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5 Present Breaths

"Become Aware Of The Present Moment"

Course Description

The 5 Present Breaths Meditation was created to guide you to develop and experience a state of mind known as The Present Moment—The state of Stillness

Why do we want to be in the Present Moment?

When the mind is in the Present Moment, it is in a state of Stillness and Awareness

This is a powerful state of mind from which insight and enlightenment is naturally born. 

If one wishes for greater happiness in their life, one must address the causes of their unhappiness. But to address Them, one must first become aware of them. 

By learning to be Still and be Present in every moment, one will naturally realize the causes of their Unstillness and Unpresentness. 

The Present Moment Is A Happy moment

Through the practice of the 5 Present Breaths, the mind will be dragged into the Present moment deeper and deeper with each breath. 

And as we begin to experience the peacefulness of the present moment, one will begin to encounter the wandering thoughts surfacing, pulling one away from the Present moment.

So the 5 Present Breaths is not only a practice for one to experience the joy of being in the Present Moment, but it is also a practice for one to uncover their wandering thoughts. 

Realize that the deeper we can be aware of our wandering thoughts, the deeper we will be able to release them and experience deeper peace. Ultimately and naturally, we will also realize the deeper causes of our wandering thoughts.

The 5 Present Breaths forms the heart of the Creator's Meditation. If you wish to develop even deeper awareness then you can take the Creator's Meditation Course as the 5 Present Breaths will be taught on Day1 of the course.

Some Testimonials

"This course was about basic medication at its finest. I enjoyed learning the practice taught within the course, and I highly recommend it, especially to beginners." - Robert Kirk

"Thank you for the insight. I now know that I can meditate the right way. Awesome free course." - Michael Hornidge

"Jonny John Liu gives a well presented presentation.... Really enjoyed the 5 Present Breath Meditation and will carry on with the rest of your courses."-Vicki Skelton

"Yes, absolutely!! I need the calmness and self awareness that this video provided me. I have already shared it with 6 people. This is what me, myself and I have been missing in our daily routine and quest for peace and overcome fear. Thank you!" -Regina Hampton-Hardy

Five Present Breaths

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