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"Problems can be solved quicker if you can learn to think less"


Defining Problems

Problems are the experiences in life involving a puzzling situation that requires a solution, and if not fixed, can bring one frustration and unhappiness.

Problems can come in many forms in life: it may be a situation where your car is failing to start up, you've lost your wallet, you've encountered someone annoying at work, you're faced with an important question you can't find answers to, you're having a hard time asking someone out for a date, you find that you're not gaining enough muscles, you're experiencing health issues, and so forth.

Problems can come in different sizes and complexity, well known for their bad surprises and ability to drive one up the walls.

In this article, we will look at the most efficient way in approaching problems and solving them when they arise in life, and the ways to transform the mind so that one can face their problems with happiness rather than frustration.

Problems In Depth

Life is like a maze because the future is unseeable. It's impossible for one to see exactly where their next step will take them, thus many surprises can await one at the next corner, even problems! 

Realize that "problematic" situations will inevitably surface in life because life is full of variables: anything could happen. So, the only way to be happy is to accept and embrace these "undesirable" experiences when they come into our lives. Otherwise, if one continues to reject and judge them, the's frustration will grow and make the problems seem darker than it already is. 

There will be some people that will face fewer problems than others in life.


Because what others may consider as a problem, they may not.

Realize a problem is only a problem if only one sees it so. 

For example, if one has enough patience, enough wisdom to accept experiences as they are, then they wouldn't be bothered by these "problematic experiences" to see it as a problem. It would simply be just like any other experience.

Thus, the more one can work on their mind to be more accepting and patient, the less one will see the puzzling situations in life as problems, and perhaps, even end up enjoying these kinds of experiences. 

For example, have you ever met someone who is a workaholic? Who is always trying to find things to do? Who loves to work until late into the night? For those who don't like to work, they would see their lifestyle as a big problem!

So, if one wishes to transform their mind so that they can enjoy life more, one will have to work on their suffering states of the mind. Because it's the suffering states of the mind that will compel one to see particular experiences in life as problems.

For example, if one has a lot of anger issues, then one would see the people who they don't like as problems

For example, if one has a lot of fears, then one would see the fearful experiences in life as problems

For example, if one has impatience issues, then one would see things that can take a long time to complete as problems.

Release the anger, the fears, the impatience of the mind, then all the problems will disappear! The problematic experiences will simply become experiences require one's time and love to complete, much like taking care of a baby, washing one's car, playing one's game.

When the suffering states of the mind are not there, an experience will simply be an experience!

Path Of Creator

Problems In Relation To The Path Of Creator

On the journey of addressing your suffering states of mind, you will realize that the more you transform your mind and liberate yourself from your negativities, the more happiness you will experience. 

This happiness is experienced naturally because the less stressed the mind is—i.e. not dwelling in the thoughts of problems—the more Still it will become. And it's that Stillness that can bring a sense of peace and calm and joy into one's life.

It's also growing that Stillness that will help one to solve their problems with greater efficiency.

Realize that when the mind is cluttered with thoughts, it will take much longer for one to come up with proper solutions to the problems that one is facing. 

A chaotic mind will only come up with chaotic solutions. 

An angry mind will only come up with angry solutions

An impatient mind will only come up with impatient solutions.

Thus, when you have a clear mind, you will come up with clear solutions.

And how hard is it to have a clear mind when you are faced with a problem? To the mind, the thing to do when faced with a problem is to think, think, and think because one may fear that if one doesn't think enough, the problem wouldn't go away! 

Thus, what the mind thinks as the most productive thing to do to solve a problem is actually the most counter-productive. Because in thinking and thinking, the mind will simply become messier and messier. That is why, the fastest way to solve a problem is to simply learn to Still one's mind.

And this will be difficult because the mind will resist. The Suffering States of mind will try to compel you to continue thinking. The impatience, the fears, the worries of the problems will continue to beg you for their attention, to dwell in the negative thoughts, in the stress, in the misery.

That is why the practice of meditation is so important. It will help you to fight off these inner urges to think excessively when you are faced with a problem. 

In meditation, you will learn how to be Still when the emotions and thoughts go wild. Through the practice of meditation, you will realize that when you dwell in the thoughts and emotions, the chaos will simply continue. But if you choose to let it go, it will disappear.

And as it disappears, your mind will become clear. And when the mind is clear, wisdom will arise. So it's not uncommon for one to come up with solutions to the important problems in their life when they are sitting in meditation in Stillness, not even trying to think about solutions to their problems.

Realize that when the mind is clear, the solutions to our problems will naturally come.

But because we're so used to coming up with solutions in the state of thinking, it can feel uncomfortable to not think and wait for a solution to come. So, it will require a bit of trust. 

Now, this is not to say to not use the mind to think in life. It's good to use the mind to think because you'll lose what you don't use. However, people tend to use the mind too much, which can prevent wisdom from arising within. So it's ok to think when you encounter problems in life. But the most efficient way suggested here is to think with a Still mind. I.e. to release the chaos first before you do any thinking. And when you find yourself excessively thinking again, i.e. experiencing tensions of the mind and cycles of the same thoughts repeating again and again within, you can Still the mind again so that you can think with clarity.

Learning to Still the mind will also help you to place your focus where it is needed when solving a problem: on the solution rather than the problem. 

It's kinda like solving a jigsaw puzzle. If you focus too much on seeing the game as a problem, then you will get frustrated. But if you focus your mind on the solution, finding the pieces to solve the puzzle can be quite enjoyable and meditative. 

So, instead of seeing problems as a experience that is problematic, simply see it as an experience that requires solutions, doing so will help one to see such experiences less negatively.

The quickest way for you to develop the wisdom to appreciate the problematic experiences in life with a Still mind is through the practice of meditation, and you can try many for free in the first week of the Self-Transformation coursee. 

The destination is towards greater wisdom, to see that by embracing all problems in life with acceptance and stillness, the problems will cease to be problems!

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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