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"Dwell too long in the world of the imagination and it will become your Reality"


Defining Imagnation

Imagination is the act of creating and distorting reality with our minds.

This article looks at the beneficial and the destructive side of using our imagination.

Imagnation In Depth

We use our imagination more than we realize.

For instance, we can start imagining “daydream” when we are bored i.e. while attending a boring lecture.

Sometimes we can even use our imagination to see what it would be like if we were to fall in love with a particular person.

We can use our imagination to see what it would feel like to be a millionaire.

We can even imagine ourselves to be happy when we are not.

Thus the ability to imagine is inherent in all of us.

Imagination is not necessarily a destructive thing as long as we are in control of our imagination. For instance, we can use our imagination to visualize our goals which can greatly create the motivation to achieve more.

However when we excessively imagine things all the time this can create a habit pattern which can go out of control.


Importance Of Addressing Imagnation

When we use our imagination out of the desire to escape the world that we live in, the line between what is imagination and what is real can become blurred. This inconsistency can promote confusion in the mind.n.

how often do you daydream?

When we live in the world of imagination too long that can also become our reality i.e. we can have millions of dollars but as long as we continue to imagine ourselves as not having enough we will always feel unsatisfied and crave for more and more.

Our fears can also make us believe in what we imagine. For instance when we fear being-rejected, we can start to imagine that other people are rejecting us.

Do you often believe that people are thinking negatively about you?

When we imagine too much we can also over-stimulate the mind and this can create a fatigued state for both the mind and the body. Excessive imagination can also greatly stimulate the mind and make an individual ungrounded and lose focus of the Present Moment.

Path Of Creator

Imagnation In Relation To The Path Of Creator

As our goal is to create greater happiness in our life, we will look at the ways in which imagination can create Suffering so that we can address it.

Imagination can cause Suffering if it is driven by the negative states of the mind. And when our Imagination is driven this way then we will have "no control" over our Imagination. For example, our fear of public speaking can make us imagine the worst of what would happen. Our negativities such as anger can make us imagine the worst about the person that is making us angry. Our jealousy can make us imagine things that did not happen and so forth.

Thus our Sufferings can make us over-think / over-imagine things.

Let us look closer into the state of Suffering.

We experience Suffering when we are in a state of rejection of The Self.

All Sufferings will always recede back to one seed cause which is the lack of Self-Acceptance.

The deeper the Sufferings is the more it will drive us to over-imagine and this can then become our "reality.".

i.e. we will find it hard not to imagine the other person as not being evil when we experience anger towards them,

i.e. it will be hard to not imagine others as not ridiculing us when we lack self-confidence,

i.e. it will be hard to not imagine ourselves failing when we carry great self-doubts.

Thus our Sufferings can make us see what it wants us to see.

That is why Stillness is important on the Path. Because it is only when the Mind recedes back to Stillness that our eyes can then see all things with clarity i.e. it is then we can simply observe Reality as is rather than imagining what it may be. It is then we can allow Reality to be as is and not “blow” it up out of proportions.

For those who have a habit of imagining will find it hard to see reality without seeing it through their imagination.

The following is a catalyst that can be used to create the intention to address this issue which is to first understand that when we use our mind to imagine we can expend a great deal of mental energy and this can great a fatigue of not only in the Mind but also in the Body.

Thus when you find yourself imagining again, during the day or during bed time, you can simply ask yourself the question -

"Do you love yourself more or your imagination more?"


The journey begins first with the understanding of the positive and negative side of imagination.

The destination is towards transforming and releasing all our Sufferings where we become in control of our “thinking” rather than our “imagination” being in control of us. It is only when we transform our Sufferings that we can develop mastery of the Mind and develop the discernment between the state of Imagining the Truth and Observing the Truth.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Whenever you find yourself imagining, ask yourself the following question,

“Are there any fears or negativities driving me to imagine?”

The Creator's Meditation
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In your meditation sessions, realize that the Reality of the Present Moment is simply you sitting there observing the different physical sensations coming and going throughout the body. This is the act of observation rather than imagination. Our focus is to simply observe the Present Moment. Thus when you find yourself imagining, simply pull yourself back to observe the body journey. This is how we develop the mental muscles to transform our habit of always imagining.

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