

Structure In Depth

Imagine a stream of water that is running from the top of a hill towards the sea below. Without implementing a structure for the stream to go straight into the sea, the stream can become dispersed by the unevenness of the land, becoming divided as it reaches the bottom.

But through a structure of a slide, the stream can then arrive into the sea much more efficiently. 

So, when we have goals we want to reach in life, creating a structure is what will give our purpose direction and force. Without a structure to carry one's purpose, the focus of one's purpose will become dispersed, and so too will one's efforts, and consequently, one will achieve very little. 

Thus, it's important to have structures in our life.

But to do so one must first have a purpose. 

So, questions about one's goals can be asked:

"What do I want to achieve in life?"

"Where do I want to be in 20 years time?"

A lack of structure can come from a lack of goals. And a lack of goals can come from a lack of clarity of what one wants. Without a clear destination, there would be no clear paths to reach there. Thus, it is important to develop Self-Knowing, to know what one desires in one's life. Once one's goals are known, then one can begin to implement the structures to achieve them. 

Some places where one could find their goals in life can be in their passions.

"What hobbies do I have?"

"What things do I enjoy doing and learning about?"

And if after questioning, one still cannot find their goals in life, one can simply make it their goal to explore new experiences. Because through doing something new, one may discover new things about themselves.

What can I do differently every day?

And if one still can't find anything they wish to do in life, one can simply make their goal in life to become happier than the day before!

And this website has been structured to help you through that journey!


Importance Of Addressing Issues To Do With Structure

Having a structure in everything we do in life can be helpful to the well-being of our mind and the quality of our life. 

Realize that anything we do in life will require energy. And the more efficient we use our energies to achieve our goals, the less tired one will feel. The work can also become more enjoyable, with the desired results much faster achieved. 

So, it's important to have structures if one doesn't want to use their time and energy in a wasteful way. 

For instance, if we try to break a coconut without a plan by hitting it from all sides, we may end up wasting all our energy to achieve nothing. However, if we have a structure, a plan to break the coconut, the task can become easier. Perhaps this will involve one researching on the internet for various ways of breaking coconuts. Although it may take longer to plan than to jump straight into the action, it will pay off in the long run.

Realize that one can always find better ways of doing something. So it can be an extremely valuable exercise for one to pause from time to time to see the structures in their life and assess whether or not they can be improved. Doing so, one may discover faster routes to work, more comfortable ways to sit at home, more healthy things to eat, uncover unnecessary processes in their life that are not needed, and so forth.  

Path Of Creator

The journey begins first with understanding the importance of having a structure/foundation in one's life: to realize that it can help us to achieve our goals more efficiently. 

If structures are so useful, why doesn't everyone use them?

A reason could be the lack of awareness one has about structures. When one is living a busy life, doing everything within a tight schedule, one can lack the time to assess how they've been approaching their life.

Furthermore, when one is impatient, it can make ione rush through life, And in the desire to solve all the problems ahead with lightning speed, the idea of pausing to make a plan of attack can feel excruciating to the impatient mind. 

That is why learning to slow down can help one greatly. One can learn to take more time to complete a task or take more breaks throughout the day. This will help relax the mind, and allow it to see the benefits of not rushing all the time.

So, one can begin learning about structures in their lives by trying to take more time in planning the steps to approach their goals, instead of jumping in straight away.

And there are various ways one can develop this skill.

One can start by learning about structures through writing a short story. Through writing a story, one will realize the importance of a structure, to realize that without it, the story will not hold together. Writing a short story will force the mind to think about the beginning, middle and end, and the ways to organize ideas so that they can flow seamlessly. So, it will take one on a journey of learning about structures and refining them, which will help one to develop this mental muscle to use in their life.

Another thing one can do is to create a timetable of what they wish to achieve every day. This can especially help those with ADHD or those with over-stimulated minds with the tendency to have dispersed thoughts throughout the day. 

Another thing one can do is to have a structure in when to exercise. For instance, making a schedule to meditate every morning and do yoga every second day. 

One can also create structures towards health goals such as building muscles or losing weight by structuring what they need to eat and do to achieve their objectives.

So, the things that one can do to learn about structures are many. And it begins first with developing the awareness of one's goals, and creating a plan for one to achieve them. 

But whether or not one follows through with one's plan will be another story! Sometimes, one can experience Inner Resistance to follow through with one's plans. This is when the journey of Self-Transformation begins—when one uncovers their suffering states of the mind!

To know more, see Catalyst - Transforming Negative Ideas.

The destination is towards developing the wisdom of using structures in one's life to achieve all their goals efficiently and happily. 

At The Idea Level

Some people may have a tough time implementing structures into their life because their mind simply does not like the sound of it. 

On the journey of Self-Transformation, this is good because it's an opportunity for one to know more about their suffering states of mind. 

Usually, impatience can be experienced, so let us explore this cause for this suffering state of mind, which will come back to the beliefs we have about ourselves and the world.

One of these beliefs can be—

"It is not ok to waste time" 

This negative belief can create Inner Resistance in creating structures in our lives. 

A way to shift this belief so that one can let it go is through accumulating experiences in life where one can see the benefits of wasting time. 

Such experiences can include guiding the mind to see how wasting time to create structures before one does any actual work can help one in the long run. For instance, showing the mind how creating structures before one writes an essay can help one complete it in much shorter time than if one hadn't.

So, to transform this negative belief, one can simply learn to make more pauses in life to create structures in so that the mind can gradually realize that "haste is waste."

Having structures is like laying the foundations of a house. When we do the foundations, it can feel like we're not building a house at all. Sometimes, one may just want to install the doors and walls straight away.

But once the foundations of a house are done, then the rest will simply be smooth sailing. No more worries about the house collapsing and having to build it again. No more thinking about where everything should because one has already planned everything. Once the structure is made, one will be able to simply focus their energy on doing rather than worrying and thinking about what to do.

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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