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Defining Not Knowing

There are some of us who can venture forth into the “Unknown” whilst there are some of us who cannot.

For instance, some of us can begin to worry about "what will happen?" for instance when we are invited to a party with people that we haven't met before, when we go to a new workplace, when we travel to a new country, when we undertake a new project / business venture / try a new diet / food and so forth.

Then there are some of us who do not even worry at all and simply go to new experiences unprepared.

This article is is about addressing the Suffering States of mind that can happen when we go towards the Unknown and the deeper cause of this state.

Not Knowing In Depth

Many of us have the fear of the Unknown. Some more than others.

The fear of not Knowing can happen in all sorts of moments when we cannot predict or guess the outcome – or when we begin to guess that the outcome will be the worst case scenario, i.e. when we go up a roller coaster or when we think about what happens after death, or in the moments we experience before taking a bungee jump or when we go onto the stage to do public speaking.

The fear works in conjunction with other fears to create a miserable experience for The Self in particular “Doubt / Indecisiveness / Insecurity / Worry / Anxiety etc.

In looking deeper for the Cause, one will Realize that the Fear of the Unknown is there because there is a worry that going towards that new experiences will bring out a particular suffering that one does not desire – For instance, going to public speaking we may fear being embarrassed, being boring and so forth, going to bungee jump we may fear being hurt and experiencing fear, being not in control, being vulnerable etc.

If the Sufferings behind the Fear of the Unknown is addressed then there will no longer be any Fears of it as The Self will not care whether or not the worst case scenario may happen.


Importance Of Addressing The Fear

The effects of such fear is that it can make us avoid new experiences or feel uncomfortable when there is a subject that is being talked about that we do not know much about.

When we have a fear of not knowing, it can also stimulate the mind to “imagine / fill the space” of the worst that could happen. This can be very draining and can distort the Truth /Reality of one’s experience. This is also one of the ways in which the fear sustains itself through fulfilling its own prophecies through the imagination.

When we run away from experiences which bring out the Fear of the Unknown we are turning away from an opportunity to bring out the Sufferings behind the Fear into light.

Path Of Creator

Not Knowing In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path begins with the intention to address this fear.

The journey will be a journey of Self-Discovery - of finding and transforming the Ideas that has caused this fear.

This journey will take one to realize that it is only natural to not know when we go towards new experiences because we can never predict the outcome of any experiences. By simply asking The Self “What is the worst case scenario that I am fearing?” one will be able to develop the Knowing of the Sufferings behind the experience to know what is causing such a fear.

At The Idea Level

As the Seed Cause to all forms of Sufferings will all recede back to Negative Ideas – Ideas which promote the Rejection of The Self – to transform these Ideas will involve one to develop the Acceptance Of The Self – towards oneself and others.

The fears in relation to Not Knowing in particular are created by our attachment to the Ideas of what is an acceptable Self and what is not. When we become attached to these ideas we can experience suffering out of fear that an outcome may not be what we deem acceptable.

To accelerate the release will require one to develop the Knowing of what it is that one cannot accept. Going towards the experiences which one fears can be helpful as the Negative Reactions can bring in some greater insights but do it in gradual steps because when one is filled with fear one can avoid stepping into the experience thus what happens is that The Self ends up stagnating, living in ignorance and imagination of what could have happened. And also, jumping into a frightening experience can also stimulate the mind too much which can pull The Self from observing the deeper aspects of the experience with Stillness.

Let us look at some of the Negative Ideas that can drive the Fear of Knowing.

One may discover the following ideas in their journey towards self-discovery.

A Possible Negative Mental Declaration

"It is not ok to not know"

--->I reject myself and others when I am/they do not know

= There will be fear when I appear to not know because it is not ok.

For the mind which carries the negative declaration, the person will tend to shy away from asking questions or avoid experiences when one cannot be sure of the outcome.

The transition towards the positive declaration begins when one realizes that in order to know the Truth of the outcome of the experience one has to go towards the experience. And through realizing that the outcome is “different” or “not that bad” as one had expected, The Self will realize the difference between imagination and reality - and become less fearful of that experience - Realize that the imagination driven by fear will always play the "Worst" outcome which is unlikely to happen in life.

But this is only half the step – the other step is to discover as to why one simply cannot Accept any type of outcome and this will take one to address the deeper issues within oneself. Developing Trust in oneself can help one to venture into the Unknown.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

An easy step - when you do not know whether or not to contact someone in fear that they might react negatively, you can simply contact them and see the difference between reality and imagination.

The Creator's Meditation
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Every time you find yourself questioning whether or not you should meditate, simply meditate to discover the Truth rather than dwell on the imagination of what could happen. Realize that you can always change your mind if you make a choice if it doesn’t work out.

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