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"Stress is not for keeping, but to be learnt from."


Defining Stress

When we are doing more than what our Mind and Body are capable of, we are putting ourselves in a state of stress.

Thus, when we think too much, we can stress the mind. This can happen when we have too much fears, too many problems to solve, and too many tasks to do.

Likewise, when we do too much, we can stress the body. This can happen when we don't take enough breaks throughout our busy day to relax and unwind, or when we exercise without allowing our muscles to recover. 

When we experience stress, we can feel weighed down, tired, unmotivated, pessimistic, and unhappy. 

In this article, we will explore the ways to address stress, and also, to explore the ways that stress can be used as a catalyst to transform the mind. 

Stress In Depth

Most people will often equate the experience of stress to unhappiness. Thus, the state of stress can often be seen in a negative light.

But there's also a positive side to stress: it can be used for one to grow stronger than before.

Like the way a bodybuilder uses weight as resistance to grow his muscles, putting the mind under stress can also be a way for one to grow mental strength. This can be about putting oneself through experiences that challenge the mind, for instance, facing experiences that test one's patience and challenge one's fears. 

However, like using resistance to build bigger muscles, the body and mind must be given rest to recover; if one continues to place one's muscles under stress without enough rest, one will end up damaging the muscles, making it weaker than before.

The Mind is similar in that if one continues to dwell in stress without making time for recovery, the health of one's mind will go downhill. 

Thus, it's important to address the stress that we experience within the mind for two reasons.

The first reason is to improve one's mental health. Prolonging the states of mental stress can make the mind ungrounded, unhappy, chaotic, clouded, tired. 

Often, one can be unaware of how stressed their mind is only until some serious mental health problems surface, for instance, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and so forth.

That is why the practice of meditation can be helpful because it will help one to detect the background activities that are happening in the mind. Without meditation, it can be truly difficult, if not impossible, to become aware of how stressed our minds have become because when we live stressed day to day, we can normalize the experience. It's only when we practise meditation and experience the moments of Stillness without any stress that we can realize what it is like to be in a stressless state of mind, which will help us to become aware of how stressed our minds have become, helping us to become aware of the direction we are taking our health towards. 

The second reason to address our stress is so that we can grow from it. Realize that the experiences of stress are opportunities for us to grow even more than before. But this is only possible if one can learn to release the stress.

Much like facing one's fears, nothing will be learnt if one continues to react negatively to them. It's only when one can Still the mind and release the stress that one can see clearly the cause of one's fears, and the solutions to them.

Much like facing one's anger, nothing will be learnt if one continues to blame and judge others. It's only when one learns to Still the mind, one can learn from one's experiences, to know the cause of one's anger and the ways to transform it.

Realize that it's only when the mind is Still that wisdom can arise from within. To simply react and react will achieve nothing but to repeat the same old habit patterns. 

So, if one can learn to Still the mind, one can begin to use stressful experiences to grow even more. 

Practices like Yoga and Meditation are great tools for one to use to develop their Stillness so that they can release the stress whenever they encounter them, which will help them to improve their health and grow from their experiences.

Realize that it's a waste to suffer for nothing.

So, learn to develop Stillness, so that your sufferings are not wasted but transformed into opportunities for greater enlightenment. 

Path Of Creator

Stress In Relation To The Path Of Creator

One can begin their journey of addressing their stress by developing an awareness of it. 

Exploring the answers to the following questions can help one to become aware of the areas in their life where stress may arise. 

"How happy am I in my relationship with my friends?"

"Am I happy being around my colleagues at work?"

"Am I happy with my job?"

"Are there any unfulfilled desires that are causing me pain?"

"What are the unresolved problems I currently have in life?"

"What am I having trouble with in life at the moment?"

"Do I have any financial problems?"

"Is there anything I lack in life?"

And so forth. 

The practice of meditation can help one to accelerate the journey of Self-Knowing. Through the practice, one will learn how to maintain their awareness of the activities of the inner world throughout the day, helping them to know how they are reacting to their life experiences.

The Biggest Cause Of Stress

The deeper one goes on the journey of addressing the cause of their stress, the more they will realize that the deeper cause will always be in the way in which one is reacting to their experiences. So, it's not so much the experiences themselves that is stressful, but rather, the way we are reacting to the experiences.

And what will make one react to their life experiences in a stressed way will always be one's Suffering States of Mind.

For instance, our fears can drive us to experience stress when we are with an experience that we fear. Our anger can make us experience stress when we are around people we don't like. Our impatience can make us stressed when we are waiting for our meals to arrive. 

Thus, by working on our suffering states of mind, the deeper cause of our stress will be addressed. But ironically, to work on the suffering states of mind will require us to experience more stress because facing the suffering states of mind will no doubt be challenging. That is why it's important to develop the state of Stillness so that one can grow from one's challenging experiences rather than suffer without a good cause. 

To understand more about the journey of transforming the suffering states of mind, one can explore the Catalyst - Transforming Negative Ideas

The journey of Stilling the mind can be said to be a journey of learning to love oneself—a journey of learning to choose Peace and Happiness rather than Chaos and Suffering.

There can be many things one can do throughout each day to develop Stillness and Self-Love. For instance, one can learn to expect less from oneself by making less effort to be perfect all the time. This can be about spending less time caring about one's appearance or one's performance at work. One can also learn to take life more slowly by using more time to complete tasks rather than rushing it to complete within a tight timeframe. One can be more lazy. One can be less self-demanding. Be creative! As long as you are doing things with the intention to love yourself, you are loving yourself!

So, there are countless ways one can Still the mind and to love oneself more than before, Realize that the bigger the change you bring to the mind, the more the mind will resist you. So, when you first begin the journey of transforming your mind, you can start with small changes, learning to love yourself and still your mind bit by bit each day, like building a skyscraper. Alternatively, if you are strong-willed, then just go ahead and challenge the mind!  

The destination is towards a stressless mind from learning from our stressful experiences. 

Stress is there for us to use it to overcome, not to suffer in. 

Know and Transform The Self!

Reading articles helps with understanding, but to transform the mind, one realizes the truth from experience.

For such an enlightening journey, the Self-Transformation Course has everything you will ever need!

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