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"Having a Structure is what gives our Ideas Force and Direction"


Defining Structure

Having a structure is about organizing the way we implement our ideas to achieve a particular result.

For instance, a structure for an essay can help us to organize our ideas. Without writing an essay with a structure, the introduction, body and summary will not be clear and as a result it will be difficult to express our ideas for others to understand.

This article is about developing the awareness that we can use structures in our life so that instead of living in a disorganized way, we can live in a organized manner so that we can achieve our goals easier and with more clarity.

When we live without a clear structure we can end up being "wanderers" and really getting no where and achieving very little.

Structure In Depth

Having structures in life is as important as skeletons are to our body - It supports and defines the shapes of our lives.

Thus when we live without a structure, we can be somewhat directionless and spend much energy yielding little results.

A lack of structure can come from a lack of goals, a lack of clarity of what one really wants. Because when there is no destination then no paths can be seen. Thus having goals in life is important because it at least gives you an idea on how to structure your life to attain those goals. Thus developing the Knowing of The Self is important in this aspect because much of us are unaware of our deeper desires / purposes in life.

Thus before structuring our lives we have to first develop the Knowing by asking ourselves many questions about our deeper desires in life.

We can find our life path through looking at our passions and our hobbies, i.e. what we can do to make ourselves happy? If we cannot find a precise answer, we can simply find the next best thing and build the structure towards it. If we still can't find anything that makes us happy, then we can build a structure towards having new experiences and doing different things to help us explore the world outside and inside until we can discover our true desires and passions.

The structure for the Path Of Creator is one which will allow us to develop greater happiness than the day before. And by setting this as the primary focus all other parts of the journey will gradually fall into place because when one has the mentality of wanting more happiness one will develop the awareness of what creates happiness and what doesn't in their everyday lives on the outside and inside. For instance, this can be about developing the awareness of what kind of things they are doing during the day that is stressing the body and mind, and what kind of thoughts and beliefs are creating the suffering states of mind within.


Importance Of Addressing Issues To Do With Structure

Having a structure in everything we do in life can be helpful whether it is in expanding our Inner Growth or in achieving our external goals.

Realize that to achieve anything in life requires energy and the more efficiently we can utilise that energy the faster the result will be.

Without a structure, much of the energy we use can be dispersed and end up as wastes. For instance, if we try to break a coconut by hitting at it from all sides much of the energy is wasted. However if we simply concentrate all our energy at one point of the coconut it will crack open much quicker and easier.

The things we do in life works in a similar way.

For instance, without having a structure in writing an essay, we can waste a lot of energy writing irrelevant words and paragraphs. By learning about having an introduction, middle, and end and how to link each paragraphs will quicken the process of expressing our ideas down in paper.

Without having a structure in learning a musical instrument or a foreign language we can also end up in wasting a lot of time.

Without having a structure in gaining strength, we can end up wasting a lot of our time damaging our muscles rather than growing them. By having a structure of proper diet and muscle training is the way to accelerate our progress.

And like this, it is important to have structures in our life otherwise we can create a lot of "wastes" i.e. efforts for nothing.

Path Of Creator

Structure In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins first with understanding the importance of having a structure/foundation in one's life.

Most people avoid having structures because of the pain and suffering when they try to create one. Because in trying to structure the way we do things, structure our essays before we write it, structure a business plan before we implement it, one can experience inner resistance which prevents us from having structures. Usually the inner resistance can come from the states of judgement and impatience. These can generate fears of wasting time, of not being spontaneous enough, etc.

Thus the simple act of forcing a structure into our lives can bring out hidden sufferings and fears from within and these negativities.

Thus the journey is not only about creating structures in our lives to achieve the results we want effectively but also about using the "act of structuring" to uncover the deeper Sufferings from within.

At The Idea Level

Self-Declarations such as "It is not ok to waste time" can create inner-resistances in creating structures in our lives. A way to help catalyze the transformation of this Negative Idea is in accumulating experiences where through trial and error one ultimately realizes that it is much faster to complete a goal if one actually took time in creating a structure in the first place. In the beginning the mind will come to the belief that creating a structure will add more time to the whole process but eventually the more The Self does this the more The Self will realize that this is actually quicker. It is much like accumulating the experience of losing money to invest in something then gaining more money back later (and having a structure is a good investment!)

Having structures is like laying the foundations of a house. Although it can seem to yield no results in the beginning at the level of the appearance after spending hours and hours of work on it, but ultimately it will save us much time later when the house is built upon it because without a good foundation the house will collapse and we will end up having to rebuild it again.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Look at everything you do in life and try to find ways to improve a process.

For instance, these processes can be as simple as making breakfast or completing a chore to a business project you have in mind. Learn how to structure a process by looking for ways to improve the process. And once the structure is in place, look for ways to improve the strcture again and again. Realize that there are always ways to improve an existing structure.

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
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One can learn how to create structures in their meditation practices by simply declaring the structure of the body journey and following it through. One can also structure the practice of meditation into their life.

Know and Transform The Self!

Try the 22 Days Creators Meditation Course to develop Self-Knowing of who you are, of your deepest fears and desires so you can transform them and create greater happiness in life. In this Vipassana meditation you will learn how to create your own body journey and you can use that journey to become more structured in your life and mind.

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