Creation Within Creation
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You are the Creator

You have the power to transform your life and manifest all your desires. All you really need is daily meditation and a little bit of guidance to develop the Knowing of this Truth. Meditation will help you to put the intellectual mind aside so that infinite wisdom can come forth from within to guide you to realize who you really are.

But such simplicity can seem unnecessary to the complicated mind. So this website was created to help you to clear the confusions within the mind.

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"Be happier than the day before"

-Jonny John Liu

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Path Of Creator

Understanding Your Journey In Depth

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Foundation Courses

Developing The State Of Stillness & Observation

1. Guided Meditation
Accelerated Healing

Meditation to improve health
2. Guided Meditation
Letting Go

Letting go of Unhappiness / stress

3. Guided Meditation

Meditation for Self-Knowing
4. Guided Meditation
State Of Wisdom

Meditation to solve problems!
5. The 5 Present Breaths

Experience The Present Moment
Energy Meditation
Balancing Fear

Meditation For Times Of Fear

Advanced Courses

Experience The Power Of Self-Transformation

The Creator's
Meditation / Vipassana

22 Day Self-Transformation
The Creator's Absorption

Transform Anger into Happiness
The One-Self

10 Day Self-Acceptance
The Self-Knowing

10 Day Self-Knowing Meditation

Develop Self-Belief

Special Courses

The Wonders Of The Mind

The Holy Temple

One Minute Meditation & Bonus
Create your own Meditation!
Guided Meditation
For Sleep

Fall Into Sleep With The Stars & Bonus -
Learn how to properly sleep!
Infinity Sign