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Holy Temple Meditation

"The Mind Is A Holy Temple"

Course Description

Need A Quick Relief From Stress?

The Holy Temple Meditation is a powerful 1-minute meditation that can help one to achieve a deep state of Inner Stillness, Peace, and Wisdom within a short amount of time.

This technique is designed for busy people who need a quick way to gain instant relief from their suffering states of mind.

A Uniquely Created Meditation

I created this unique meditation from the knowledge I gained exploring the nature of the Consciousness. The unique thing about this meditation is that it does not "force" the mind to stop thinking but rather the relaxation happens naturally through the use of wisdom-and-truth-infused declarations; you will also learn how to make your own ones too!

The short 1-minute meditation can also be prolonged for those who are needing longer relief.

Useful In All Sorts Of Situations

This meditation technique can be used throughout various times of the day: in moments when one needs to focus on a particular task; in moments of preparing for sleep; in times when one needs to calm their nerves, for instance, in times of presenting a public speech, and so forth.

Some Testimonials

"This course is very easy, and I found the practice taught within to be effective from the first use! I highly recommend this course!" - Robert Kirk

"It really works!" -Michael Thompson

"Jonny John Liu is a good instructor and it is a pleasure listening to his courses. All his courses are recommendable!!!!!" - Dr. Hatchik Manoukian M.D.

"Learned so much and highly doable. Teaching delivery is very calming and soothing. Thank you so much!" -Maria Silvo

Holy Temple Meditation Course

Path Of Creator

Holy Temple Technique In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Holy Temple Technique is a quick way to quieten the mind effectively.

However, when we have deep rooted habits, the chaos within can resume again. For us to truly experience peace and wisdom in every moment we must venture forth within and transform the mind at the deepest level - to address what is causing the chaos in the first place.

If you wish to understand more about the journey of Self-Transformation you can try the Foundation and Advanced courses in the Courses page.

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