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"Are we the driver of our lives or is it our habits? "


Defining Habits

On the surface, a habit can be seen as a tendency to behave in a certain way.
I.e. a habit of always talking in a particular way,
I.e. a habit of always doing a particular thing everyday.

We all have our own unique habits.
And we have many of them.
I.e. some of us like to sleep late, some of us like to sleep early,
I.e. some of us have a habit of smoking, some of us have a habit of drinking,

Looking even deeper into our habits
Some of us have a habit of talking too much, some of us have a habit of being quiet.
Some of us have habits of being optimistic, some of us have habits of being pessimistic.

Looking even deeper,
Some of us have a habit of choosing particular flavours in the food we eat.

And even deeper,
Some of us have a preference towards particular types of personalities and particular types of appearances.


"Why do I have these Habits?"

It is only when we really question ourselves that we Realize how much we do not know about ourselves.

So let us take a deeper look at what a Habit really Is.

Habit In Depth

The Creation Of A Habit

When we try to understand the Creation of our Habits from the surface we will perhaps come to the conclusion that our habits come from the repetitious action of doing the same thing over and over again - i.e. always being talkative all the time and as a result it becomes one of the habits we have in life.

But what causes us to act in these various ways?

In searching for that answer we will find the Reactions behind our Actions.

I.e. it is our Reactions that makes us reply to certain comments in a particular way.
I.e. It is our Reactions that pushes us to do certain things every day,
I.e. It is our Reactions that are always telling us to avoid or to go towards certain experiences in life.

And what are our Reactions?

Our Reactions are composed of our Inner Creations (Emotions/Thoughts etc.)
(See Action & Reaction to understand it in depth)

Realize that in every experience we will all generate some sort of reaction (Some of which can be so subtle that we may not be aware).

The beginning of our habits will always be created by our Reactions. The Actions is what follows after.

When we look at our habits this way, it then becomes clear as why we have a tendancy to like or to do different things.

For instance, we can see that we like the a particular flavour of ice cream because of the reaction that it creates inside.

So to find the reactions which has created our habit patterns, We can simply question ourselves "What kind of emotions/thoughts is evoked through the habit?"

Even Deeper

Our reactions Reactions also include the physical sensations we experience. There will always be a mind-body connection, for instance the state of anger can make our blood race and face hot.

The more you Know about yourself the clearer the cause of your habits will become clear. For instance you will realize that the reason why you avoid certain situations in life for instance trying new foods is because of the negative reactions that it brings.

Again, if we look hard enough into why we are drawn to a particular appearance of people what we will find is that it's because a particular appearance (i.e. angular face, oval face, circular face) will always generate a particular reaction (thought/emotions).

And why is this?

Let us explore this even deeper below

Path Of Creator

Habit In Relation To The Path Of Creator

In Chapter 5. Discovering The Sufferings we have come to know that all forms of Sufferings begin with a Negative Idea.

I.e. "It is not ok to dress and look a certain way"
"It is not ok to try new things"
"It is not ok to fail"

Negative Ideas are what creates our Negative Reactions.

Negative Habits

We all have Negative Habits - Habits which are Created out of our Negative Ideas. Negative Habits are habits which limit our freedom/happiness in life. These are the habits that one will need to address if they wish to develop greater happiness in life.

Negative Habits are created through the reptition of Negative ideas. Perhaps a better way is to understand it is the attachment to Negative Ideas.

Some Examples Of Negative Habits

For instance we may avoid certain types of people because we experience negative reactions when we see them.
i.e. Maybe it's a Habit of always sleeping late because of the Negative Reactions we experience when we try to sleep early.
I.e. Maybe it's a Habit of always drinking to avoid the Negative Reactions we experience when we are sober.

Potentiated Ideas In Relation To Habit

A Potentiated Idea is the opposite of Negative Ideas, instead of promoting Self-Rejection, Potentiated Ideas promote Self-Acceptance. Potentiated Ideas do not Create Negative Habits.

I.e. "It is ok to dress and look a certain way"

Potentiated Ideas will always promote the freedom of choice whilst Negative Ideas will limit our freedom. For instance, there is a difference between choosing a beautiful out of fear that one's not beautiful enough and choosing a beautiful dress out of self-acceptance.

Negative Habits And The Reality Of Suffering

When we generate a lot of Negative Ideas it can create a Suffering Reality for the Self.

For instance when we Create a Negative Idea such as "Black/Yellow/White people are bad," in our mind as we Reinforce this Negative Idea, the more the Negative Ideas will become a vivid reality for The Self. This is because then every time we experience seeing someone of those colours then we will experience negative reactions and this will lead to a suffering state of mind. And we will subconsciously blame them for making us feel this way.

As a result The Self can create a habit of Discriminating and Fearing these kind of people.

Suffering Habits thus not only can Negatively affect other people but also The Self who has become attached to the Negative Idea - because how can one ever be happy through experiencing Negative States such as anger and judgement?

How to address/transform our Negative Habits

To release our Negative Habits we have to release our Negative Ideas. As simple as it sounds it is difficult, because Negative Habits are there because of deeply rooted Negative Ideas.

And the more we generate Negative Reactions as we experience the Negative Ideas the more these Negative Ideas will be rooted in the mind. Thus a way to reverse the habit is to learn to let go of these Negative Ideas and Negative Reactions. For instance to "try" to not exaggerate our hate when we see someone we don't like, and try to generate Self-Acceptance towards them. Slowly with time the habit will be reversed. And the process is accelerated when one develops the Self-Knowing as to why the Negative Idea is even there in the first place.

That is why the importance of Stillness is emphasized again and again on the Path Of Creator.

Because it is by developing Stillness every day that we can become aware of our negative ideas, our negative reactions, and to observe them with a Still Mind rather than to react to them. i.e. letting everything come and go, to not react more to our reactions.

By practising The Creator's Meditation will greatly help one to release their Negative Habits because through the practice one will develop the foundation to be ever more Still than before and simply observe everything as is.

From my own personal studies in the consciousness, the amount of energy required for a Negative Habit to completely released is equal to the amount of Negative Energy invested into Creating the Habit in the first place.

That is why it can seem impossible for one to release themselves from their Negative Habits/Sufferings without some sort of a Catalyst because some of us have been feeding our Negative Habits with Negative Reactions for such a long time, one could even say many life-times.

But we can accelerate the process of releasing ourselves from our Negative Habits by doing the exact opposite to what we have been doing before, which is to develop Stillness, Knowing, and Self-Acceptance.

In summary,
behind our Actions are our Reactions.

And behind our Reactions are the Ideas.

Thus whenever we address the issue of our Habits, we have to address it at the Seed level. This is at the level of the Mind - the Negative Ideas / Negative Reactions.

To accelerate the journey, develop Stillness. From Stillness develop Self-Knowing. From Self-Knowing develop Self-Acceptance. And then you will experience Self-Transformation.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

One way of discovering our Negative Habits is to become aware of our Reactions in life. If there are Negative Reactions behind our Habits then it is a sign that there are some form of Sufferings to be addressed behind the experience. One way to deepen the Knowing even further is to do not give in to your habits and then see how much of a Negative Reaction is experienced and then ask why the negative Reaction is there with a calm mind.

The Creator's Meditation
Link here

The way you go through your body journey i.e. the attitude you carry, the speed in which you move from one part of the body to another, the negative reactions that happen from time to time are all microcosmic representations of the habits of how you judge yourself and similar situations in life.

Thus by simply observing the little things in which you do in the Creator's Meditation, you are in fact developing the Knowing of your bigger habits in life.

Courses On Habits

Courses on habits will be Created in the future.

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