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Love - Direction

"You can only give as much love as you have for yourself"


Defining The Direction Of Love

Love can be directed in two directions.

One way is to direct it outwards.

The other way is to direct it inwards.

Alternatively one can choose not to direct love in any direction. This state is called the state of Stagnation.

Direction Of Love In Depth

The ideas we have about how to be a loving person, a loving employee, a loving wife, a loving employee, a virtuous and moralistic person are all ideas which can influence one to direct their love in certain directions. And these ideas about love will differ in each society, culture, family, religion and schools of thoughts.

However, when one begin to attach these ideas and label which one is right and which is wrong one can forget that ideas are just ideas - it is not absolute truth.

For instance a businessman perhaps can see that it's wrong to give more and receive less as its not profitable and at a same time a humanitarian may see that it's wrong to receive more and give less as it's not a virtue to be selfish.

Thus how that Love will be directed will often depend on the position where one stands.

This article will focus on how to Direct Love in a way so that one can create greater Happiness in their lives.

Path Of Creator

Direction Of Love In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Our goal is to create Greater Happiness Within.
So we will explore the topic of how Love can be directed to create greater Happiness.

The Imbalance Of Love Creates Suffering

First we realize that when we direct Love excessively in either direction we will experience a great deal of Suffering.

So How can we reach a balance in the way in which we give Love?

Naturally, the experiences in life will always judge us to properly balance the direction in which we direct our Love.

For example a person who directs their love excessively outwards, i.e. what one might call a selfless person will often face countless challenging experiences which will eventually force them to question the way in which they direct their love.

These experiences will often involve the learning of how to say no to others, how to express one's true desires rather than to accommodate others, learning about one’s entitlement and rights and so forth. The wisdom that one accumulates through such a journey will be the knowing that one can only give as much as one has, as when one gives too much one can experience suffering and exhaustion.

And likewise, for a person who directs their love excessively inwards, i.e. what one might call a selfish person, the person will face experiences which will make themself question the way in which they direct their Love. These experiences can involve the learning of offering help to others when in need, how to let go off the fears of making a loss, how to enjoy sharing one's profits with others. The wisdom that one accumulates through such a journey will be the knowing that attachment through selfish desires will only result in suffering states of mind.

Thus the more the direction of Love becomes balanced, the greater happiness one will be able to experience. I.e. one will no longer do things out of “Selflessness/Sacrifice” or out of “Selfishness/Profit” but simply acting by being - this state is the harmony of love and wisdom.

Thus the journey towards inner balance will often take one to understand that there is nothing wrong with being selfish and there is nothing wrong about being selfless. It's only when one balances loves with wisdom that the Direction of Love can be balanced.

But how do we accelerate the Journey to reach a balance of Love?

The fastest way to address the imbalance of the direction of Love is simply by working on our Sufferings / Negativities.

What we will discover is that the cause of the imbalance in one’s direction of Love will always be driven by our Negativities / Fears.

I.e. when we have a fear of being judged of not giving enough then we will give excessively.
I.e. when we fear too much about other people’s wellbeing then we will give excessively.
I.e. when we fear too much about not having enough then we will take excessively.
And so forth.

As we simply focus on working on our Suffering States of the mind then the balance of the Direction of Love will naturally come because our definition of Love will become more and more refined.

And what one will experience is that when one’s direction of Love becomes more and more balanced, one will experience more and more happiness within.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

If you become aware that you are always giving Love outwards excessively, then learn to give less and ask for more.
Similarly, if you become aware that you are giving Love inwards excessively, then learn to share that Love outwards.

The Creator's Meditation
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To balance the Direction Of Love, at the end of your Meditation sessions you can devote a few minutes to sharing the Love and Compassion that you have towards yourself and others.

“I share my Love and Wisdom, Peace and Harmony with the rest of the World”
“I hope myself and everyone in the world will have clarity”
“I hope myself everyone in the world can experience greater Happiness”

In terms of The best way to catalyze this is to direct the declarations towards people that you do not like.

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