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Being In Control

"Develop control of oneself, rather than control of others."


Defining Being In Control

Being in control is about mastering your mental/emotional/physical faculties.

I.e. to become the master of your emotions and mind rather than let it overcome you.

I.e. to become the master of your primal physical desires rather than let it overcome you.

This article will explore the ways in which we can develop our abilities to be in control of our emotions and mind.

Being In Control In Depth

Being in control at a deeper level is defined here as a peaceful state where one is able to be in control of their thoughts and emotions rather than the other way round – i.e. experiencing uncontrollable emotions and wandering thoughts.

So it is about being grounded and being aware of what is happening in the present moment.

The goal is however not so much about developing control like learning to develop a particular skill. The journey is to find out the Deeper Cause as to why one is not in control of one’s Inner World and ultimately addressing it at the root. Initially it will feel like we are forcing the mind to listen to us, but ultimately we want to reach a stage where being in control naturally becomes our natural state.

In fact, naturally and inherently we should be the master of our own mind. But because we have not taken care of our mind properly a disconnection has been created inside to the point where our fears, wandering thoughts, negativities can run wild. So developing the ability to be in control is not so much about developing an ability, but rather to come back to our natural state where we are once again the masters of our own mind.

Path Of Creator

Being In Control In Relation To The Path Of Creator

When we are no longer in control of our Emotions/Thoughts, we are in fact no longer the Creator of our lives.

Instead of making choices out of clarity we can end up being pushed to make choices out of our Sufferings - i.e. our fears, and instead of acting out of wisdom, our judgement can be controlled by our negativities i.e. anger and impatience.

Ask yourself, how challenging is it to not procrastinate? How difficult it has become to forgive when we are angry? To be happy when we have nothing? To not judge others when they make a mistake or anger us, and simply letting it be? How hard is it to be like a tree and face all the sufferings that can happen in life with acceptance?

It is only when we look at the way we live our lives that we realize just how little of a control we have over ourselves. Most of the time we are simply allowing our Sufferings to overpower us instead of exercising our powers of control to overcome it. And because we have stopped "trying" we have "forgotten" how to regain our control over the mind.

To regain back control is to take responsibility in developing the Knowing of The Self and addressing one’s Sufferings. Once they are transformed and released then the issues of not being in control will naturally be addressed.

The journey thus is about developing Self-Awareness in every moment so that we can become aware of all moments when there are subtle or overpowering thoughts that can make us react from within. And then to accept that it is there but not letting it control us much like standing firm like a tree watching a river flow rather than being washed away by it. It is through the attempt of trying to be Still when the Unstillness comes that we can develop the mental power - mastery over the mind.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Develop Self-Awareness in all moments so you can observe and develop Experienced Knowledge of just how much you are in control of your emotions and thoughts in every moment.

The Creator's Meditation
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Simply observe all things as is with a Still Mind. This is how we develop control in the practice of Meditation. That is because by resisting the urge to imagine, to exaggerate or to diminish what we experience in the body journey, we are developing the Inner Power to resist being overcome by wandering mind.

Courses On Being In Control

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