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Guided Meditation - Balancing Energy Releasing Fear

"What happen will happen, like a raindrop will drop, so be happy"

Course Description

Guided Meditation

The guided meditation in this course was created to help you to develop clarity and happiness in times of fear and panic.

These can be times when you have fears that something bad will happen, for instance, failing, getting sick, getting into trouble and so forth.

When we are stressed in the mind, there will be stress in the body, and as a result blockages in the energy centers. Releasing the mental stress within, will release the blockages, and this will be experienced as more mental clarity, happiness which will promote good health.

In this course you will be provided with a guided meditation which can help you to balance the energy centers within.

Understanding the mind

One does not need to understand about the energy centers to take this course, as the goal of this course is to help you to release inner negativities and blockages so that you can experience peace and happiness again. But if you wish, you can enrol in the course here to understand more about how the mind works.

Guided Meditation For Letting Go

The Meditation is 30min.

If you wish to access the full course with preparations etc. you can access the course here

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