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The Creator's Absorption

"What we hate in others is a reflection of how we see ourselves"

Course Description

Have you ever been angry at someone?

When we experience anger, the common tendency is to dwell in the thoughts of hatred and punishment. 

But, in doing this, we end up only experiencing Suffering rather than Learning.

Realize the experiences of anger can be tremendously transformative if one knows how to use them to grow, to become more enlightened. 

The Creator's Absorption will take you to realize that when you hate someone, you are actually hating a part of yourself. And by learning to accept what you cannot accept, you will be able to absorb what others have that you don't have, helping you fill what you lack and address the weaknesses within.

The Creator's Absorption is not an anger management technique. It is a technique for you to go into the deepest level of the Mind so that you can know the deepest cause of your anger and transform it. 

So, it will be a challenging and uncomfortable course because you will be taken to explore the rawest state of your anger—Self-Rejection

The goal is to never experience anger again!

The Creator's Absorption

Downloadable worksheet and guided meditation included in the course

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