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"If there is one person that you will always be responsible for, it will always be Yourself."


Defining Responsibility

Responsibility can be defined as the obligations/duties that one should have when they are in a particular role or relationship.

For instance, the “responsibilities” of a “father” can be about looking after the wellbeing of his child.

For instance, the responsibilities of an “employee” can be about fulfilling the requirements of their job contract.

For instance, the responsibility of a doctor can be about making sure that the right medication/treatment is prescribed for the patient.

Responsibilities thus can be said to be Ideas about how The Self should be when it is in a particular role or situation.

Responsibility In Depth

Why do we have ideas about how one should be when they are in a particular role? And how are they created?

When we look inwards, what we will discover that deep down inside we all have the desire to love and to be loved.

Because such desires are inherent in all Minds everyone will have different ideas of what responsibilities that a “parent” should have or the responsibilities that a “friend” should have or the responsibilities that a “citizen” should be and so forth.

So responsibilities are simply ideas about how one should "love" when playing a particular role, or how one should fulfill their duties if they have agreed to it contractually.

In this article we will explore responsibilities from a higher perspective rather than from the perspective of culture and society. This is because ideas of responsibilities will differ from country and cultures to cultures. For instance, some countries believe that the responsibility of a child is to come back to take care of the parents after they become an adult but some countries believe that the responsibility of a child is to leave home and start a new family and put the parents in a good rest home and so forth.

But which ideas are right and which ideas are wrong?


Importance Of Addressing Responsibility

It is important to clear the confusion about the nature of responsibilities.

Without understanding that “Responsibilities” are simply Ideas that we have created for ourselves, the lack of awareness can drive one to impose their Ideas on others as well.

People will often take on the ideas regarding responsibilities that is agreed upon by the majority i.e. by the majority of the population, by a country’s cultural beliefs, traditions, laws and so forth. Thus without becoming aware of this, one one may end up following other people's beliefs of what love is rather than one's own beliefs. When we follow other people's ideas of what love is, we can then forget to explore that question from our own perspective. We can then end up living a life out of expectations of meeting other people’s Ideas of what Love should be rather than trusting our own Heart. This can create experiences of guilt when we do not live up to the responsibilities that we are expected to have.

Do you often feel you are not living up to people's expectations?

Path Of Creator

Responsibility In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path Of Creator is about Creating greater happiness in our lives.

When we live in society it can be easy to take on other people’s Ideas about how we “should” be and what desires we “should” have. This can close our communication with the heart and limit our experience of happiness. The heart will always know when or not you are loving out of obligations or when you are loving out of your own belief and wisdom.

It is important thus to develop the Knowing of our own beliefs of what love is. When we are influenced so much by the Ideas about “responsibilities” from the outside we can easily lose ourselves.

The journey begins with understanding what responsibility really is.

And this is by first understanding that responsibilities are simply ideas about how the Self should be and such ideas are ever changing.

The journey is about Finding one own’s Idea of what Love is and the more one develops Self-Knowing in this way the confusions within will gradually fade away. And it can take time to sort out which Ideas within come externally from others' and which Ideas come from within one's Heart.

To help with one’s journey of Knowing, instead of “analyzing” and “thinking” about what responsibilities one should have, by simply working on one’s Sufferings i.e. one’s fears / negativity, the Knowing will come naturally. This is because our Sufferings - in particular our fears of not meeting other people's expectations can impede the Knowing.

The goal of the spiritual path thus is to first find what we believe is loving and then work towards the refinement of that love. As long as one is working on their suffering states of the mind, one will be making great progresses on the journey of Self-Transformation

The Unchanging Truth About Responsibility

Although we can always create and take on ideas on what our responsibilities should be, the unchanging Truth is that we will always share an Universal Responsibility, and that is the responsibility towards ourselves – i.e. We have the responsibility to take care of our physical, mental and emotional selves.

Realize that you are responsible for your health because if you eat foods that are not beneficial to the body then you will create disease within.

Realize that you are responsible for your life because if you do not take steps to improve your life then it will not improve.

Realize that you are responsible for your own Happiness and the release of your sufferings.

Thus it is not a subject truth, but rather an universal truth that we all have responsibilities towards ourselves. And often we can ignore this responsibility by doing harm to our physical and mental health through eating bad food and wallowing in negativity.

All Selves who are on the journey of refining love must realize that without refining the love that we have towards ourselves the love that we give out will always be limited.

From a higher perspective, by being responsible towards your own spiritual growth, it's no different than being responsible towards others' spiritual growth. Because everyone you meet in life will always be affected by your presence, and by working on your negativities within to become a happier person, you will indirectly be influencing others to do the same too just by being yourself.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Ask yourself,

“Am I Loving out of what is Expected of me?”


“Am I loving out of what I Believe is right?”

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana
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Instead of dwelling in the thoughts of what “Love” is, simply observe all things as is as you do in your meditation sessions. As the Mind recedes to a sense of Stillness, the Knowing of what Love and Responsibility is will gradually come through. This is because when we are in the constant thought of what our responsibilities are, then those thoughts will never allow us to see anything clearly.

Once those thoughts disappear, it is then we can see all situations in a clearer light and feel what heart truly wants.

Know and Transform The Self!

Often we can only be aware of whether or not to take on a responsibility until we become aware of how much stress it can cause within.

Try the 22 Days Creators Meditation Course to develop Self-Knowing of who you really are, of your deepest fears and desires so that you can know what kind of life you want to create to reflect the true you within.

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