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Self Blessings

"There's no need to criticise yourself for anything, just be happy!"

Course Description

Welcome to the course series – Developing Self-Acceptance, where each course teaches you an unique technique to transform the mind through developing Self-Acceptance.

In this course, we are focused on the particular negative state that is Self-Criticism


In life we can develop a habit of judging ourselves negatively. For instance, we can often criticize when we under-perform or when we fail. We can even subconsciously reject ourselves when other people judge us. Whatever the case, when we are in a state of Self-Rejection we are in a very limiting state - a state of unhappiness and this state also creates the fear of being judged by others.

Transforming Self-Rejection Into Self-Acceptance Self-Rejection can be a deep rooted subconscious habit and it thus it can be difficult to address.

This course will teach you a technique called Self-Blessings. Through this technique, the deep rooted negative habit will surfaces, allowing you to become aware of the things that you often reject yourself about, and then through the technique you will be able to transform the subconscious habits of Self-Rejection into Self-Acceptance, which will help you to release the inner fears and negativities to create greater happiness in life.

So this course is perfect for people who are looking for ways to love themselves more, to develop more self-confidence and self-support, and to release the fears of being judged by others.

As with all my courses, the goal is to transform the mind completely. So your deep rooted habits will be challenged, your beliefs will be challenged. So this can be an uncomfortable course for some people, but realize that on the journey of Self-Transformation, when you experience discomfort, it means your mind is being challenged, all part of the process of refining and purifying the mind.

Live your life, loving yourself!

Life is too short to be spent criticizing ourselves and worrying about how people judge us!

Self Blessings

If you wish to access the full course with preparations etc. you can access the course here

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