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Guided Meditation - Balancing Energy With Self-Acceptance

"To accept, is to accept all there is"

The Cause Of Unhappiness

The state of unhappiness is the state of Self-Rejection, basically when we reject others, ourselves, the world, basically anything in creation, we will experience, fear, negativities of the mind, unhappiness.

So the key to transforming the mind, to release the unhappiness is to develop Self-Acceptance. Self-Acceptance is the opposite of Self-Rejection, so naturally as one develops Self-Acceptance one will develop greater happiness.

But how do we develop Self-Acceptance?

In this course, you will be provided a meditation practice, where you will learn what Self-Acceptance is from actual experience. The goal of the meditation is to provide a practice to serve as a daily reminder of the importance of seating oneself in the state of Self-Acceptance in the purest way, which will help one to align themselves in the efficient direction on the journey of Self-Transformation.

So this course is suitable for those who wish to transform their minds to create greater happiness.

This course is designed for people who are willing to put in effort and patience into transforming their mind. The Journey Of Self-Transformation will be indeed challenging it will be, so no doubt you will experience discomfort and pain in the meditation as the states of Self-Rejection surfaces.

This meditation actually has great potential for the discovery of one's spiritual lessons - i.e. the Suffering states of the mind. Because through the act of Accepting certain aspects of The Self in the meditation, one will be able to encounter the Inner Resistances, which will help one to discover the greater work that needs to be done.

Guided Meditation For Balancing Energy Through Self-Acceptance

The Meditation is 30min.

If you wish to access the full course with preparations etc. you can access the course here

Helpful Tips

Mechanism Of The Meditation

When The Self is in a state of Harmony and Balance, that is a state of Self-Acceptance - A state of pure happiness.

But deep within, there are subconscious states of Self-Rejection due to the beliefs that we carry in life. As a result we will experience unhappiness and fears - which causes energy imbalances from within.

The meditation practice will allow these states of Self-Rejection to surface, thus discomfort or pain will be experienced.

As one moves their awareness towards the different energy centers of the body, one is developing Self-Acceptance by working on the different aspect of the subconscious mind which is experiencing Self-Rejection.


So if one is experiencing intense sensations in those areas, or experiencing intense sensations with particular declarations, it will be a sign that there are blockages / Self-Rejections to do with that particular aspect of the mind, so this can be used as a gateway into further Self-Knowing and Self-Acceptance.

One can go deeper into The Self-Knowing by intensifying the desire to develop Self-Acceptance throughout the practice, to intensify the declarations, and this will allow the sensations to intensify even more so that one can become aware of these areas which need greater work.

Daily Practice

The best way to practice the meditation is to learn it and practice it in your spare time. Because everyone's energy is different, some people may wish to spend time to different energy centers to understand the experience. So in the guided meditation, the timing maybe too fast for some as one moves their awareness throughout the body.

This meditation can be practiced daily. But if one discovers great blockages / intense sensations / intense mental resistance and pain, it's best to then practice meditation which focuses on Stillness for the next few days to allow the mind to absorb the internal information, letting it settle to the root of the mind for deeper understanding and transformation.

For meditation which focuses on stillness, you can try my free courses such as the 5 Present Breaths. Or you can simply just focus your awareness on the breath for 30 minutes a day, just observing the physical sensations of the breath coming in and out of the nostrils.

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