Creation Within Creation
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You are the Creator

The key to creating Everlasting Happiness and transforming the Suffering States of the Mind is to develop Self-Acceptance at the deepest level of the Mind.

Here, you will find practices for developing Self-Acceptance at the deepest level of the Mind using Meditation and Life Experiences.

Meditation will help you to uncover the Infinite Wisdom that is already within you so you can transform your life experiences into Transformative Experiences.

The courses here have been laid out progressively to take you deeper and deeper into the mind.

Begin with the guided meditations and work your way towards the Creator's Meditation before attempting the more advanced Catalysts.

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"Be happier than the day before"

-Jonny John Liu

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Path Of Creator

Resources For Understanding Your Journey In Depth
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Foundation Courses

Developing The State Of Stillness & Observation
1. Guided Meditation
Accelerated Healing
Meditation to improve health
2. Guided Meditation
Letting Go

Letting go of Unhappiness / Stress

3. Guided Meditation
Meditation for Self-Knowing
4. Guided Meditation
State Of Wisdom
Meditation to solve problems!
5. The 5 Present Breaths

Experience The Present Moment
6. Energy Meditation
Balancing Fear
Meditation For Times Of Fear

The Creator's Meditation / Vipassana Course Online rating

The Creator's Meditation

Experience The Power Of Self-Knowing

7. The Creator's
Meditation / Vipassana

22 Day Self-Transformation

Self-Acceptance Courses

Self-Transformation Through Self-Acceptance

8. Self-Blessings
Develop Self-Belief
9. Balancing Energy
Balancing Cakras
10. The One-Self

10 Day Self-Acceptance
11. The Creator's Absorption
Transform Anger into Happiness

Special Courses

The Wonders Of the mind

The Holy Temple

One Minute Meditation!
Guided Meditation
For Sleep
Meditation For Sleep
Vipassana Journaling
10 Day Of Self-Knowing
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Infinity Sign