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The Creator's Meditation

"I closed my eyes and found myself"

Course Description

The Creator's Meditation is a simple and deeply transformative technique. Although it is a technique simple to learn, the course is split into 22 days to go into each aspect of the practice in detail involving around 30-60 minutes of guided meditation each day. At the end of each practice there will also be a life section which teaches the practitioner how to apply it in life so one can build a better understanding of the relationship between the meditation, real life, suffering and transformation.

The course may seem long, but it's not. It is important to clearly understand why the technique will work because it is then one can develop the motivation to practice it and also to thoroughly know the ways of creating Greater results. Spending 30 minutes a day to learn about yourself in fact is too short. So use these 22 days wisely.

Note that The Creator’s Meditation is not stemmed from any Philosophical nor any Religious school.

The technique works through working with the Universal Nature of the Mind. Thus it will work for everyone regardless of race, religion, school of thought.

The technique uses the Vipassana technique as taught by Gautama Buddah and incorporates the meditation aspect of Ashtanga.

This is 22 guided meditation online vipassana course.

Some Testimonials

"This course is well worth taking. I've learned new techniques to meditate and the importance of stillness and a non judgmental mind. From today onwards I shall incorporate meditation and the teachings I've learned in this course in my daily routine and make it the foundation of my newly found life style. Thank You!" -Javier Sanchez

The Creator's Meditation Online Vipassana Course

  • Day 1-3. 5 Present Breaths
  • Day 4-6. Awareness
  • Day 7-9. Body Journey
  • Day 10-12. Outer Stillness
  • Day 13-15. Inner Stillness
  • Day 16-18. Expansion
  • Day 19-21. Transformation
  • Day 22-∞. Life

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