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Chapter 2

Temporary And Everlasting Happiness

Temporary Happiness

When we look at the World Outside we can find many things which entice the eyes - luxurious cars, beautiful clothes, wonderful books and beautiful arts etc.

Indeed, there are many things we can obtain in the Outer World that can give us Happiness i.e. we can gain Happiness through receiving a gift from a friend or going to a party,
We can even gain happiness by playing video games or simply reading a book.

However, the Quality of Happiness gained through reaching outwards will always be temporary.

This is because naturally our interests in things will change with time:
i.e. We can become bored of the gifts we have,
We can become disinterested of playing the same old games,

Our jobs can become monotonous etc.

Even if our interests in the things does not change with time once our gifts, our jobs, our expensive watches disappears from our lifes so will too our happiness.

Thus the quality of Happiness gained through reaching out will always be of a Temporal Quality.

So when we make that Temporary Happiness as our primary destination in life, we will end up travelling in an endless circular Path in search for more and ending up with less and then more and less etc.

Such a Path is one which will offer continuous Disappointment and Suffering time after time.

And this is the Path that most of us will end up taking.

Realize that this is not to say whether or not Temporary Happiness is "Good or Bad."

It is Neither,

Because all experiences can be beneficial if used wisely.

However it is important to be aware of the temporal nature of the happiness that we are creating at the moment so that we can learn to not become so fixated on it

Because it is then we may allow ourselves to search for something which is more substantial than Temporary Happiness andsearch for Happiness which can satiate us from the depths of our Soul - for Happiness which is Everlasting.

Everlasting Happiness

How Can We Create Everlasting Happiness?

Everlasting Happiness is Created by Potentiating The Self.
And this is done through Transforming and Releasing one from one's Sufferings.

And What Is Suffering?

We are Suffering whenever we experience any form of Unhappiness.

And What Causes Unhappiness?

Unhappiness are caused by Our Negativities - our Negative Emotions/Thoughts.

I.e. our Fears , our Anger, our Impatience, our Doubts, Negative Judgments and so forth.

Realize that we all experience Suffering every day!
For instance we can experience Anger when we talk to someone,
We can even express fear in doing something during the day,
We can even experience Stress and Worries in our Sleep!

When we do not know how to truly address the Inner Cause of our Sufferings i.e. to completely release our Negativities and Fears, we will continue to experience it over and over again.

It is only when we realize how much our Sufferings can Limit our Experience of Happiness that we Realize that we have not yet experienced true Happiness.


When we transform our Sufferings we are Potentiating The Self

Because we are Expanding our Potential To Be, To Express, To Create, To Embrace, To Experience

Thus as we Potentiate The Self,
Happiness will Naturally come.
Happiness which is experienced from one's own State Of Being rather than from the Outside. That is why happiness created this way will be everlasting.

Thus each time we Potentiate The Self,
Our experience of that Happiness will Expand.

Thus Greater Happiness is waiting to be discovered.

Realize that by transforming the Inner World, our Outer World will also be transformed.
Because the quality of our experience in Outer Creation will always be based on the quality of our Inner World - Of our Reactions/Perceptions.
Thus as we release our Negativities, our eyes will be able to see our worlds in a color brighter and more promising than ever before.

New Paths for Relationships and Dreams will open up to us as we release our Fears.
New Paths for Expression and Creativity will open to us as we release our Limitations and Blockages.
New Paths for the ways in which we Live our Lives will open up as we learn more and more about Who we Are.

Thus much Happiness is waiting to be discovered through the Transformation and Release of our Sufferings i.e. Transforming and Releasing our Negativities, our Fears, our Doubts, our Anger, our Impatience, our Lonliness and so forth.

The Destination is now clear,

Temporary Happiness is but just a part of our Journey.

Our Greater Destination is towards Everlasting Happiness.

But how do we get there?

How do we transform our Sufferings?

How do we release ourselves from our Fears which hold us down from Living our Dreams?
From our Impatience that is always pushing us to the edge of frustration?
From our Anger that boils us from within?

We make the journey by Knowing The Self.

Chapter 3. The Journey Progresses With Knowing

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