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Guided Meditation - Problem Solving

"When the mind is no longer drilling at a problem, its solutions will begin to surface. "

Course Description

The Wrong Way Of Solving Problems

The problems we face in life can often be quite overwhelming.

Because we have not been properly taught how to face them, our common tendency can be to dwell on the problems in our mind, drilling at them in the hopes that some solutions will inevitably surface.

But realize, when we dwell in the worries, fear and sadness, nothing is achieved but only greater misery within.

Yes most of us have been approaching problems in the wrong way!

The Effective Way Of Solving Problems

In this guided meditation, you will be guided on a journey to discover how your mind works so that you can understand what is the best state to be in to solve any problems you face in life. 

You will be taken on a meditation journey to experience and develop the state of clarity so that wisdom can arise within to help you through your troubles. Learning about this state of mind will help you to understand the best state to be in when you encounter problems in life. 

Developing this knowledge from direct experience in meditation is truly beneficial because it will transform the way you approach problems in life, allowing you to face them with more positivity and clarity, and enjoyment!

Some Testimonials

"Amazing Course" -S Owess

"Thank you, this really gave me a better understanding of meditation and it was so very relaxing!"-B Metcalfe

"Again very good practice meditation that's make me feel good and i enjoy.I recommand this course to any students who looking for wisdom ,peace and stillness! sincerly..."-E Dubernard

Guided Meditation For Solving Problems

The Meditation is 30min.

You can also buy the audio version of the guided meditation here in Mp3 format with different versions including music to practice it anywhere!

If you wish to access the full course with preparations etc. you can access the course here

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